Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The best part of Eastern Connecticut State University is the size of the classes. Class sizes are very small compared to many other universities. This makes for an incredibly different learning experience. Many professors know each student by name and are eager to help one on one when required. Discussions can involve the entire class, making it possible for many different points of view to be heard. Students get to know more people in the class and are able to form bonds more easily. Small classes are a positive aspect to the educational experience.


The adivors they were staff and when you went to see them they were often with their students and not much help


Trying to find thingsd to do and people to socialie with. I won't be going to Eastern anymore though, I am now going to the University of Connecticut.


The most frustrating thing about Eastern is the fact that everybody leaves on the weekends. This hurts the social scene quite a bit. Also, the services offered on campus are not of the best quality.


A lack of originality and liberal beliefs everywhere!


The parking situation, especially now that I became a commuter. It takes forever to find a parking spot.