East Texas Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would encourage Christian students to attend this school because it is Christian oriented. The majority of the people there are Christians of different denominations.


Students who want a Christian education in a conservative environment and who want to experience college life without the drugs and alcohol as they deepen their faith in Christ and build lifetime relationships should attend ETBU.


A person that wants a gorgeous, small university (about 1350 students) that offers a great education with a strong Alumni in a Christian based environment with both a challenging curriculum and competitive sports programs. It is a friendly and homey campus and it is easy to get to know the student body and faculty and because of the class sizes, there is alot of student / professor interaction and the professors are always available to help.


A person who wants to be involved and a person who really wants to learn and get a good valuable education. Also, a person who wants to grow spiritually.


The people who seem to enjoy ETBU the most are kids who are active in their home churches, want to join the BSM and are excited about the prospect of finding their future spouse. The rest of the students have a healthy respect for their classes, professors, and understand that life is about the idea of balance. There is a wide range of people at ETBU and I feel that anyone can find a place.


Intelligent, wealthy ...this schools is expensive :(


One who has a desire to fit in when before he or she might not have.

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