Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The fact that the President relates so well to and is genuinely loved by all of the students, faculty and staff. There is a real sense of community and family in both individual departments and across the entire campus. It starts to feel like more than just a "home away from home" and very quickly just becomes home.


I like to brag about the fact that everybody is really close with each other at Eastern. It is a small school and a small campus and while many would consider this a disadvantage, I consider it an advantage because it forces you to meet new people when you first come. Overall, having a small campus is nice because there is less trecking through the snow storms and the rain to get to class.


When I brag about the school it's about the location. It is very close to home for me. Instead, of being far away from from family and life long friends, I rather be close to them during this journey. Their programs are great to major in Environmental Science.


I probably brag about how small the classes are compared to their class size. At Eastern we have an average class size of 18-22 students in each class, and some of my friends have huge lecture halls of students ranging from the numbers 100-500. I also brag that I get to know my Professor's better because of the class size. At Eastern, students get to really get involved with their Professor's because of the size of the class. I really like how I can go up to my Professor, and they help me with my problems.


I typically brag about the size of my classes as well as the university. A lot of my friends go to large universities that put a great distance between their dorm room and their classrooms. They also have to deal with competing for their professors attention where I do not have that problem. Most of my professors know me by my first name and I have taken many of them for more than one course. I think a smaller campus helps when it comes to getting letters of reccomendation and having help with your work.


I am strange guy I am more focused on how I can help people. Thats the people I surround myself with. Thats what we brag about . Like how who can think abou the next activity that will benefit the whole community and the students lives after they graduate from school . Also about who got the coolest professor and the coolest class.