East Tennessee State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is difficult to get in touch with financial aid and recieve the right information because they have srudents who are employed in the offices.


I had a pretty distasteful experience at orientation and I consider this the worst thing about the university. It took a while for the professor to figure out how to get the girl before me signed up for her classes; therefore, it delayed me time to sign up for classes as well. The professor then rushed me to choose classes which was very frustrating. He said the girl after me needed time to choose her classes when I had just walked into the room which I thought was very rude.


The lack of distant learning courses and degrees available online.


As I discussed above, the apparent shortage of phone lines and financial aid staff is what I would consider the worst thing about my school. Time is money. There are only so many tasks you can accomplish effectively and efficiently while being on hold with the financial aid department. I also think that the prolonged hold time has a negative impact on my blood pressure.


Parking is difficult


The worst thing about East Tennessee State University is the huge classes. I entered my Biology class, and there were 180 people in there! That's more than my graduating class in highschool. Not all of my classes are that big, however.


East Tennessee State University has no football program. To some, a college football program is a major part of the college experience. I, however, attended the University of Tennessee for a year and have decided that I do not get a better education from a football program.


The worse the about ETSU would have to be the drama that goes on on the campus with the students. Theirs to many fights breaking out and not enough police around to stop it.


The worst part about ETSU is the out of state surcharge. There is a TN boarder policy that lets students that live in out of state boarder counties to attend the University with in-state tuition. I do not live in a border county but I live so close that I have been trying to fight the surcharge. I understand rules but I do not qualify for most scholarships so I am in need of aid. I love East Tennessee State University and I do not want to leave.




The school I will be attending starting next week is very large. I am 56 years old and the walking up and down hills are the worst thing about the school. I am determined to stay in school and not give up.


It is very hard to deal with financial aid at this school, they are late on payments and usually mess up students aid to the point where some students do no even recieve it until the next semester.


Parking. Even though there are technically enough parking spots, they are in very inconvenient places.


The most negative aspect of East Tennessee State is the worth of your degree. I am enjoying my time at this school, but I fear that regardless of my determination or desire to rise professionally, I will be restrained because my diploma will bear the symbol of ETSU. It is not an embarassment at all to have a college degree, but to have worked for something that may still hold you back is a terrible worry.


We don't have a football team. Also, the amount of people accepted into PT school produces a stiff competition that is stressful.


The worst thing about my school is that it is farther away from my family than I would like. I enjoy having a lot of family time, and the level of these classes demands a lot of study time in order to make high grades like I want. I strive for a 4.0 each semester, this school really makes it easy to get IF you study hard.


The worst thing about East Tennessee State University is that it is completely dead on the weekends. Since I live in the dorms on campus I wish it there were more things to do for the whole week not just the week days. Further, I also have a meal plan and the school knows not alot of people stay on the weekends therefore usually only one or two places are open and these places are the worst places there are to eat at on campus.






I hate climbing the hills on campus, I could take the shuttle but I never do. Why do they always build colleges and Universities on hills anyway?


Science lab facilities and instructors. Graduate students are not equipped to be instructors.


i dont like the community in the surronding of school and id ont like the people i go to school with people are rude and some of the teachers and conslers have know idea what there talking about i am a sophmore and am transfering back to utc in chattanooga were i am from, this school also cose more money than it is worth.


Construction- It's everywhere but it just means we are growing and inproving

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