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ETSU has amazing school spirit and they also give amazing educational opportunities.


The atmosphere its like a small little town community. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I can definitely see myself making lots of new friends. As well as the scenery surrounding the college. It is absolutely breath taking beautiful.


The buildings are fairly close together, so it is very easy to get from class to class (even if you only have 10 minutes between them). Almost all of the teachers, advisors, and students are friendly and willing to help out someone who is lost or in need. The gym, which is both on campus and close to the dorms, is entirely free to students and well-maintained, promoting a healthy lifestyle. The health center is also free to current students, so there is no need to worry about an expensive medical bill when you get sick.


When I was looking for a school my senior year I searched all over, I look at very diffrent things but ETSU was very unique compaired to all of them. ETSU is unique because of the location, it looks stuck between the Blue Ridge Mountains. ETSU gained my attention due to having diffrent "schools" it's unique to not just be a school of education but a lot of diffrent "schools". ETSU is also unique because the people are nice, I checked out fifteen schools and none of the other schools were as friendly as ETSU.


A very friendly enviroment with different types of cultures present in every class attended too.


The vast variety of academic programs offered, including a top rated med school and the new Gatton College of Pharmacy


I am from California and so it was a big change moving across the country to a place that I've never been to. Even though the atmosphere was different and a bit more conservative, I like how the school provided different oppurtunities for students to interact with one another. There were different activities and festivities that allowed for everyone on campus, professor or staff, to get to know one another.


It was small enough to be personal but large enough to get lost in classes you have to take.


It just seemed perfect. Not too big, not too small. Not too uptight, but still has some restrictions to keep everyone in line. The campus is like it's own city. It has restaurants and a coffee house; also, there are tons of places to work and eat within a five mintue drive from campus.


My school is what other schools advertise themselves to be; It is a tight knit community of students, where faces are known and smiles are contagious. Almost all of the students would agree that they can easily make friends with someone in every class they have taken. There is much in common amongst the students, and where they came from.


It was affordable.


it is a smaller campus and it gave me the oppurtunity to get out of my town and discover new places


My school is a state university with the feeling of a hometown school.


East Tennessee State University has a great location and offers many different fields of study. I feel safe on campus and like how small the classes are.


They offer a Public Health Program that had a concentration in Community Health as well as School Health. This was the only college I applied too.


clinical nutrition master's degree program


Most people are very laid back, and open-minded.


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