Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates become more than classmates: they become friends and family.


My classmates @ Eastern were friendly, knowedgeable and creative.


The students at EIU are very laid-back. A bunch of students love going to class in sweatpants and sweatshirts, while some (like me) go to class in jeans and a t-shirt. Students generally are very open to the differences in others--including religious affiliations, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, genders, etc. Different types of students truly do interact whether in class or out of class. Most students are from Chicago, the suburbs of Chicago, or small towns from Central Illinois. The most prevalent financial background is lower middle class. Most students require financial aid from the government. There are a bunch of international students also. They have the most difficulty adjusting to our campus due to the fact that our school is very close-knit. The professors and students have close relationships, and the professors truly want to see their students succeed. The reason why the international students would have some difficulty adjusting is because of the cultural and/or language differences. Besides that, I do not see any group of individuals that would feel out of place or uncomfortable. Everyone is generally kind, helpful, and understanding of differences. This is another reason why I truly do love this campus!


Eastern Illinois University prides itself in its diversified atmosphere. This is one of the many things that I love about Eastern, the population of students that attend our school ranges from none traditional students, LGBT students, international students, students with disabilities, honors students, all different races, views, lifestyles and backgrounds. We are all unique but still get along and work well together. When I look around at my classmates I am encouraged by the amount of acceptance that we have for one another and the time spent by individuals to learn from and about each other.


My classmates at Eastern Illinois Univeristy were responsible, hard working and dedicated. We had fun, but worked really hard to become the teachers we are today. We were a very close group of classmates that would help eachother out at any time. My classmates became life - long friends.


My classmate are mostly quite they do not interact much with each other or the teacher. I have been able in every class to find a few people to connect with so that makes the classes more enjoyable. Most students care about drinking and party's more then there grades and homework. In my block classes they want to do very little work for there grade.


My classmastes are caring and approachable; thier apporachability makes it very easy to succeed in any class.


Classmates are encouraging and supportive individuals of all ages who do not hesitate to participate in class to promote healthy and challenging learning, even when they are not the most knowledgable of the subject.


My classmates range from all different ages and backgrounds.


Friendly, caring, responsible, enthusiastic, positive, diverse.


My classmates are fun, looking for a good education, open to meeting and becoming friends with new people, and, finally, mostly open to new ideas.


They are friendly and willing to help each other through difficult classes.


Easy to talk too.. very helpful.. intertaining


My classmates are friendly and willing to help out.


Fun, easygoing, helpful people


They are really awesome and definately care for each other.


While many students don't seem to care about school, there is a decent percentage with a genuine interest in academics, but the majority of my classmates are very friendly.


Students are EIU are friendly and open-minded.


My classmates are fun and hard working. Most are taking their education very seriously and using EIU as a stepping stone to achieve their career goals.


My classmate are very ethnically diverse, which I am not use to. Growing up, my town was very white dominant. While many people are study and goal oriented, of course there are students who slack off and are more socially minded. We have partiers at Eastern Illinois, but we also have students that are muscially, athletically, or academically talented. There is a good mix of every kind of "stereotype", and many organizations and sports that one can get into.


My classmates here are nice, inviting, and always willing to help out if you need it.


Willing to help you out.


In my experience, most of my classmates at eastern have been hard-working students who care about their future and really want to learn, not just graduate with a degree; of course that depends on the time and the day, at your 8am and Friday classes you'll find many students with a much less ambitious mind frame.