East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


East Stroudsburg is a party College...


The shuttle buses never came on time and the lines for food anywhere on campus were very long. The prices for the food were very exprensive. There was minimal parking because of construction. I feel some of the construction could have been done when school was not in session.


Some of the people who are in the administration. They never really know what is going on. When you try and explain a situation to them they just stand there and look at you like you are not speaking English. They also tend to work at a very relaxed pace which means that somtimes it takes longer to get things done than it should. It is most of the time very frustrating when I have to deal with them.


They are not very good about communicating certain information about what classes will or will not be offered next semester. The academic advisors do not know anything!!!


Parking is a very big issue at ESU. It may not be an academic problem, or is it? There are one hundred more students than parking spaces. There also more spaces for professors and staff than needed. I would want a parking garage, because that is what the university said they were going to build...about 4 years ago. Just recently had they taken away more parking to build a walking path from one building to another. Parking issues have made students late to classes, which count towards grades. This issue also creates frustration within the students.


Since it is a small college town there isn't much to do off campus.


the advisors are not helpful at all. I feel like i need to do everything by myself




I would say the amount of drinking, and parties going on everywhere. While there are other things available to do, that definitely covers the majority of what students do on campus, and even off campus, which makes it harder for those of us who don't drink, or even don't drink to get drunk, to hang out easily with others.


The scheduling. Classes were scheduled three days per week and it was difficult to devise a schedule that was convenient. This was especially frustrating for me as a commuter student because there would be days that I had 3 or 4 hour breaks between classes.


The hypocrisy from administartion and coaches who "want to help" each student. All they do is give you an answer to get you out of their office.