East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you're the type of person who wants to get lost in a crowd or hide in the back of a class East Stroudsburg isn't the place for you. The professors are very engaging and get to know you on a personal level and hold you accountable for the work that is required.


I think someone who is more focused on partying and getting drunk instead of doing their school work and getting good grades shouldn't go to this school. This school is littered with kids like that we have enough as it is, and there are too many options every night for someone to get drunk. This school is not good for someone like that because they will flunk out quick.


this school is fit for all students. its simply diverse and comfortable


The type of person that should not attend this school is an individual who is looking to primarily party during their college career and not give their studies 100%. ESU expects students to be disciplined and to take their studies seriously. Professors do not appreciate students that take their class as a joke and prefer hard-working individuals who pay attention to topics and participate when asked.


Every single person has different qualities about themselves that make them adjustable to certain places. East Stroudsburg University is very flexible to different personalities and has many characteristics that can alter with a persons comfort zone. The campus is located in the Pocono Mountains, which is a region of Pennsylvania known for its outdoor sporting resorts. Although people who are used to the cold weather could find this very satisfying, people who are normally used to warmer weather should not attend this school, simply because they might not be able to quickly adjust to the cold weather.


A person that should not attend East Stroudsburg is someone that love the city, and traveling. It is a rural area and not many activities outside of school to be involved. If a student is majoring in buissness, law, pre-med, or any major that requires a masters or doctorate certificate is not recommended. East Stroudsburg is know for teaching, athletic training, exercise science, and nursing. If a student is not into sports, fitness, and is only into art, deabte club, or any political clubs is not recommended. ESU is a school for athletes.


I think someone that is looking for a well accredited school or well known school should not attend ESU. Not many people have heard of this school especially from where I live in Long Island. I think I will have more trouble finding a good job since I went to such a unheard of University. Also, if you are interested in Fraternities, Sororities or Sports this school is not too big on those kind of things.


A person who is very academically competitive would not do well at East Stroudsburg because professors and instructors are interested in each student's personal gains, as opposed to the whole community's standing.


There is not one type of person who should or should not attend this school. This school is very diverse and welcomes any type of person, religion, origin or background.


Shy and people who do not love to be in rural nature areas.