Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is looking for a big college experience with a lot of parties should not attend.


Students should not attend this school if they like a larger campus that is in a city or resides in a "college-town." Eastern Connecticut State Unviersity (ECSU) is a small, community-based school with has a smaller class size. The surrounding area is not a typical college-town, but has some nice restaurants and businesses. ECSU also has a dry campus, so students looking for alcohol and parties should not attend this school.


I do not feel like this school is not acceptable for any person. I believe that anyone can come here and be successful, that anyone can find rewarding and exciting experiences while attending this school. However, if you plan to use ECSU as a crutch school and transfer to a different college. I would strongly discourage that. I say this because Eastern is a Liberal Arts school and being so, offers many courses that are general ed credits here, but most all other schools discount the credits.


The type of person that shouldn't be attending this school is a lazy one. This college has a difficult curriculum that shouldn't be taken lightly. The class schedules that if offered here is very manageable and attendance is a key point in your success here.


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is a person that does not want to try in life. What I mean is if you don't want to set goals for yourself then you shouldn't attend any University.


Anyone who wants a quality education, with good atmosphere, and friendly people. Someone who like a small school, with a low class size. The teacher knows who you are, you?re not a number. Teacher and student interaction is good, people who are interactive. Also students who like to engage in extra activities. If you want to engage in a variety of different ethnicities.