East Tennessee State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


In most classes there is a friendly and conversive atmospher among peers.


The students here are motivated and driven to succeed and there is an overall feeling of teamwork and fellowship on the campus.


ETSU has a diverse student population from all over the world. Yes, it is easy for local students to attend but our athletes come from all over the world. The different personalities create a learning opportunity each day for the teachers and students. Coming in contact with a variety of unique personalities is good experience now and will help in future jobs!


I have some friends. They are really cool and kind with me and most of them Christians and real believers. They most of the time invite me for games and playing music together. I also mad them one of delicious Iranian foods. " Gjormeh Sabzi"


My classmates are mostly young, but there are many non-traditional students and all are driven and goal-oriented.


My classmates are very intelligent, friendly, and great all around people.


The student population is diverse. Some are well-versed in their politics and capable of winning educated debates with other students. However, students tend to gather with those like themselves. Although they naturally segregate, four different groups of students could mix into four new groups and find common ground. We have progressive groups for almost every sect of people: LGBT, Republicans, Democrats, environmentalists, racial equality groups, support groups. We also have a number of clubs and athletic groups. Students are active in organizing new groups and getting sponsors for their cause. Anyone could make friends here. We have straights and freaks. Some come from wealthy families, and some are struggling to finance their education while supporting a family. Different types of students interact with each other in class, but I cannot speak for what they do outside of class. At some parties that I have attended, everyone mingles despite differences. ETSU students don't seem to have issues with embracing diversity. In any given classroom, one could find a student in pajamas, a girl who looks like she's going clubbing, a guy who just came from the gym, a stoner eating throughout the entire class period, a kid with headphones in yet not listening to them, the student who is on facebook all class, the student who raises his hand for everything, the student who turns every topic into one about social injustice, the sorority girl, the frat boy, the SGA senator who always looks like they are going ot an important meeting, the punk, the hipster and a variety of others. Most of the students are from within two hundred miles of the school and getting in-state tuition. Some are very determined while others are just in school because it seemed like the right thing to do after high school.


I don't think anyone can feel out of place at ETSU. I sincerely and honestly mean that, and I would tell anyone that. It's even shocking for someone like my mother when she would come to campus for whatever reason, because she would see how diverse it is. In any classroom, you will find a near equal ration of male and female students. There are black students and white students and Asian students and Hispanic students -- just to name a few. You will see students with blue hair who are going to an "Anime Club" meeting, and students with long hair and beards riding bikes around campus. You'll see people wearing suits and some people wearing pajamas at any given time of the day. And no one discriminates. ETSU hosts a lot of speakers throughout the semester. In the auditorium for the DP Culp Center you will always see an advertisement for some free event or debate coming up. I have seen the actor/bodybuilder Lou Ferigno talk about his hearing disability and his life as an actor. I have seen Ron Jeremy debate pastor Craig Gross about the porn industry. I have even seen the comedian Gabriel Iglesias perform on campus. Despite this school being set in "East Tennessee," it is certainly not limited to the stereotypes of the region. You will find much more than students from an agricultural community attending classes -- you will see students from around the world and from all walks of life. And if there is one thing I am sure of about ETSU, it is that.


We have ALL kinds of students here at ETSU and there is an organization or club for everyone. The student involvement on campus is amazing and it really improves the overall experience. We have a very casual school where most students come in jeans and t-shirts but there are of course those that choose to dress up for class. Regardless of your preferences, there will be at least one person wearing something similar to you in your classes. Most of the religious groups on campus are Christian (we have at least 4 Christian organizations that I know of), but we also have groups for Atheists/Agnostics and Buddhists.


This campus has all types of students. Our campus represents students of multiple races, countries, sexual preferance, and socio-economical standings. Students dress up all types of ways for classes: some dress up, others wear sweatpants, some have bright hair, goths, emos, skaters, jocks, preps. Most students are from Northeast Tennessee. Students are very politically aware. The campus in general leans towards the left, but there is a strong population of rights. Both sides have clubs on campus that are very active.


There is a very wide variety of students at ETSU. Just walking around campus you will primarily see White, Black, and Asian races on campus. The types of students most heavily include: preppy sorority/fraternity girls and guys, hippies, athletic/ "outdoorsy," artsy, religious, and older going-back-to-school students. These are just a few examples of the types of students you will see on campus. ETSU is primarily middle-class white students, though. The thing about ETSU students is that you will find a wide variety, but like groups really stay together. You don't really see a mixed group of friends walking around. But that can be expected. People like to stay near people who are like them, especially in college because you literally have to live with these people and it's nice to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Political views are not really a big deal on campus. We do have both Collegiate Republicans and Democrats clubs, but you won't see students getting into heated debates over politics.


There is a lot of diversity among students and staff at ETSU. There are many ethnic backgrounds here, which makes the classes better in my opinion. We can all learn from each other. You will see a lot of different backgrounds here, some wealthy, middle class, and lower class incomes. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity however. I don't think that there is any group that would feel out of place at ETSU. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds. The more the merrier!


We are a genuine melting pot at ETSU. Students, for the most part, tend not to judge others and are very accepting of all different races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. We have students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, but when you are on campus, this doesn't matter. Everyone is a friend to their neighbor, and your past and your home life doesn't get in the way of making new and amazing friends.


Our campus has every walk of life represented. I honestly feel that there is no student that is welcomed onto our campus. Most students wear causal clothing to class. Some where business causal because of the jobs or positions they hold on campus. All types of students, faculty, and staff interact at ETSU. While most people come from the surrounding Application area, ETSU has students from all across the world. Most students would be classified as being in the middle of "middle class." ETSU does have a very strong group of students that are politically award and active. We have both a College of Republicans and College of Democrats student groups, which play very active roles on our campus. Students don't really discuss about what they will be earning one day, they are in their major because they love that field of study.


This area of the country normally leans to the right politics wise. However, students on this campus are more liberal than the rest of this area. Our campus has many cultures represented. Predominantly, the campus is made of Caucasian students. I have had classes with students from Japan, Russia, Brazil, and Ecuador. Students here express themselves through their clothing. While some chose to wear sweats and a t-shirt to class, others show off their originality.


Since we are a state-supported university we have added benefit of welcoming students from all walks of life and socio-economic statuses. Students are welcome to create their own university recognized organizations on campus, so if one is not available it can be made. Religious diversity is evident with Christian, Muslim, and other religious organizations on campus. Most students dress casually for class and many wear ETSU logo shirts or their fraternity or sorority letter shirts. Many of the students are from the surrounding region but it is not uncommon to find students who are from many hours and states away. I would say the middle class is the financial background that is most present on campus. Students are more goal driven and are concerned about their future life one day.


For a smaller school, we are an especially diverse student body. We have a large student exchange and study abroad program that brings people from all over the world to ETSU and allows students at ETSU the chance to experience a different culture in another part of the world. They also arrange a week of information and demonstrations around studying abroad and different cultures/countries. There are many scholerships available and studetns can choose to study at a different school in the US or in a foreign country for a semester or a few weeks in the summer. Last semester my roommate and I planned an international potluck at our apartment and ended up having about forty students from at least a dozen different countries on four different continents come. One of our founding principles is diversity and I believe we embody it well. We have a large asian exchange student population as well as many eastern and western europeans. We have a large african american population as well. There is a japanese club, a gospel choir, and an LGBTs group. We do not have a very large middle-eastern or south american population. I would guess that most of the students at ETSU are middle class. For low SES students or first generation students, there are support servies that include free tutoring in many of the harder classes including the math sciences. There are around a dozen different campus ministries that meet on campus, and each semester they hold a unit service where they all come together to worship. There is definitely a large Christian segment of the student body but there are people of other religions as well.


My classmates are mostly open-minded but also crazy at times, and most of them get along great.


Very nice and friendly. They made conversation and laughed along when funny things happened.


There are a variety of different flavors of personality types in my classrooms, some are funny and out-going, some are quiet and are happy to help and some just love being in class and learning what we are there to learn!


Plenty of diversity. Most of the students are from Tennessee, but there are some students from out of state. Some transfere students from near by private colleges. Wide range of age groups. There are many traditional age students strait out of high school, and there are also a large quantity of non-traditional students.


My classmates at ETSU were diverse in many ways; there were older students as well as many ethnically varied students. I loved the atmosphere in the classroom, countless ideas and opinions were offered and it helping me to better understand and appreciate different views. It was condicive to a productive learning environment and often times alot of fun.


My classmates are the most beautiful, intelligent, and promising people I could have ever met. They are simply the best people in the world. I came to ETSU not knowing a single sole and I quickly fell in love with all my new Buccaneer friends! I have met people with all kinds of different backgrounds, ethnicity, social classes, and cultures. Attending East Tennessee State University has really made me grow astronomically as a person.


My classmates are the people I rely on when I'm in need; they are my friends.


My classmates are very random.


The majority of my classmates are women!


Multiple kinds of cultures in every class with friendly attitudes towards everyone.


My classmates have been very friendly and helpful.


Down to earth normal like me. Evertone gets along well


My classmated are friendly and helpful.


CLassmates are a diverse group of people who if you listen to them you will be surprised how much they know.


A lot of them are from similar backgrounds. Most are hardworking and interested in doing well in school.


It's a diverse crowd: some are funny, some are smart, some are unintelligent, some are real jerks, and some are really great people.


Classmates are friendly and helpful. Most do their part in group projects.


most of my classmates keep to themselves, while others do like to converse.


My classmates are very helpful and usually know what they are doing, sometimes they are the best people to ask for help or advice on projects.


Mostly my classmates are pretty down to earth people. One of the most common things that happen around here is people have "class friends." In class you always sit next to them and talk to them like you're long term buddies, and you probably have them on facebook. However, the relationship is strictly in class for whatever reason. I find that in most classes people normally keep to themselves, whether the class has 20 kids or 200. All of my friends I have were not made through classes.


My classmates were friendly, career-focused individuals.


Great!! They are always fun to meet.


Most of my classmates are diverse, open minded, and very friendly.


well rounded eager to learn involved open


They are very friendly, easy going, talkative, and easy to get along with.


Its good but it could be much better.


Diversified, interesting and fun to be with.

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