East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I loved the small class sizes and the personal relationships I was able to build with my professors, even professors not in my major field of study. East Stroudsburg is a friendly and welcoming university.


The community is my favorite thing about the school. I found a lot of close friends in only the first week of school, and they have remained some of my best friends. The professors and students of the school are very friendly and easy to talk to. That has to be my favorite part of my school.


The best thing about my college is that they have extreme helpful professors and tutors if you don't understand the materials taught in a lesson. They are also very kind and patient with whomever goes to them, and even encourage students constantly that they can help and their office hours.


My school has a great tutoring program for for students that are having a difficult time with a particular course or has a demanding schedule. My school also has a great career center where students can go to the career advisors and have their resumes and cover letters critiqued as well as search for prespective jobs that they qualify for after they graduate.


East Stroudsburg University is a great campus. The students are friendly and welcoming and there is always something going on. I believe this is essential because it gives students the chance to meet a variety of people. When there is always something going on, one can always have fun when not doing work.


It has a very good education program and a good social life.


It is an easy going environment. I found it easy to make friends and find my way around campus for the first time. Proffessors are very nice and are concerned with the students well-being. They truly believe in the overall understanding of the students in their classes.


In my point of view I think that my school is the best, because students don't have to worry about what they look like, what they are wearing, what color they are etc... Everyone gets along with eachother and works well together. The professors are amazing, I can always go to them for help no matter what time of day it is, and they are always open to help me. There are so many resources available, and places to go for help. I love the campus, and the area. All and all it is a wonderful place to be.


The ecclectic mix of people that go there make ESU a vibrant place to study and live.


Its small but not too small. Most students are here for an education so its very competitive which i love.


It is located in my home town


The people i've met here changed my life in so many ways.


The professors here care about their students and try to optimize their learning. There is also alot of research and internships available here to allow students to experience what it is like being in their field.