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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to not worry so much about meeting people and making friends. It's easy to get involved in college and discover new things about yourself. It's important to try classes you might not think you're interested in and keep an open mind when meeting new people, because they can always surprise you. The hard work I did to prepare for college in high school paid off immensely. College isn't entirely about the academics, they are challenging, but it really becomes about discovering who you are and what your passion is.


I would be telling myslef to not make myself too stress out


I would give anything to be able to actually go back in time and give myself this advice. I would stress the importance of studying and going to class. Being away from home you get your freedom from parents and get to do whatever you please but at the same time you need to be mature and realize that your family is paying a lot of money that they dont really have to send you to college. Everybody is making a big sacrifice for you and you should do whatever you need to to make them proud. There will be times where the situation you are put in is difficult but you need to do the right thing. There will be many temptations but you most overcome them. School and getting the grades is the most important aspect of your time in college. If you succeed in the classroom doors will open for you, if you dont opportunities will disappear. Just know that if you be yourself and work to the best or your ability you will be successful. Friends will come and go but you just need to be yourself and work hard to make everyone proud.


I would have told myself to save up every possible penny because it is not fun to be a broke college student. I would make sure the past version of myself applied for more scholarships because paying back these loans is going to be miserable. Working harder on my grades should have been more of priority but was brushed off to keep from over stressing myself but maybe I should have stressed more. Some sort of organization would be practiced if I had a chance to redo my senior year of high school because both academically and financially, I am unorganized. I would tell myself to involve in more programs because it looks good for jobs and scholarships. There are so many things I regret not doing in my senior year. I was what you call a slacker and I'm definitely recieving the consequences now.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and give myself advice about what I now know about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself not to play around because sometimes you can get a little bit too playful and possibly even lose friends depending on how far you take it. I would also say to take everything serious as if there were to be no tomorrow and not to slack on school work, it is the most important thing. Although I am a straight A student, sometimes being quiet and keeping to yourself does not work, there can be a lot of distractions, so trying your best to stay focused can be helpful. Another thing I would tell myself is to make new friends but be yourself, help others that are in need of it, and take as many AP classes as you can because it will prepare you for college and give you an idea of what it is like. College is a challenge and the sooner you study for it the easier it will become.


My senior year person was much different than the person that I am today. My senior year I just wanted to get out of school and get on with my life. I wasn't ready for college at all. If I could go back I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible, so what if you have to write an essay. All the writing could be worth it, even one hundred dollars is better than nothing. I would tell myself to follow my real dream and go for teaching instead of saying you're going to become a race car drive. The only thing I wouldn't change was going to my local community college. I was able to stay close to my loving family and friends and have the best teachers I could ask for. I thought I was settling for a college because I couldn't afford it, but truthfully it helped me become the person I am today.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. I recieve financial aid now, but if i had the option to i would apply for more scholarships and grants. right now in the boat i'm in now i'll end up owing tens of thousands of dollars in student loans at the end of my college career, and i don't like that. As far as college life i think i transitioned well without any advice, and i think it's better to learn on your own.


go into college strong and ready. it will be a new experience, but a great experience! strive for your goals and reach for the stars. theyre yours!


Study and take a lot more AP courses... Study to get my SAT scores higher.. Get involved in more school activities like Track and Field.. Save more money in my bank account..


Going back in time to visit my former high-school self, I would tell myself to apply more in school and focus more on future goals and career plans. In order to make this change, I would encourage myself to become more discplined in my studies. I would tell myself to look into a variety of schools that included programs of my current interests. Upon joining the Reserves in the military, I was able to deteremine how much discipline I actually needed to put forth in order to succeed. I utilized this important skill to improve myself as a student and a learner. I would tell myself to embrace experiences and take positive attributes from them to better myself. I would tell myself that the most important career choice for me personally is a job that helps other people by helping to improve their every day lives. I would also give financial advice to myself and say that I am purely responsible for paying for my education and I need to do everything possible to fund my future.


I would not have changed a thing. I knew what I wanted to study in school, I knew where I wanted to go and I knew the career path that I was going to pursue. I realize that many students did not have that luxuary but I had a mentor in high school that help me clearly direct myself. I would tell those in my shoes to make sure you shadow those in professions that you are interested in. Besure it is something that you would really like to call your career. Find a mentor and ask plenty of questions.


College has been an unforgetable experience for me because neither my mother or father finished college. When I first applied to college i was scared i wouldn't be able to do it, and that it would be to hard. Once I got there i realized that those teachers are there to make sure you succeed. I think the number one thing that I have taken away from my college experience is that it is possible to go to college and get a degree even if your parents didn't. My mom started college when she was younger but dropped out. I have made it my own personal mission to get her back in because i know she can do it and I also know its what she wants more than anything. Know that I've been through my first two years I can tell her about my experience and tell her she can do it, and that she doesn't need to be scared. I think that my first two years through college helped to push me farther into my future by allowing me to grow and mature at my own rate and teaching me that anything is possible.


Attending college has rekindled my quest for learning and has expanded my understanding of others. Besides academic enrichment, I have learned patience and improved my stewardship. Camaraderie has evolved into a sincere desire to help fellow classmates, tempering my competitive nature and exposing the value of sharing. College has also highlighted the importance of time management, self-motivation, and goal setting. The significance of these skills will extend beyond academia and serve as the foundation on which to build a strong career. Volunteerism through the service-learning component of school has broadened my exposure to the needs of my community. It has underscored the meaning of giving back, as well as reminding me of the importance of humility and service to others. I had always considered college as an unattainable goal and ultimate privilege. My greatest lesson has been one of perseverance, allowing me to realize this lifelong dream. The collective value of my college experience will continue to transcend into all aspects of my life. It will forever be the foundation that defines me as a better student, citizen, and wife.


That school is a voluble melting pot of learning where you can network with other students throughout the country and I think that why I chose to go back to school at Rasmussen Collage. They have a vast community of camps throughout the U.S. I am going to use this time that I am in school to work on my degree so I can give back to the community and get my lic. as an addiction counselor.


The lessons that i have obtained through my college experience is that, i have recognized my strengths and weaknesses within subjects and how to go about studying for the material or subject, i have met intelligent people that are strong friends and helpers whenever i get stuck, but most importantly, i gained knowledge of who i am as a person as well. Attending college has been extremely valuable because the classes and work exposes me to different levels of education and skills that can assist me later in life, it helped me grow as a person, and helped me realize that any dream you have is possible. Also, its's made me enjoy learning even more.


College is very important in almost every aspect of life as a young adult. The experience teaches a person qualities that I think every teenager or young adult should experience. Although I have only completed one full semester of college as a freshman, I have learned more in the last semester than any semester of high school. I have learned what it fully means to be responsible, live on your own, use your time managing skills wisely, how to socially interact with others and make friends, and overall learning what is more important and worth your time and thoughts. College is so incredibly valuable to attend for several reasons. The first reason is so that you can learn and use all of these qualities for a more rewarding lifestyle and learn how to interact with our environment and get the most out of it. The second reason college is valuable to attend is because of our current society and how much harder it is to get a job now than it was many years ago. A college education is important to furthur your career and live a more successful, fufilling life.


Wow, this question seems so simple and so complicated all at the same time. My college experience has taught me who I am and what I want out of life. I have grown up during college. I went to a different college for a few years right after high school, took a couple years off, and am now in nursing school. Both of these colleges have helped make me who I am. I have learned so much about myself. I have learned that I love kids, but do not want to be a teacher. I want to help people, I hate hospitals, but I want to be a nurse more than anything. I have learned that college can be terrifying and hard, but if you work at it and stay focused; it will turn into the best time of your life and you will make some of the best friends there. I've also learned who is important to me and that a supporting husband is amazing. But one of the most valuable things I have learned at college is to have confidence in myself; I've learned that I CAN succeed in life...starting with college!


My college encounter was a great opportunity to explore different concepts and gain life experiences in a stimulating and supportive environment. It encouraged me to form my own ideas by actively listening and participating in discussions. This dialog has made me aware of the diversity in people's values and personalities which has led me to open myself and let go of preconceived thoughts. The value in this has been a better understanding of myself and the people around me creating a dynamic environment where I can achieve any goal.


East Stroudburg's Athletic Training Program was exceptional. I had professors who really took an interest in me. They really made by 2 years here exciting and educational. They have prepared me to take the next step in my educational process. I will now be taking what I have learned into my graduate studies. I am really looking forward to getting back into school to help me become even better than I am now as an Athletic Trainer.


I attended ESU as a cross country and track and field athlete, and ahealth and physical education major. As an athlete we had practice six days a week, and two of those days we practiced twice during the day. If school was closed due to snow, or it was finial exams week we practiced. This work ethic taught me how to not to quit, and there are not excuses for not completing a task. Through out my life after college I stick to my commitments, and make no excuses to not complete obligations through out my life. As a health and physical education major, ESU taught me to be creative, and being accounted for student outcomes in learning. As a special education graduate student, ESU has prepared me to create learning strategies to help students and individuals with special needs. Last and most important piece I have taken away from ESU was how to stay healthy now and through out the future. ESU has a new recreation center for students. There were professors to help students with nutrition, body image, and injuries. Strategies were also provided to motivated student to be healthy now and in the future.


East Stroudsburg University has been an environment in which I have always felt comfortable and welcomed. I have had the opportunity to work among some of the best professors, teachers, and students through out the region. I have learned the value of hard work and the importance of never giving up. I know that every semester at ESU, is one step closer to reaching my goal of becoming an educator and having the ability to instill these values in the students that I teach. I have had wonderful experiences as a student of East Stroudsburg University, including having the opportunity to teach in schools through out Philadelphia. ESU is a highly accredited school for people who are thinking about pursuing a teaching certificate; in my experiences, I can personally understand why that is. No matter what your intended major is however, you will have many opportunities to work with people from different cultural backgrounds while collaborating new and affective ideas for a better future.


I've been able to make very close friends with other students as well as recieve academic asisstance from my tutors and my professors. I've also been able to become involved with campus clubs and organizations that have positively affected the local community and even nationwide.


I have found my college attendence to be a growing experience for me by meeting new people and getting to pursue the career that I am hoping will work out in the long run. I have found my teachers to be helpful and understanding at DCTC. I find more and more as time has gone on that companies are looking for qualified workers. For me, college is opening doors that I myself could never touch. I feel everyday that I attend that I am moving closer and closer to success. Once I graduate college, I will have a sense of true being that I can accomplish many things that will help push me into things that I would never pursue.


I had a great experience going away to school to a different environment from what I grew up in. Moving into the mountian and forest area after living on Long Island really was a change I had to adapt to. Most of the friends I made were from Pennsylvania and New Jersey which was different from what I was used to. I have many different perspectives on things now and learned many new traditions even when it came to things like sports. Even though I felt ESU was not the best pick academically I don't think I would ever take back the past 4 years there. I met alot of great people and I think it's extremely important to have friends from all around because you really get a better persepective on life. If I didn't go there I wouldn't be able to go out of my comfort zone and meet new people and learn new things. Going away to school really makes you become independent and ready to take on your own life out there in the world. Change is important to pursue a meaningful and successful life.


Why do people attend college? Most of us want a degree so we can get a good job and earn a great income. Some want more knowledge to get a job doing something that they love and are passionate about. Some just want to socialize with their friends, or they are being pressured by their parents and family to get a degree. In my experience so far, I have been able to work with some of the greatest professors, meet some new people that are different from my normal set of friends, come out of my comfort zone and try new things that I normally would not have tried. Of course it has been valuable in a sense that I will be able to get a better job with a degree, but that is not the most important thing for me. I have been able to learn and study in the areas that I am passionate about, and I know that there will be many more great experiences to come!


I have gotten a lot of knowledge about my major and about myself. I have become very confindent in my ability to take charge. From the time I arrived at campus, the school seemed to be working against me. I was scheduled in the wrong classes, my book order never went through, my advisor didn't know what she was doing, and whenever I asked a question nobody seemed ot be able to answer me. From having everything being against me during the year, I have learned how to get past all of that and find my way to the place that I to be. Before comming to college, I would have just gone with the flow and let things just happen, even if thats not what was supposed to happen. Now, I have learned that I need to speak up if i don't like how things are going and change them so that I can get things acomplished the correct way and the way that I want to acomplish them.


The college experience has given me a chance to grow as an indiviual. College comes with it ups and downs. The ups would be the chance to grow and to become more of an adult. The downs would be that we become more and more responsible for our own actions, be it out or in the classroom. Overall it is an ecperience that should not be missed and is a part of growing up. What we learn during our college years are mini life lesson that we can hold onto to help us succeed in life afterwards.


Relax. College is not as difficult as everyone makes it seem. The most important concept to keep in mind is that of time management. Believe it or not, it could really make or break your college career. It is easy to make friends because everyone is in the same boat when they first come here. Lastly, the dorms are not as terrible as you may think. Everyone is friendly and the hall is relatively quiet and clean. If you do get a bad roommate, you can switch after two weeks anyway. Good luck, you will do great!!


If I was to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there is so much that I would say to prepare myself for the college life. The first thing i would tell myself is to get into good study habits because when you don't have good study habits once college starts it will be very hard to keep up. The second thing i would tell myself is to become more organized. College is more stressful than you would think when your a high school senior. When your organized it helps you focus more, get assignments done on time, and helps to keep a balance between the academic and social life. The last thing I would tell myself is to make sure I set my goals, and not let anything get in the way of achieveing it. When most people start college they get carried away and let unimportant things take over their academics, but if you have a set goal in your mind and know what you want you will definetly succeed. I would tell myself that being successful and achieving my goals is my main priority.


If I was allowed to go back in time and tell myself what I know now, I would supply myself with the knowledge of taking my SAT's again. I had gotten satisfactory scores but had only taken them once and I know I could have done better. I would have told myself to have visited other colleges. I was accepted to Wilkes, Albright, and East Stroudsburg, but had only visited ESU and settled because I was happy. I still happy, but you sometimes often wonder if things could have been different and/or better. I would have told myself to find more scholarships than I had applied for to have additional funds to pay for books. For that, I was not prepared for. I also would have told myself to value adults advice more when it came to choosing schools and finding financial help for myself. I am discovering the reality of real life now and yet it is a beautiful thing; it may very also be a difficult thing. Thank you.


College life is much different than high school in many ways. If i could talk to myself as a high school senior i would convince myself that a social life in college is essential and something that you must work at from the beginning. If you do not meet people within the first week, it only gets harder. You have to put yourself out there because in the beginning nobody knows anyone which makes it much easier. If i would have had someone tell me about this drawback prior to my first semester of college, i would have had a more social first semester. College is nothing like high school, especially if you're dorming. So to my future college self, work everyday at making friends and building a social life. At the end of everyday they will be the ones there for you while you are miles away from home.


Every other day I wish I was given the opportunity to go back in time with the knowledge that I know now and change what I did in order to have a better college as well as life experience today. In high school I did very well, however my freshman year I was not aware of certain things that would benefit me in the long run. For example I was advised to take the minimum about of credits as a freshman, not knowing that I could take more and was able to take more because I have a lot of spare time on my hands. Also I was not advised to drop courses that I was not doing well in, with harmed my GPA in the long run. Another example would be me taking my course work more seriously. High school is a totally different environment compared to college. In high school you are able to goof around and still get good grades, not in college. My freshman year I did not goof-off but I did not put my heart and soul in courses. I learned afterwards that professors will not pass you just because you show up everyday.


Take advantage of every opportunity that is provided to you. Do not take things for granted. Be thankful for what has been given to you. Work hard, and study hard. Live life and love life. Make friends, and be involved. Make the best of your time while you can. Love your family and love your friends. Cherish every moment of sport and value your talents.


Buckle down as soon as possible. Learn to use your time wisely, and how to manage time well.


If I were to go back in time to visit myself as a high school senior, I would say that it is important to remain focused on school. However, that does not mean that a social life should be non-existant. It just means that using time wisely is very beneficial. I would also tell my past self to be careful of new friends as well as old ones. Lastly, I would tell myself to just take in the whole college experience because it is worthwhile.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to apply to East Stroudsburg University first! I am a transfer student from another university where my freshman experience was unsatisfactory. I would tell myself that ESU is a perfect place for an education major. I would also tell myself to be very prepared to work and be an organized student. Also communication with professors and advisors is the key to a successful college experience.


The advice I would give myself is simple. Look, don't go jumping into the dream of performing that you think you have because it's not realistic. You should really think of your other options and challenge yourself academically both now in High School and starting the first semester in college. Really think about your college choices and pick the one that can offer the greatest academic challenge, because you will rise up to it. And most of all, don't be scared to find yourself. Going away from home or staying at home doesn't matter, it's what you do with your time and with yourself and others that will help you realize exactly what you're made of and who you are. Trust in yourself, because no matter what adversity you face--no matter how big or small--you will pull through triumphant. And if not, you will simply get up, brush yourself off and try it again. Cherish these days because they're already going by too quickly.


Make sure that you are open to new ideas. It's important to socialize with new people instead of just staying around the people from high school. Make new friends and develop healthy relationships. Step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while to experience new things. If you need help with school, the professors are very willing to help. Have a healthy social life yet remain focused on school because it is very easy to fall behind. Just have a goal in mind and use your time wisely.


Don't just flock straight towards the big, typical schools, make sure you list what YOU want in a college and what you would feel most comfortable with and then narrow it down from there. Once you get to college don't just follow...be a leader and do what you want to do, making sure you're having fun while still focusing on your education. Everything happens for a reason so don't fret if you make mistakes, just learn from them and learn from yourself and others and you'll be okay. :)


My advice would be that its important to save early and take the steps you need to in order to pay for college. It is a fantastic part of a young woman or mans life and it'd be a shame to miss out on it because of finances.


The best advice I would give to parents is to be there for their son/daughter. If they feel at home, let them. Picking a school and feeling like you fit in is very important and is very hard to make a desicion when you have parents with high expectations. Parents should be open to visiting as many colleges as the son/daughter wants to see, getting a good look at all the different colleges and the options available is Great! The fund rasiers at colleges are great as well, I really enjoyed getting treats and goody baskets by suprise. I think most importanly you should be their for your child as they make their journey to college, be open and understanding that's what really makes us(students) feel great!


Don't be discouraged if you don't make it into the first school of your choice- there's usually a good reason for it. Also, pick your school based on excellence in your major, not for the social aspects. Once you have academic success, everything else will fall into place.


I advise parents and students to look at every aspect of the schools they are interested in. Look at the academics, advisors, athletics, weekend activities, job opportunity as well as the local area and financial aspect of the school. Every aspect of the school is important to the student and how you will fit in and enjoy your time there as well as succeed.


Just tell them that to feel out a bunch of colleges till they know what one they think they would fit best in and when you find it make sure you finish and to just have fun becasue this is really the last stop before the real world


Student listen to your parents when they offer you advise. You won't think that it is vaild until years later but trust me it is.


I would advise parents and students to really study and find out as much information they can about the college and how career oriented the school is. I would also advise them to ask questions about all of their concerns so they are comfortalbe with their choice. Knowing the answers to certain questions will certainly help them determine what school is right for them. Also, i would advise them to get a head start on the school search as well as financial aid and scholorship research. Most of all I would advise them to become friendly with the professors and university staff as well as the students who attend the university to allow for the maximum college experience; join a sport or a club to enjoy the time spent there.


When you are looking for the right college, make sure you actually spend a good amount of time on campus before you commit to anything. You will be able to tell pretty quickly if that college will fit you. Once you are at college, you should get involved in clubs, it is the best way to meet some awesome people.


Advice to give parents and students? Reasearch your schools and make sure that it is actually what you need in a school. Understand what you are looking for in a school first and then start to fill in the puzzle pieces. Each school has something different to offer and is uniqe in its own way, so knowing what you are looking for makes all the more easyer.


Attending college isn?t an experience that should be taken lightly. A student needs to be sure that when they attend that it?s at when and where it feels right. With the amount of time and dedication that a student needs to put into it, one should be sure that it?s what they want to do at that time. I unfortunately just had to say goodbye to my roommate of two and a half years because she wasn?t ready for college and therefore didn?t take her grades seriously. It's a serious decision. College is seen as the ?assumed? placement after high school, but I?ve learned that it isn?t for everyone. Parents shouldn?t force their children to go to college straight out of high school if they?re not ready. The best thing a parent can do is support their children in their decisions as well as provide guidance and encouragement through it all. Students who attend college should take it for everything it offers, because it?s an experience that not everyone gets a chance at. Students should work hard, but definitely remember to have fun! It?s an unforgettable experience.


My advice to parents and students would be: it does not matter where you are goin to school, it is how you make the most of it. Everyone chooses their own path and be anything they want. Know who you are and what works for you. If you can balance your social life and keep your grades up, thats great. Just remember, your social life will not get you to the successful place you want to be. Study hard, do make friends, and make the most of your time at school!