East Texas Baptist University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The internal contradiction. We are a Christian school with a Christian mission yet we do not even reach out to the poor neighborhood that our school is located in. Some of the outreaches to the community are very beneficial yet we stll make sure everyone know that it is the rich white school in town that is dong it instead of being the hands and feet of Christ. This just further strengthens the divide between our community and internally with students who aren't believers.


There is really nothing frustrating about my school, I love it.


I honestly can't think of anything really frustrating about this school!




Being hispanic there is a low population of us, as well as no worth while fraternity to join.


How small it is, and how so many people refuse to see other ways of looking at things. Everone has been sheltered all their lives so they are not used to the outside world.


The food and the beaurocracy. There was so much trouble getting anything changed by the administration. I hated dealing with any of the offices because I knew they were not going to be very helpful, especially student services. You can definately tell that money is the bottom line, not the students.


Cliques are pretty common. Athletes hang out amongst athletes, music majors amongst music majors, and so on. It's sometimes hard to find that special "group".

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