Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


EIU is a great school and it feels like my second home.


It was a wonderful school where many life long relationships were developed. Because the university was small by many standards, students and faculity alike functioned more as a family. There were always people available to assist in any capacity to ensure that ndividual dreams were fulfilled. In short, Eastern was a school that promoted academic excellence, character development, cultural diversity and family values.


Eastern Illinois University is a magnificant school who truly care about the average student college experience on a day to day basis. The University strives to make each year to each day run smoothly and as safely as possible. Eastern marks as a school with big academic dreams and helping students by offereing as much as they can at no or little expense to the students in need of the services.


Eastern Illinois University is quaint.


Eastern Illinois University is located in Charleston, Illinois, and features a variety of options for students.


My school has a medium-sized student population, offers a variety of courses and activities and is run by helpful and friendly staff.


Friendly atmosphere with down home values.


At Eastern Illinois University you have the opportunity to join a community of friendly, down -to-earth people in earning a great education from experienced professors, attending an endless amount of on-campus events, joining various professional, fraternal, or interest-oriented extra curriculars all while being a student on this beautiful campus!


My School is Small, friendly, and inexpensive.


Eastern Illinois University is a public comprehensive university that offers superior, accessible undergraduate and graduate education.


Eastern gives students that feel beaten by the educational system something that's necessary, intangible, invisible and invaluable: hope for earning a degree.


Your home away from home.


Eastern Illinois University is a medium sized school built around a small town, but it is the small town atmosphere that makes the school friendly and enjoyable.


Open to new learning strategies, friendly, and always supportive of your acedmic and non acedademic endeavors.


my school is ok it could be better.


EIU is a smaller college than most which provides an intimate setting for learning and discovering.


It is just the right size, which makes it really easy for a person to feel comfortable attending college. Everyone is very friendly on campus and is willing to help if needed.


Eastern Illinois University is one of the best teacher training schools in my state.


This school is one of the best schools in Illinois.


In the middle of nowhere and easier than high school.


Eastern is a really good school with educational classes, a wide spectrum of extra-curricular activities, and a fun atmostphere to live in.


decent.. but not rlly


Eastern Illinois University is a fun, friendly, and an amazing place to experience you college career.


Eastern Illinois University is a great school that provides many opportunites that can help your future career choices.


Eastern offers an affordable and excelent education.


A group of people of all genders and backgrounds, from places near and far, coming together to be an EIU Panther!