Eastern Florida State College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students have been very nice, no one has said anything rude to me and people in the school behave like adults


As with any school, there are students who don't really seem to want to be there and others who do. The former might be a bit more common than at other schools thanks to the affordability BCC (Now Eastern Florida State College) possesses. However, you will find plenty of people who share your thirst for success. I've had so many interesting and civil debates about real modern issues at this school. Afterschool, study groups are easy to form and extremely common. You get the feeling that you are tackling a class as a team.


My classmates are intriguing and intellectual people who cherish the joys of learning.


My classmates are helpful, friendly, and have a willingness to learn new things.


My classmates are great to have because I get along with all of them, including the ones that I have never met before!


My classmates are utter idiots comprised mostly of people with below average IQ scores.


My classmates are very bright, liberated, and as passionate as I am to be in school because we all know that this is a privelage.


The classmates my my school are great because just like me, they are in a great environment with helpful teachers and classrooms that are not too big.


If I were to describe my former classmates in a sentence I would have to say, "My classmates, on a whole, are very similar to me, for most of us were striving for the same goal (an AA degree), and because of that fact, they were very approachable and easy to talk to about our shared classes."


honestly the students in my class are always late, always sleeping and never really eager to learn.


There is great diversity in the bcc classrooms. Classroom size is minimal so that there is a more personal approach from the teacher. Classmates are eager to learn and strive for excellence.