East Tennessee State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't slack off simply because no one is making you go to class! It takes self discipline and it can be tempting, but attending class is the biggest key to success in college. When you don't attend you miss work, miss lectures, and it is so easy to slip behind. If you can get into good habits your Freshman year it won't be as difficult to make yourself go to class the following years. Have fun! Get involved and make new friends, but remember that an education is the reason you're there.


It is important to slow down and not take the moment for granted. High School is one of the best times in your life. Do not rush time away by wishing to be done so soon. Although you want to make the best out of what short time is left, it is imortant to focus on the future as well. College comes faster than you think. By the end of senior year, you will be faced with many desicions you have to makes on your own. College is the real test of maturity. You will be forced to exit your comfort zone and do tasks you have never done before. It is okay to be nervous, but remeber, if it was really that difficult no one would be doing it. College is actually an easy process. The amount of information that will be launched at you at once is what make the idea of college stressful. Get in the habit of managing your time. Talk to anyone who is in college to hear about their experience to improve yours. You will miss high school, so enjoy what is left, but make sure you have a plan for the future.


I was not experience with socializing, and I was also somewhat closeminded coming from a very strict family. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself as a high school senior to join clubs, go to school events like annual picnics or athletic events, rush sororities just to experience what it is like, and to not be scared of new experiences just because I was warned against them by overly strict parents. I would also tell myself to find a balance between fun and serious; without one or the other, success is inevitable. If you have too much fun, then your future goals will be harder to attain because you got a F in a class or you did not attend classes which may impact your GPA. If you are too serious, then you miss out on the joys of life like making new friends, discovering a new skill, or love. Especially do not turn your back on love; because once you lose that love, you may never get that back. Enjoy life as it is meant to be. Live life to the fullest but do not forget your responsibilities.


Don't rush your high school years, they will be the easiest years of your life. Cherish every late night football game and pep rally because when college arrives the study time is so tedious that you don't get to enjoy those things as much as you used to. Study hard and take ACT practice tests, the better you do the more money you get. Get into the habit of reading material before class and doing the study guides given to you, it may seem boring but it will help you trememdously with midterms and exams. Always be yourself, because in college it doesn't matter what you wear or how you look. People on campus don't pay as much attention to you as you think they do.


LISTEN..... Dont just hear what everyones saying listen to what they are telling you and remember it.


As a high school senior, my second semester was probably the busiest of my whole high school experience. I was always on the computer applying for scholarships that I wasn't even considered to receive due to such a large pool of candidates. It consumed the second semester of my senior year. I was so focused on my freshman year of college that I barely enjoyed the present at the time. I would go back and tell myself to not worry so much about the next year and enjoy the present time. I felt like I had disconnected from everyone so much just from my obsession of being able to get as little debt in school as possible.


If I could go back to myself in high school I would tell myself to save as much as possible for school and apply to as many scholarships as possible. College is very expensive. Doing whatever you can to not have as much to pay back in the end. You will thank yourself. Plus loans are much harder now if you do not have much family help. If you can not get the amount you need the rest comes from out of pocket. This is where saving will come in handy. Having to work full time with a full time course load can be very stressful. During college the main focus schould be on education and learning the most that you can, not wondering how am I going to complete my assignment if I am working 40 hours a week. And most of all have fun, join clubs and meet new people . Enjoy your college life.


I would avise myself to remain focused and complete college while I am still young and unattached, if/when obstacles present themselves. Completing college and balancing a family is hard, but it will be easier to balance one infant in your early twenties than it is three children in your thirties. Stay committed and strong. Remember that you will not always live up to the expectations of failure imposed on you by everyone, but instead you will be an overcommer and attain satisfaction and success. You are strong, beautiful, and smart. Never lose sight of that.


I would definitely tell myself to focus on better grades and develop a more concise plan to complete my undergraduate degree. During my adult career, I have been passed over a multitude of times for not having the formal education that is required for advancement. Higher education, life experience, and job knowledge is an unbeatable combination for a successful life. Start early and you will finish STRONG!


Brodie, be prepared to experience the best time of your life. You have no need to be nervous, everyone in the ETSU family will welcome you. Do not be afraid to make new friends. Study hard because your education is the most important thing when it comes to college. Your future is dependant on the next four years of your life so give it one-hundred percent. You will not be a "nerd" when you get to college, everybody is there for the exact same reason that you are, to get an education. The drama that ingulfed everyone's social life will for the most part evaporate if you surround yourself with the right people. Respect what is other people's when it comes to dorm-life. Having a roommate will not be scary; your roommate will be in the same boat that you are. Enjoy yourself, do not make any dumb decisions, and take some risks that will set you apart from everyone else.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself would be to strenuously pursue higher education and to allow my parents to keep me in the comfort of their safe, swaddling arms (and checkbook) until such learning had been completed. I would share with young Laura the value of independent wealth and I would encourage my young self to invent something wonderful (like a Snuggie) to achieve such wealth before venturing into the college and financial aid arenas. I would advise my bratty high school self to be kind and thoughtful to my "oppressive parents" and I would reassure her that their intellect is directly proportional to her aging. I would tell her to take the time and do the work and don't try finding the easy way out. I would also pontificate on the subject of accreditation so she would investigate and choose her schools wisely.


Generally, I would emphasize the needs both to take my studies more seriously and to change my attitude; I tended to discourage easily. Because of my father -- who was gifted in Arithmetic, as were my brothers -- these courses were especially poignant. In elementary and junior high schools and to my utter consternation, he tutored me. Memories of his constant berating, screaming, and cursing are still vivid. By the time I was in high school, my attitude suffered. Understandably, I rejected his further evocations of assistance. Moreover, my freshman Algebra teacher reminded me of my father. Before my classmates, he bellowed pejorative names and belittled my efforts. If I had the opportunity to rescue myself from my emotional problems recurring, I would offer encouragement. I would tell myself that although I may not be gifted mathematically as my father and brothers, still I surpassed many others. Simply I needed to apply myself better and to spend adequate time studying. Furthermore, I would illustrate how I was equal -- and in many cases superior -- to my family in English and foreign languages and in social and earth sciences. I would tell myself to consider college my opportunity for redemption.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. You're going to be able to make good grades and have fun at the same time. The teachers will work with you to make sure you succeed. They really want you to do well. They also have free tutoring if you need a little extra help. Study groups are a great way to get ahead and make new friends at the same time. You will never be bored because there are so many things to do on campus. There are clubs, volunteering, sports, group fitness, climbing walls, swimming, dances, concerts, comedians, dinners, movies, cookouts, games, and competitions, and the best part is it's all free! You're going to love the campus. It is beautiful in every season. You'll enjoy the trees, squirrels, and bunnies you will see on your way to class. The campus is the perfect size. Not too big and not too small. Every class and office is within walking distance. It will be the perfect fit for you. You will not regret choosing East Tennessee State University.


Dear High School Self, It's ok if you don't know what you want for your life right now. When you begin college, a whole new world will open up for you. You'll meet new people, be exposed to fresh experiences, and learn more about where you fit and who you are. Breathe it in! Pay attention to your intuition and your heart. Take steps toward your dream knowing that the path may change along the way. This is your time. Enjoy the journey as you create your future and map out your path.


As a senior in high school, I clearly had all the answers. I knew where I wanted to go to college and who I wanted to be (an interior designer). I had it all laid out: Marcie's Future: A Step by Step Guide to All Things College. I was wrong. On my third day of college, I realized that I couldn't draw and thus couldn't major in interior design! I was devistated for about five minutes until I realized that the choices and possibilities are endless when you go to college. My advice to myself would be to keep my heart and mind open to the many possibilities that await you. Be brave and bold in your choices about college and life in general. Don't place yourself into one specific category, branch out and re-discover yourself. College is always a choice, so choose to relax and enjoy it!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to not spend money on fast food all the time, don't get caught up in peer pressure by drinking and partying, and take my grades seriously for the first year. All of these things may seem fun in the present, but in the future you will have to grow up and take responsiblity for the things that you did when you were 18. Your grades won't be as good as they could have been and you might have a little more money saved up in case of an emergency. More importantly I would tell myself to stay true to yourself and friends that you make, because they will get you through the hard times as well as the easy times.


Hello, Self. You might be in a place right now that you don't understand and are going through challenges that seems to keep knocking you down. Well, guess what? I'm here to tell you that it gets better. Everything you doubt about yourself and every moment that keeps adding to the list of "mistakes" turns into something more. Each choice that you make (good or iffy) reaps optimistic circumstances and makes you a better...YOU. Give ETSU your best and absorb the community for all it's worth. You can't screw up because no matter what you do you will grow into the woman you want to be. You are smart. Everyone around you wants to lend a helping hand--swallow that pride and embrace this chance for everything it gives you. I know you have it in you. Never doubt that! Carpe Diem!


You need to put your heart and mind into your college education. Soak up all that you can from professors and other faculty and staff. This is your time to shine. You need to make your college experience more than a piece of paper. Anyone can get a piece of paper. Are you in college to get that piece of paper or to learn? What you learn in college will be useful throughout life.


If i could go back and give myself advice it would be to open up my eyes and enjoy life. I changed schools many times so I was always the "new kid". This brought out my insecurities, and I kept mostly to myself. I missed out on prom and so many other things that I regret now. I wish I could have told myself that I am an amazing person, and can do anything I set my mind to! There are many things I missed out on in high school, and I refuse to do that in college. I am more involved on campus, with charity work, and have opened up more to meeting new people. I can honestly say I have learned and grown into a much wiser and happier young woman.


Over 60% of freshmen at ETSU have not declared a major. While this is certainly allowed, I wouldn't recommend it. I worked for two semesters in the undeclared major office and things get hectic when students need advisement. It is best for students to have some idea of what they want to study when they get to their first semester, that way even if you don't know exactly what you want to do, your advisor can help steer you in the right direction, rather that just having you take core classes for the first two years. Your major classes are by far the most interesting, so you want to include those as soon as you can and sprinkle the core classes in every semester.


Be organized! Ask questions about issues that you are not sure about. College is totally different than high school. There is a lot to say about being self sufficient. If you stay organized, you will be good to go!


Hey Tabitha, I know this whole college thing sounds confusing, but I'm here to help. Highschool is very annoying and frustrating, I understand that so listen to me. Study your hardest and do your best, this year is it for your g.p.a. Don't worry about not getting accepted, you're a great student, and you will get in. Campus Ridge, where you'll be living, isn't scary either. The whole rent every month may sound a little unsettling, but you will have enough financial aid to cover you. I know college is a big change, but I promise it's for the better . There's no drama, seperate classes on different days, and usually no homework. Don't give up. You've made it too far to turn away now.


I would have researched more about the cost of college. I started out my college career at Pennsylvania State University, which is currently the most expensive public non-Ivy League school in the nation. I'm already a lot of money in debt, and with three more years of school yet to pay for. I also would not have spent so much money on items for my dorm room. They're actually a lot smaller than you would think, especially since you have to share the space with another person. I would also tell myself to being to save a lot of money, as food and other living expenses can really rack up. With no savings going into the college life, I really have had to sacrifice a lot just to make ends meet.


If I could go back in time when I was in high school and give myself advice, I would say; Alek You should always remember the reason why you decided to leave Israel and move to the States to go to College. It’s not going to be easy and you will have your ups and downs. Even though you are going to leave everything behind you need to remember that in the end it will be worth it. To get to your B.A you will find yourself in times of despair and you would consider giving up, but you will know that that’s not an option. Believe in yourself, know that you can do this. It will take more time than you expect but don’t worry you will get there and everything will be fine. The transition that you will go through will empower you and will make you stronger. One more thing, doesn’t party too much remember you will have time to do that once you graduate.


If I could go back to my senior year, I would not have took such easy classes. I took it easy and my study techniques were slacking a whole lot. If I had known how much my studying had slacked off when I was a senior I would have never quit pushing myself, and because of my study "slacking" techniques I had to work my butt off extremely hard my first semester of my freshman year to keep my grades up. I would tell myself to take all the dual enrollment or AP classes you can and to try your best and not to settle for anything less. I would explain to myself of the hard roads that were ahead of me and I would have told myself to work hard at everything, apply for all the scholarships you can, keep your GPA as high as possible, and get ready for the next four years of your life because they are going to be some of the best years you will have but also the hardest.


If I could give myself advice as a high school senior, I would tell myself the importance of saving up for college. Also, I would explain the benefits of having good grades and how that will help get scholarships and that all the effort made, at the time may seem like a lot, but later it will all be worth it. As a college student, you have more weight on your shoulders, things depend on you and you only. If you want something to happen, you are the only one who will make it happen. There are no more parents involved whether you are failing or passing your classes. I would tell myself that after high school everyone takes their own path.


I would also tell her to bring as little baggage as possible, in every sense of the word. It's great to have a phone and call your old friends and family, but it's important to live in the moment while you're at college. Getting hung up on what's happening back home isn't the road to college success; focusing on your studies and the friends you make at college is. And physical baggage just makes it harder to move when you change dorms every year. I would also tell her to take time to get to know your teachers and look for opportunities that college offers, such as study abroad programs.


Adam, I know you want to get a "real college experience" and this is your chance to go somewhere big, away from the smalltown boredom. Trust me on this; you do not need to attend a huge school to enjoy college. Please take school seriously. Playing hacky-sack in the courtyard will not benefit you in any way. You are an extrovert, I know, but there will always be time to socialize. When there is classwork to study, do it. If you do not hold it together in this first year, you will waste every bit of money awarded to you and spend the following four years recovering from bad academic decisions. Please believe that college is not an experience you can drift through like high school, where good grades come easily. You do not want to waste the beginning of your twenties spinning the proverbial wheels. I implore you, study, and study well. You have the ability, and you should not waste the wonderful mind you have for any length of time only to have to prove your intellingence later. Please invest your time wisely, and you will have few regrets with so much accomplishment.


I have been attending college since my junior year in school. It was pretty scary to start. And this is first thing college taught me - not to be afraid of less known world. I've learned to listen and to hear. I've gained different perspectives, opened my mind to the world of ideas and opinions. College taught me of responsibility and respect, showed me the importance of my environment. And finally college granted me a chance to become an active member of our society.


I've gotten a lot of experience in college because I'm always involved within my college. I've experienced what its like to be a Student Government President, Student Ambassador, School Mascot, Glee Club Member, Brother 2 Brother Member, and making a difference in today's society and what we need to do to change it. I've expereienced the ups and down of passing and falling classes and how it effects my gpa. There's so much I gained from Mountain View, that I'm glad I went there. I attended Mountain View due to the fact that it is a community college. Plus, the fact that I am getting my Associates in Arts degree, and it is a step towards my goal as a Musician/Actor. But, I plan on transferring and getting a Bacholars degree to pursue it even more.


In just the year and a half in which I have been enrolled at ETSU, I have recieved a vast array of knowledge that will help me greatly with my career one day


Before I went to college, I was exteremely dependent. Now? I'm confident in myself to do just about anything. I don't have to be told to do my homework or go practice. I know now that this is what's going to define my future and I need to do my absolute best to ensure my future will be successful. I've learned the ups and downs of having to be responsible for myself. Since I left for school, I've tried to be completely independent. Of course, my parents help out if I really need it, but I do pretty well on my own. I've learned how to balance school, practice, and work. I've learned to watch how I spend my money so I know I'll have enough for gas or to pay my phone bill. College has really taught me a lot more than just Chemistry or English. It's helping to prepare me for moving out into the world on my own.


My college experience has already taught me a lot. I started out having a terrible first semester and then a terrible first year, but through sheer determination and will, I was able to make it through and continue my college career. I realize now that going through losing my lottery scholarship and having to deal with the thought of dropping out due to money problems has only hardened my resolve to not only be a better student, but it has also hardened my resolve in my choice of becoming a Special Education teacher. Attending college has now become a choice that I refuse to change. I cannot and wil not give up. I am now determined as ever to complete college and to show that even under dogs can come up on top.


I'm learning very very slowly. I decided that when i first got to college, I would not spend all my time with my high school classmates that came here with me. Instead, I decided that I would make new friends and acquaintances and I'm glad i made that decision. I have made lifelong friends and I will continue to be their friend and attend their weddings and get togethers if there is any possible way I can do that. I currently live with two of them right now. At first I was in a small group of new freshmen, then I met people through them and then people from my on campus dorm rooms my first two years here and ever since then things have been going pretty well. I'm glad I came to East Tennessee State University.


My college experience thus far has been rewarding not only in my professional life but my personal life as well, the road traveled to obtain a degree has a value beyond money or materialistic items. I can truly say that this will be one of the best choices I have and will make in life. One of the biggest reasons that I chose to attent is because my parents unfortunately did not attend college and for them, to see their child on the path to recieve a degree has given them joy words can not describe, they worked hard to provide for me and this is my way of showing them how thankful I am . I also know my degree will give future employers a secure and confident feeling that I have the qualifications to become a vital member to their team and does not quit when times get tough. My college experience is and will be one of my proudest moments in life, it will be something that I hope to pass down to future generations, to show them when a goal is set and hard work is mixed in, anything is possible.


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At this school i have learned how college tuitions work and how important it is to stay on top of what is going on with your money. It has been valuable to attend because its your money that you are wasteing if you dont attend.


I have learned about the philosophy of life's meaning, and schience as it applies to our world. I also have also begun to apply concepts that sharpen my arguments through good research and the actual academic standars to such. My reading skills have been sharpened and I can write even better than I did before.


I have gotten an outstanding education out of my college experience thus far. I feel immensely more educated now than I felt when I graduated high school two years ago. I have also gained invaluable friends who will stay with me for a lifetime. These friends have taught me what can not be learned inside a classroom: empathy, solidarity, and human undestanding. College has been a great experience so far, and I feel it has enhanced my view of the world immensely. I am thankful I am able to attend college due to the absolutely priceless experiences, relationships, and knowledge that I have encountered. Everyone should be given the good fortune of attending college due to these priceless opportunities that one is granted throughout their college experience.


The most valuable thing that i have gotten out of my college experience is inspiration. I feel so inspired to make art and do the things i love no matter what. I feel so empowered to continue my studies, and learn as much as I possibly can about my area of concentration. One of the most valuable things is meeting people. Making friends and networking is what leads to success and fulfilling one's passions. To me college is about self-discovery, and i am learning more about myself, and life in general every single day.


I have no college experience but I am enrolled into Tarelton State University for the Spring of 2011. I currently have family and friends attending this college, and their experiences, have me looking forward to my time there.


I have already got a lot out of my collgeg experience and I have only been here for half of a semester. I have learned so much about people and how they interact. It has been valuable to attend because you learn so much more about people's characteristics than if you were working. Its also vaulable to attend because you learn about yourself and what you are made of and how you are willing to stick up for yourself and how to be your own individual. Thats something you can not learn at home with your parents. You learn good study techniques and way to absorb the information about something you love other than just blow it off. Being in college is vauable to your growth as a person, and not just as book knowledge goes. You might be a good studier but when it comes to learning about your self it takes more than High School to figure that out.


From my college experience so far, I have gotten a feel for what it is really like to communicate with people in the real world. In high school, you have a limited amount of people you can develop experiences with. When I came here, at first I stayed in my little bubble and didn't expand it at all. There is only so long you can keep to yourself with new experiences and new people all around you. Coming to ETSU has made me more responsible and more aware of my surroundings.


I have learned a lot academically and socially. I was alway a fairly good student but college has forced me to broden my social life and get involved in campus activities. I learned that in college it is not all about how intelligent you are its about how much effort you put forth and how you handle stress. I have learned alot of trades that I believe will help me in the career world. You can not let stress over take you. Prioritizing is a necessity. The key to surviving college is to get involved. The people you go to school with you will most likely meet later on in life. Just rememeber when you start your freshmen year you are not alone so be friendly and true to yourself.


My college experienced has afforded me the advantage of meeting many fascinating people, broadening my horizons, and ability to appreciate differences found in us all. Without my education I would not be the well rounded and open minded learner I am today. A college experience is what you make of it; so it?s imperative that you take risks and be open to new ideas. I have had the opportunity to study in China and learn about their culture, politics, and people. This college experience is something I deeply cherish and its value cannot be measured.


School is a valuable asset in the learning process. I have obtained am open mind and intellectual compentence. It provides man with a sense of worth and dignity in his/her subject matter of intrest.


A Great Sense Of Direction, Self Confidence, And The Drive I Need Is What I've Received From My College Experience. Being In College I've Come To Realize Where I Wanna Go In Life And What I Must Do To Get There. Success Doesn't Come To You, You Have To Knock Down Doors To Get Exactly Where You Would Like To Be In Life And College Has Totally Showed Me That. Knowing That Nothing Can Stand In The Way Of My Success Other Than My Own Failure Is What Gives Me The Confidence To Push Farther. There Are ALWAYS Gonna Be People And/Or Things That Are Gonna Try To Bring Me Down But Because I Know Where I Wanna Be In Life, I Will Not Allow Those Things To Bring Me Down. I Will Continue Along This Road Until I Reach My Goal Of Becoming An Radiology Technician.


I have grown so much as a person in my two years here at East Tennessee State University. I found the college with luck and it is forever engraved in my heat. From the beautiful campus, knowledgeable professors, and the friendly people the overall experience has been a post card example of a great experience. From the academics to my Federal Work Study position, I have learned so much in and out of the classroom. The programs here force you to be prepared for your classes and make you be mindful of your grades. I could not put a money value on my time here. I could not have asked for a better experience. If I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. I am confident in the education that I am receiving that upon graduation I will be a confident, qualified and proud alumnus of East Tennessee State University.


My college years have been a valuable experience that I will never forget. I have gained knowledge, experience, and maturity over the past four years. I have met a variety of people that I have had the privilege of gaining knowledge from. I have been given responsibility and the choice to make my own decisions while being guided by knowledgeable faculty and staff. From English to Math and everything in between, I have become well-rounded. My college experience at East Tennessee State University has been a blessing that will follow me for years to come. This school has made my life's dream of becoming a nurse possible and they have given me all the tools and experience I need in order to be the best nurse I can be. East Tennessee State University is only a stepping stone in my life. I am able to and encouraged to continue on in my education. The sky is the limit.


I have gained a stonger ability to study harder and work with people in a study group. This school is very valuable for me to attened because it was built on science and being a chemistry major that is perfec for me. I feel i have gained alot of good qualities while attending this school and plan to obtain even more throughout the years i attened this school.

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