East Texas Baptist University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would go back and teach myself the truth about Christs sacrifice and how that relates to the forgiving of my sins. I would explain the transformation that would soon take place and encourage myself to pray for my future husband. I would go back and ask my Christian friends about Christ and what the difference is between the mormon faith and the Christian faith. If I had the oppurtunity to go back I would try to relate all of this so that my quality of life and love would be that of a daughter of God. Now education means so much more than ever before and aside from my religious transformation, I would explain how important school is and how my grades relate to my gpa and what that means in the long run for my education. I would DEFINATELY explain to myself the utmost importance to make new friends that had good influences on me, change the music I listened to and tv I watched, and most of all I would buy a newer translation of the Bible and read it in plain english instead of having to sort it out in the King James Version.


The advice I would give myself if I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, would have to be, find out everything you know about scholarships, grants, and financial aid for school,


The advice I would give my self would revole around applying for more scholarships, applying for FAFSA earlier, and studying more for my SAT.


Daniel, don"t be an idiot when you get to school. Go to class. Do your work. Be social but set aside enough time to study effectively. You're going to love college and the friends you make there. They will be your friends for the rest of life and you will miss them when you must part ways. Seek out those friends who have the same values as you do, faith, family, serving and encouragement. Always, always keep your eyes focused on Jesus Christ, the sole purpose you're on this earth. Do all things to bring Him glory and if you think you might be making the wrong decision, you are. Turn away and don't do it. Finally, I leave you with the expression that mom has always loved to say. It's an expression that I forgot about for 3 semesters, but one that God brought back to mind: "Remember WHO you are and WHOS you are."


I would tell myself to do way more research into scholarships, grants, loans etc. while picking a major/minor in any college. Do your best in all of your classes to keep a great GPA and to take your SAT/ACT seriously and to be prepared for all of the financial problems you will run into.


Just relax. Be yourself. Have fun. Stay commited. Stay inspired. Do your best not to stress about the little things everyone has to worry a little bit about things they needs to do so they dont forget aobut them but dont over do it. Remember where you came from and the drive that you have always had and stay with it dont let anything stop you.


Assuming I could go back in time to my senior year in high school, I would advise myself to get a better job to help with housing payments. I would also advise myself that college is not a "walk in the park" so to speak. You have to stay focused at all times. Times are hard and money is tight, but I believe that an individual can attend any college of their choosing. Be more determined going in, and be able to brag about your results coming out. I would tell myself there will be good days and bad days, but if you make it through that 24 hours you'll get to prepare even more for the next day. There will be times you'll want to give up, but don't give into that temptation. It's not easy being a college student, nor is it suppose to be. You have to work for what you want because no one is going to hand it to you. The most important advice I would give myself is to stick it out, never give up, reach your goals, and in the end you'll be successful.


Dear younger me, You are extremely smart by saving money for college, but honey you need to save some more!!! College is going to be a lot different than anything you have come across so far. BE PREPARED TO WORK. Work acadmically and athletically. You think high school is tought, just wait. College will be draining at times, but it will also bring some of the best memories of your life!! Don't take any of them for granted!! Don't forget....start saving that money. You will be glad you did! Yours truly, Older you!


I would tell myself to smile, love, and work hard. College is a huge transition, but if you learn to smile then you will make friends and you won't be alone. If you learn to love those around you, you will find that life can be more fulfilling when you have a greater purpose. Finally, college is not about staying up late and hanging out with friends! Work hard because you are paying a lot of money to learn!


After making the first major mistake of my life I would go back to high school and talk myself out of going to the University of Texas at San Antonio. I would also tell myself to follow my heart and not my brain. I thought by going to UTSA on a full ride scholarship in Air Force ROTC I would be set later on in life. After the first semester of college there I found out that I was wrong in my decision, and that I had not done what God had called me to do originally. So after finding out that the Air Force was probably going to revoke my scholarship anyway I listened to God's calling. I completed the fall semester and took the spring semester off. During this time I prayed and listened to God. After much prayer and careful listening God was leading me to ETBU to play football and become a history teach and coach, like I had originally planned, and now that is what I'm doing. That is what I would tell myself if I could return to high school because that is where I found true happiness.


The advice that I would give is this, don't get discouraged. It will be different and difficult at first but it will be a life changing experience that you will not regreat. Learn to develop good study habits before you begin college because there is a lot of work. Also, you need to have good time management skills.


First thing you need to know is don't slack off. A lot of people say it and it is true. If you slack off in college, you will get behind and possibly fail the class, which is not something you want to happen. So, work on completing assignments before they are due and talking to teachers if you need help. From somebody who started running start, I want to say it was really worth it. I got my associate's degree when I graduated high school. I saved a lot of money and was able to stay close to home for the first two years of my college life. After community college, I am transferring to a university where I will get my bachelor's degree. If you choose not to go that path, I would definitely get everything ready before hand. This means, collect all the information, all the brochures, anything you will need for the application process. This way, you have everything you need so when you sit down you can fill out everything and know when it is due without sweating, or stressing last minute.


As years go along, you start to find yourself. You start to realize that if you’re not on the right path that you need to find God and let him guide you to the right path. You notice that everyone you think is your friend is not and you see who the people in. Only if I was more mature and responsible in high school I would have been a much better person than I am now. Because I was irresponsible, I made my senior year harder than it should have been. Procrastination and bad time management hurt me bad. Sometimes waiting until the last minute to do my work wasn’t good enough and it would be too late most of the time. Now that I’m my own man and making better decisions for myself, I feel so much better. In the back of my mind I know I’m doing the right thing and before I always knew it was wrong but I still followed. I’ve realized that if you thank him how you should and appreciate everything he has given you then it would make your days go by much smoother.


God has blessed me at ETBU! Blessed in my dorm room, roommate, wonderful friends of all different cultural backgrounds, learning to better communicate cross-culturally and other languages, ministry opportunities to others and myself, encourgement, my classes and professors, being stretched in learning, rides from others, finding a church to plug into, and a work study job at the campus library. My first semester I was on the dance team; I got exercise and was able to develop great friendships! I performed and gave support at home football games. I am not on the dance team now, but I feel that God is preparing me for what He has for me. I am now a leader of the prayer ministry in our Baptist Student Ministry on campus. I'm excited, God is moving not only in my life and the lives others all around campus, but in the lives of the community. I am also a senator of the Student Government Association. Being a voice for my fellow students, to improve campus life. I have such a big heart for people, and God has given me more opportunities to share love with others at ETBU than I ever imagined.


"You teach best what you most need to learn."- Richard David Bach. I have recieved so much from my fist semester of college. I have learned that in college you need to study more that you do in high school. An example of this would be in my hardset class I did not study for one of the tests and I had such a hard time on that test. I have also learned to manage my time so that way im not having fun all day when I need to be doing homework. You also learn how to be on your own. An example of this is you do not live with your family any more, and you can't always depend on them to tell you what to do and when to do it. School is what you make of it. If all you want to do in college is party that is your choice. To me that is alot to pay just to party., but if want to learn then that is worht the money to me.


I know of a song that says that high school never ends. This song has a lot of meaning to me who is only half way through my first semester at college. Being from a poor white family with no trackable ethnic inheritance for many generations (my family came on the Mayflower!), it is hard to find scholarships that are compatible with my needs. It is just like high school all over again. The rich kids come to school in their fancy cars, wearing all brand name clothes while I stand alone is a sea of others just like me that are dull and don't shine at all. It isn't for lack of trying. I wanted to wear pretty clothes and be a teacher's pet, but with a disabled father and a mother who is unsure of what to major in, I was always in a tight spot for money which was a constant stress. College is just the same, or maybe even worse. You are lost in a new world with new rules, but unlike the rich kids, you don't have parents paying for you. A lesson for the poor in college: Find a mentor!


my college experience thas been totally what i expected because i chose a school that was compatable with wth i believed. They are really supportive and preparing me for standing o my on two feet and developing my mind and spirit for my profession. i cnose to marry to live the kinds of life that i felt was right under Gods Laws. The Professors understood and supported our decisions.


I have really learned how to study and achieve on my own. My professors were amazing and very dedicated to each student. The class sizes were small, which I really enjoyed. There were lots of opportunites to get involved with social life on campus, something was always going on. I really learned how to maintain my social life and school work but allowing myself to be incharge of my decisions instead of my parents. This campus is not in a big city, which helps to maintain focus in school and get more involved on campus.


College pesonifies the transformation that a person experiences as they change from an ignorant, arrogant teenager to a more knowledgeable, understanding adult. During these four years, I was challenged and pushed to think and to work harder without anyone else pushing me to succeed. I was on my own. I had to take ownership for my actions and my education, and this universal, invaluable experience of college is what I cherish the most as I move towards the next phase of my life. Now, parts of my ignorant, arrogant self still surive, but they are no longer allowed to roam freely during my daily interactions. Instead, I had to face ideas that challenged me and that filled the holes of my knowledge, which were originally created by my arrogance and ignorance.


Know exactly what you want in a University. When you step on the campus and you fall in love with it, you will know that this is the one! Do not let anyone influence your decision on what University is best for you; you are the one that will be going there for the next 4 years. As you transition from a high school student to a college student: get to know everyone and share a smile with everyone you come in contact with. Get involved, stay involved and influence everyone around you to do the same. Be proud of who you are and what you have to offer to your University and to your friends that you make along the way. Take pride in your work and do not be afraid or ashamed to ask for help from your peers or your professors. Be ready to study harder than you ever have before but know that when you are done, it was all worth it. Prepare yourself to miss your family terribly but know that you have a great foundation that got you where you are today and always remember that they are your greatest support during this adventure.


Jana, I know you think that you have a lot of time and everything will fall into place but the truth is that is not how the real world works. Choosing the right college takes a lot of work and time. You know the most important things to you in a University are; 1) a Christian University 2) a small/medium size population 3) a chance to play softball. Going off of these three musts in a college you can narrow it down. Next, you should decide if you want to stay in state or go out of state. Going on campus trips is a must!!! Virtual tours are nice but they still do not give you the true feel. You should talk to current students and faculty members at each university. Keep your mind open. After visiting every potential University sit down visualize yourself at every school and think not only of what the school can do for you but also how you may impact the school. Asking for someone else's opinion is fine but remember in the end this is your life!! Lastly and most importantly pray that God will guide you to make the right decision.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to be more open minded. Instead of focuses on just graduating and doing well academically, I need to do well socially as well. I would tell myself to not close myself off to others just because their religious practice is different from mine. I'll tell myself to make friends have have fun every once in a while instead of hiding out in my room. By doing this, I may expand my world a bit at a time.


As a student i recommend that you make overnight visits to the schools you are looking at and choose a weekend that there is ample activity on campus. Engaging in campus activity such as intramural sports any campus events and such is futile to survival in college social life get out of your dorm room and meet people. The friends you make in college will be lifetime friends.


I think it's really important to find a school were you really feel like you belong. It's not completely about who has the most on campus activities, who is ranked higher, who has smartest students or more well known professors. I auditioned for many music departments and many schools all over the southern half of the United States and I didn't feel more wanted or appreciated anywhere than I did at ETBU. The professors seemed so excited I was there and the admissions office and financial aid were so helpful. When I left that day I knew where I wanted to go there because I left feeling liked I belonged, like I was a part of something. I knew that I would be so happy attending this school, I could just feel it. I am currently a senior at ETBU and I am so glad I made this decision. I love my school and wouldn't change anything about my choice to attened.


I would advise parents to look at the curriculum of the school and to talk with their students and make sure that is somewhere they would like to go. Encourage your children to make sound decisions concerning their own futures, and to really try hard and succeed. Do not waste time in college. Try and have fun, but schoolwork and learning are the most important aspects of college. Stay focused and work very hard.


When choosing what college to attend I would advise students and parents not to procrastinate. I would recommend applying for as many scholarships and as much financial aid as possible. Once you make your decision of where you are going to go to school, I would tell new students to get involved in as much as you can, and to get to know people. If you find that you cannot juggle your work load being too involved you can always shrink your involvement.


I believe small school education is the way to go definately but I would encourage the students and parents to be open minded when choosing a college or university. College is such an awesome and vital time in a young person's life so willingness to be open a change is a huge thing.


Atmostphere is the most important indicator of a good school. Prospective students should look around and ask themselves questions. First, are people friendly? If people are unwilling to talk to a visitor, they will probably be unwilling to strike up a conversation with a new student. Second, do people look happy. If a large ammount of the population appear to be frustrated, there is probably a reason. Third, is most of the college life on campus? If not, a freshman could be stuck on a dead campus durring the weekends with nothing to do. Ask a current student, preferably an upperclassmen, what they think about the school. Are they still upbeat and positive? That's a good sign. If they are jaded and unsure, then this is probably not a good choice for the long haul. Visit lots of colleges, and don't be afraid to talk to people. They will give you the answers you need.


Try and sit in on an actual class lecture. See if the classes are what you are interested in. It doesn't matter what the campus looks like, it's all about what you want out of your college class experience that is going to bring you the best degree.


The most important thing to look for in the great university search is to find a campus where you feel at home. Find a place where you feel comfortable, whether that means a small campus or a large campus. I'm a firm believer that no matter where a person ends up, they are going to meet great people and develop strong friendships, so the college search should really be focused on the area where one would like to go to school. Small towns can be trying, but with the limited amount of activities around town, you end up developing your creativity and friendships actually grow in the search for entertainment. The big city offers a lot of opportunities for entertainment, but there is always the risk of having TOO MUCH to do. A university should feel like home. That's the best thing you can find.


It is really important to find the school that best fits you! and make sure that you talk to students throughout the campus to know how they feel, they will let you know what everything is really like. Look at all the dorms and sample the cafeteria food as well. Make sure that you dont go home every weekend when you first start going to school because you make most of your friends at those times and you really wont like your experience at all. Most of those people end up leaving after the first yr. Try to get involved in something that you will really like. Not everyone is made for frats or sororities, so do intermurals or anything that you find to be fun, and you will meet way more people that way. Dont forget to study because it is NOT like high school, you cant coast if you wanna get somewhere in life! Its ok to miss out on some things because you need to study. Dont blow your money and get in debt, it will hurt you later! And stay physically active, it will help your grades and the freshman 15 is real!!


There maybe a million schools out there that call you asking repeatedly for your attendance, but the one you want is the one that you call repeatedly asking if you can attend. Even so that is not always the one that you should go to. Opportunities are hidden in every school. Be sure to look at the ones that don't seem to offer much,because it could be a diamond in the rough. Ask about the student life and how you would be able to help. If a school doesn't have what you are looking for think about how you could be the one that goes in there and makes the changes the campus needs. Every school is different. The school that was made for you may be the school you least expected, so don't be afraid to dig deeper and truly research schools. Be confident that your four years will be well spent.


Get involved before and after enrolling in the University. Money is available if things are submitted on time and the future is bright if only students step up and take what is offered to them.


Just make sure it will be a college you will LOVE to go to... You don't want to ALWAYS count down the days until the next time you get to go home... Students remember this is for your future! Don't slack off too much! WORK HARD and earn your grades make yourself, and your family PROUD!


Go to a state university and not a private one.


Never Choose a school that just looks good, find a college university or trade school that feels like it's perfect otherwise you'll spend the next four years trying to figure out why you're there and not focus on graduating


Choosing the right college is very important. I would advise parents and students to look at several different schools in different parts of the country. The college should fit the student's needs toward learning and equipping for the future and fit the student's particular lifestyle. Look for the best and do not give up until your goal is accomplished.


My advice to anyone searching for that right college or university is to find a place where you can be you and also grow in your education. Many times, first time college students attend the "wrong" school because they wanted to get away from home and party, not have to listen to parents, or whatever. College should be much more than that. Everything done from this point out will effect the rest of your adult life. College is too expensive and much too valueable to wasted.


Don't just think about where you're going. Think about where you would have been once you've gone where you were going. Don't go to college because it's the thing to do. Go to college because life is in your grasp and you need to seize it. Find a school that will serve your dreams for the future as well as satisfy your college expereince with the joy and pride of college life. They are both equally important.


Through all college searching, choose a university or college that best fits the vocation you desire to pursue and accomodates your social being. Finding a school that srengthens your character and grows your desire to learn is equally significant.

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