Eastern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew the amount of diversity that there was at this school. In my high school, there was a lot of diversity so when I came to Eastern I was very culture shocked. I do believe that there should be more diversity in this school becuase a lot of students that I have talked to agree with me.


I wish I had known how many required classes I had to take in my first 30 credits.


I wish I had known how capable a student I am. I was very nervous about entering college and avoided it after leaving high school.


The food isn't as good as it was on visiting and tours...


not to take courses you do not need in order to graduate, I wish id had mor guidance.


I wish that I was more outgoing as a freshman and more willing to go out and meet people. I also wished I knew that having a boyfriend wasn't more important than being outgoing and making friends. I regret having a boyfriend, that I eventually just got rid of anyway. School is always my number one top priority and always should be. High school seniors should be aware, always go to class. Even if you're so sick and can't move, get up and go. It makes a difference, believe me.


i can't think of anything


I wasn't aware of the difficulty that my first classes would bring and wish I had prepared myself more.


I attended another university prior to enrolling at ECSU. I wish I had applied to ECSU initially. The campus is beautiful and the dormitories are exceptional. Since I transferred schools, some of my credits did not count towards my major, so I had to make up those credits. I wish I had known not to attend my first university so that I did not waste money on courses that did not count towards my major.


I wish I had been advised to skip the teacher education program and completed a master's degree in education instead.


I wish I knew what I wanted to be so I could of picked my coursework more carefully. I enjoy this school though because of the active discussions we have in most classes.