Eastern Florida State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Brevard Community College is an institute that appeals to students who are transitioning from high school to a state university, or who are achieving a specialty degree and/or certificate in a specific trade. General courses are offered for AS and/or AA degree seekers in a variety of studies.


This type of school is designed for students of all ages, backgrounds, desires and academic standing. Since it is a community college, there are a lot of people who attend who didnt go to college straight out of high school and maybe took the quick way to life and now regret that decision. There are also a lot of people attending this college who didnt know what they wanted to do with their lives or have other financial or family obligations.


The ideal community college student is someone who messed up in high school, and can't pay for a university.


Anyone considering going for a college degree should attend this college. General Education classes are all accredited, taught by excellent and understand professors, and the cost per credit hour is fairly cheap.


Anybody who wants to transfer to a four year college, or is just looking for a.s or vocational degree. Anybody who prefers small classes.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who enjoys an easy commute to a local college. Also, someone who is determined to learn and achieve a degree. The college offers a great transfer program to UCF.


The school is wonderful and ideal for anybody that wishes for a carreer. The campus is small, allowing easy adjustment as well as good relationships with staff and teachers. This is a great way to get prepared for bigger universities while paying more affordable tuition fees at the same time. Brevard Community College has given me the opportunity to excell as a student, as well as wonderful extra-curricular programs that I have added aside of my regular classes. All in all I advise this place to any future student!


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is willing to put forth some effort into really having a great learning enviroment. You can choose your teachers with help from rate my proffessor.com, and since the class sizes are small, you have every oppurtunity to ask questions. As a Brevard Community College student, my required AA courses are cheaper, more personal, and more interactive. Group work is emphasized to prepare you for situations in which teamwork is mandatory or vital, and since it is a community college, you are more likely to do social networking.


Any person who wishs to further their knowledge or studies on a particular subject or vast subjects. Preferably, someone willing and wanting to learn instead of waste the instructors time and effort which draws back from other students.