East Tennessee State University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Some are small and intimate - 20 people in a British Lit class. Some are huge and impersonal - 200 in a History Lecture (ugh, 8am, kill me). I really appreciated the variety!


Classes are very involved with many different students and are involved in helping the students go through their schooling. Some classes will vary from smaller to larger depending on if the class is going to be in a auditorium or if it will be a smaller class schedule. But the classes can be easier or can be harder depending on if you are getting into your career. Otherwise the classes are hands on and the teachers will be involved and help you get the opportunities and help you need.


My current classes are AWESOME! I'm taking Bioethics, Ethical Theory, Senior Seminar, Honors Thesis, Themes of Justice, and World History. I've only had a few classes here that I just haven't liked at all and most have been core classes that I just had to take.


My classes are typical college classes, and pretty much what I expected for college. Most are just about an hour and a half lecture with some sort of lab involved. I also have a lot of computer classes, since I am in the College of Business and Technology. These computer classes are challenging, because we use technology I have never used before such as Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), MatLab, etc. But the teachers are all very good at explaining things and I overall enjoy my classes. Most of my classes are a decent size of about 20 or 30 students on average. Some are big lecture classes with 100 students while others only have about 15 students. This allows for one-on-one time with the teachers and they are readily available if I ever need help with the class.


My classes are fun, but challenging. I love my professors that I have this semester. I have become very attached to many of my fellow classmates too.


Even though I am in some upper level, difficult classes, the learning environment is a fun one, and the professors are extremely concerned with student success.

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