East Tennessee State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That it's a fun school in a great location with an awesome school spirit!


How amazing the class discussions are in vocal intensive classes.


It's beauty


the professors are excellent and give individual attention to each student.


East Tennessee State University is a relatively small campus. The online program is great.


All of the clubs on campus! There are many christian groups, some catholic ones, LGBTies ( a gay/straight alliance club), Fencing, Quidditch; and if you don't find a club that suits you, you can make your own! The programs here at ETSU are so wonderful. The Communications department is relatively new (in the last 10 years or so) and it is developing quite nicely.


That there is such a diverse student population at ETSU and people are so accepting of different people and the places they have been and will go in life.


Most of my friends go to my school but I guess I talk about the beautiful scenery that surrounds my school and the area I live in. I love all the mountains, hiking trails, climbing rocks, and nature that is so near ETSU.


My scholarship.


We have an amazing gym facility and library. It is a beautiful campus with all kinds of things in the city to attract your attention. We also have some great professors that explain material better than some schools I've been to.


This school may be bigger than the local community colleges but it is much smaller and "user friendly" than the larger state university. There are so many great classes offered it is really hard to choose what I want to take every semester, and I really have to remember to take more classes that I need as opposed to those that would be really interesting and fun.


The digital arts section is supposedly well-known in the animation industries. There are rumors that Pixar comes directly to the school to recruit people.


The fraternity and sororaties


Cost, friendly professors


Affordable pricing in tuition.


Great medical school and opportunity as it is close to hospitals, social events are fun, proximity to city and shopping is good, campus is large enough but compact, and jobs are available if you want one. Staff and faculty are very helpful and informative.

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