East Tennessee State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The tailgates are the favorite traditions on campus for me. They involve a lot of the students and they help to promote a lot of ETSU athletics and help to join all of our community together.


ETSU is best know for their medical programs. Right off campus is The Quillen Medical Associates, which is a very competative medical school to get into. 1 in 5 students get in.


ETSU is mainly known for its Medical and Business programs. They are some of the top programs for both undergraduate and graduate in the nation.


The school is best known for it's tobacco free campus. I'm glad that they have this. Some people have smoke allergies, and some people (like me) don't want tar covered lungs. Second hand smoke is worse than first hand.


Probably best known for the local school of medicine and pharmacy. Our local team is the Bucs, but they aren't that great.


My school is best known for its computer science program. Many students that graduate from East Tennessee State University with a degree in computer science have a leg up on many graduates from other universities. In a nation where the job market has been saturated with computer science majors, East Tennessee State University has been able to continue to produce graduates who go to work for gaming companies, big-name software companies, and even movie giants such as Disney Pixar.


It's known for it's diversity and community envolvement.


ETSU sadly doesn't have a football program currently however, the soccer and basketball programs are both very good. There is also a medical school right across the street so any nursing, pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, etc. majors are great at this school.


East Tennessee State University is best known for its nursing program. It has the largest nursing program in all of Tennessee. Over three-hundred students apply to the school's BSN program a semester.


ETSU is probably most known for their nursing program. It is suppose to be really good and very competitive. We are also known, as far as student life goes, for our amazing basketball team.


The James H. Quillen College of Medicine


ETSU is probably most known for its pharmacy programs but they have various other great programs.


In my opinion, my school is known for having numerous and various classes to prepare their students for majors such as doctors, nurses, etc; those that are interested in making a career in the medical field.


The college of business and nursing program.


ETSU is best known for its medical school, Quillen, and most any other medical occupation you could think of taking.


My school focuses more on academics than anything else. The big areas of interest are the medical fields, such as nursing and physical therapy; the sciences, biology and chemistry; and the arts and humanities are also popular here.


Our scool is a very artistic and diverse set of personalities. It embodies academics, athletics, artistic abilities and creativeness, and all sorts of other eclectic qualities. I think one thing that sets us apart from many other schools is the fact that we are more of a rural community than anything else. We have the Appalachian Mountains right next to us, so it offers a wide variety of activities for students of different majors, such as biology majors get to experience the unique wildlife, and fitness people can go skiing in the winter. It is above all: a unique university.


My school is best known for its medical school, Quillen College of Medicine, and its pharmacy school, Gatton College of Pharmacy. However, it is also known for having the only master's degree in the United States for storytelling. ETSU is also known for being the most haunted school in Northeast Tennessee. Also, for any sports fans, ETSU is known to field an excellent basketball team, make it into the NCAA tournament, and blow leads against top seeded teams.

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