Eastern Arizona College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to get better grades so I could get a scholarship. I would tell myself to aplly for every single scholarship out there. I would say look for a after school job early so you can get one before everyone takes them all. I would say get into the habit of studying everynight. I would tell myself learn how to budget and learn about coupons and sales. Make friends with your classmates in college is what id tell myself along with learn to put up with three othether roomates. Invest early on in earplugs and a sleep mask. I would say to make sure you replace old parts on your car so in a couple of months you won't break down, and be left without a car. I would save save as much money as you can, because things will be tight for a couple of yeras.


The only adivce i could give myself is make the most out of all the classes you take. I am now transfering schools and i realize now that alot of academic money is available as long as your GPA transfering in is very well. I had a GPA of 3.47 at the end, which isn't bad, but lots of scholarship and academic aid is awarded at a 3.5 GPA. If only i had gotten one more A or one more B in a class that i may have slacked on becuase it was a difficult semester. Knowing that now, i will try my hardest in every singel class i take to make sure i succeed in getting my degree and learn the most i possibly can which will help me in the future going into the workforce. If i knew now, that i would get so close to a 3.5, i would have tried a little harder on one of those classes and hoped to get one higher letter grade, so i could recieve a little more aid when i transferred.


I will begin by informing myself that college is not near as bad as I imagined it would be when I was younger seeing my older siblings going through it. This will ease my nerves because I was very nervous for the college life. I will tell myself to expect high times and a few low times in my life. As much as I hated life on 3 of the worst days of my life while in college, I would not warn myself about them on how to avoid them and I will tell you why. I had learned the most valuable lessons from my endeavors that I will never be able to attain from attending a classroom. These lessons were learned at a great cost and I would not be the man I am today if those days did not happen. Mainly, I will remind my high school self that everything works out for the greater good and I have nothing to worry about. The last thing I will tell myself before the flux capacitor in my Delorean time machine runs out of juice is “Carpe Diem”.


Get better grades! Go to school more often!


I would advise myself to write down every purchase I made in my check book. I would advise myself to only buy those things that are a necessity so that I could use my money more wisely. I would tell myself to budget and to print cupons to help save money. I would tell myself to schedule specific time to study. I would also tell myself to make sure that I get the proper amount of rest so that getting up for classes and paying attention would not be so difficult. I would advise my senior-self to start every day with a prayer so that I could have the Lord's help in all my labors. I would tell myself to read more and to finish all homework (even if it is not required) so I can have practice for tests. And lastly, I would advise myself to keep up on scholarship and admission deadlines for the next year so that I can continue my education.


Many high school students go through their own bad streak, where they act out and really don?t behave like normal. I like to believe that I acted out because I had no clue of what I wanted to do after high school. Finally, towards the middle of my senior year I decided to attend a massage therapy institute in Colorado. The fact that I made a decision actually helped calm me a lot. I finally felt that I wasn?t the only one in my class that didn?t have a plan for the next year. When I first moved down to Colorado, I had trouble adjusting to living in a 600,000 person city instead of a 200 person town. I also had a little bit of roommate trouble, but it all worked out in the end. Looking back, I would tell myself that even though my parents sometimes really made me mad, they only wanted what was best for me. I would also tell myself to stay composed and always work hard past any obstacle in front of me. Everything that happens in my life happens for a reason and I just have to adjust.


I am an adult student (58) going to school with those my youngest sons age. Given the chance I would tell myself to go to the medical school my parents offered to pay for when I graduated from high school. At the time I was more interested in money and did not understand why college was so important nor how it could help me later. Since I did not go to the medical school, I married, raised my children and worked at schools in Arizona as an instructional assistant. With my youngest child going to college and excited about his career options when he is done, I had the realization I too could have been this young adult full of anticipation in my eyes had I only gone to college. Now, I too am going to school to be a medical assitant and am happy to say I will have my certificate and finally be working in the field I have always dreamed off.


When I was in high school I was clueless about college and what it meant. I was also terrified to fail. I'm now in my second semester of college and I've already transfered from Oklahoma Wesleayn University to Eastern Arizona College. I now know that OWU wasn't the place for me, however I wouldn't tell my high school self that. I'm so glad that I went 1,000 miles away from home and grew up and experienced everything a college freshmen should. I would tell myself not to be afraid. I did decent first semester ending with a 3.4 GPA. I never did that well in high school so I never would have thought I could get those grades in college. More than anything I would want to tell myself to have faith. God is awesome and he made my first year of college better than I could have imagined.


I wish I could go back and tell my highschool self to be an individual. In highschool, you're not an adult and you cannot really speak your opinion, but in college that all changes. Unfortuanately, I did not realize this until after my first year when I had an instructor encourage us to disagree and share our feelings and thoughts. An important thing about college is discovering who we are and who we want to be. My highschool self did not know this and it is something I wish I had understood better. I would also tell myself to always pay attention to instructors. I learned some of the most valuable life lessons from some of my instructors but I was not able to appreciate them until the semester ended and I was moving on. My highschool self did not know how important my college years were going to be.


I would love the opportunity to talk to myself when I was a senior in high school. I would tell myself that life requires more knowledge and skills that are gained by higher education. I would tell myself that at 37, I will be a mother of 3 without any professional trades or degrees and because of my earlier decisions in life, I am having a difficult time reaching my goals. I would let myself know that to be who I always dreamed about being will take time getting through colleges and not to vere off that path until a degree is had. I would tell myself not to let anything or anyone get in the way of my aspirations and goals. Me, my children, and my happiness depends on it. Please do not put off what will open doors, engage your mind, and allow you unlimited power in the future. The power of education is incrediable and to follow my dreams now. Our future depends on it. After all that, I would tell myself that spandex is never a good choice for us to wear.


If i were to go back and give myself advice i would tell myself to not be such a hermit. not to cling on to the first guy who gives you his attention. there is too much drama there that will effect your schooling. remember to be brave and you are here and your family is over there. keep your head up and never withdraw from a class because "its too hard" you will end up spending more time here then needed. STUDY STUDY STUDY! never be afraid to ask for help from teachers. they are not all scary. Yes, you will call home crying asking your family to come get you... but believe me. you will make a much bigger difference here then living back at home. enjoy the theatre. later you will discover what you really want to do with life... library sciecnes. You made a good choice is deciding to come to school at EAC. you'll make friends alot of friends and have a fair share of good and bad memories. oh yeah, dont forget to go to church at the newman center. remember what bro said... you cant do it with out the lord


I would tell myself, "I know filling out scholarships doesn't seem important right now, but it is. Start now! Fill out as many as you can get your hands on! Don't put your Government on the back burner, the final is extremely tough, and you have to pass it. Sometimes your going to want to just give up, but don't have faith and believe in yourself, you can make it through this. If you don't get any scholarships, then don't worry about how your going to get through school, there is tons of other finacial aid options. I know it seems so hard, but I know you can do this, your Katy Wriston, you can do anything you set your mind to! Make sure you know all your options, sometimes the counselours can make mistakes. Oh and by the way, that cute kid in your 4th hour? Go for it!"


Do not limit yourelf because you think you know what you want to do, or becuase you don't think you are capable of what you want to do. Things will chance. Leave yourself opportunities. Apply to many colleges, even the ones you don't feel smart enough or talented enough for. Do it anyway! Apply for Standford, for Yale, for Oxford, for Juliard! Apply for Internships! Travel the world! What's the rush anyway. Take a year off and explore South America. The bottom line is this: You can do whatever you want. So stop dreaming, and start DOING!


If I could go back in time and have a conversation with my high-school-self, I would tell me not to worry about choosing the right school, or about what to do with my life. Knowing which direction to take comes with experience. Experiencing different things is the best way to find out what you're best at. No one makes all the right decisions right off the bat - it takes time and maturity. So choose something go with it. Everything will work itself out in the end.


The advice I would give myself is to have reached for a higher level of gpa curriculumn and also to review more opportunities of colleges in relation to what suits me best.


If I were given the opportunity to go back and talk to my self i would have said to get your grades in line then. Depending on your GPA in high school can determine what colleges you can go to. I would also encorage myself to take some college general classes so I could have started my major soon. Major classes are classes that your interested in and most likely to do well in.


I would tell myself to be more careful about what I tell my parents while I am in college and to think before I speak. Find a work study job and keep it because the money is good and it looks great on a resume. I would tell myself to be careful with money and that it goes quickly in college if not spent wisely. Stay in the dorms, though the food maybe terrible, you will meet great people that become great friends later on in the year. Study harder than you did in high school because grades are more important if you want to make it to a university. Do not take a bunch of hard classes at the same time because you just end up drowning in finals, homework, and stress. Take a few fun classes like dance and choir to keep you relaxed. Spread your classes out and never take an eight in the morning class because you will never get up in time for it. Stick to getting your generals done before you pick a career and do not let anyone stress you into decided early. Take your time and try to have fun while learning.