East Tennessee State University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


I lived in one of the traditional-style dorms on ETSU's campus my first two years there. Traditional means that there is a community bathroom (or more than one) on each hall. I loved it. There were three other rooms on our end of the hall so there were only eight of us using the same bathroom which contained three stalls, sinks, and showers. A lady came in every day and vacuumed the halls and cleaned the bathrooms. I never had to worry about keeping cleaning supplies for a bathroom on hand or if suite-mates were going to keep it as clean as I liked or the possibility of a toilet overflowing in the middle of the night and flooding our room. There was a community kitchen on each floor of the dorm also. It had a few pots and pans and a full size fridge where I would store veggies but not much else because other foods tended to disappear. The rooms in our dorm and the corresponding guys dorm were originally designed for three girls but because of fire code, only two girls are assigned to each room. We had a large room and an extra, large closet where we kept our microwave and mini-fridge. The room was easy to keep clean and had a nice big window. Besides the traditional style residence halls, ETSU also offers suite-style, efficiency apartment, two-bedroom apartment, and private rooms. By next summer all of the residence halls will have air conditioning.


Our old dorms are really not the greatest. I stayed in a dorm for one year and it just really wasn't for me. Most of them are pretty small and there's little to no privacy. However, if you get a good roommate, you can work out a schedule and circumvent some of these issues. The new dorms, though, are awesome. They're a lot more secure and have more privacy as well as private bathrooms. They're hard to get into, though, so if you want one of those rooms, you need to apply early!

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