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When you step off campus what do you see?

Usually when I step off campus I am headed home after a day of classes and I cross the street into an historic neighborhood full of large, old frame, brick, and stone houses. Right now I step into piles of spicy-smelling leaves that cover the sidewalks and see the many neighborhood children jumping into leaf piles and playing outdoors. Keep going far enough and I would end up downtown where Main Street pizza smells fill the air and art galleries fill old brick buildings. If a walk off campus in the other direction I can stop by Earthfare for lunch or grab a doughnut and coffee at a local place and then keep going to Kroger to pick up groceries. If I walk for several hours (or bike for about 1) I can reach the major shopping area of Johnson City and a Panera with delicious tomato basil soup (my personal favorite!) Behind campus are several neighborhoods housing a mix of college students and professors. A five minute drive in that direction will take you to the trail head of Buffalo Mountain which provides days worth of exploration. Cross the street next to the minidome at the front of campus and you are at the medical school campus which is perhaps even more old-fashioned and beautiful looking than the main campus. Keep going that direction long enough and you will reach the mall area with lots of restaurants and other shopping centers.

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One of my favorite things about ETSU is its location. We are surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains and it makes for truly beautiful scenery. Personally, I need some nature in my life in order to relax and any time I step outside here, that's what I get. Certainly we have the normal city things such as restaurants, bars, and entertainment places but by far my favorite thing is the mountains.

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