Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

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The security is very tight and I felt very safe. I love Eastern Illinois University!!!! It is large enough so it has a number of activities to be involved in, yet it is small enough so you do not feel lost in the shuffle.


Eastern Illinois University is unique in so many ways. On my first campus visit, I felt the atmosphere I would be living in during my college career. I felt the friendly spirit of encouragement that the university offers to its students. Charleston is different than other university communities. It is a mix of small town life and big city life, culture and conservatism. Diversity is abundant here, because unlike other schools, EIU provides a safe haven for all types of people. You never feel alone or like part of the crowd. Eastern is a home away from home.


Eastern Illinois University is a very beautiful campus and it has a lot of history in its buildings. Eventhough it is a large university the classroom size is still usually around 30 people or so. The faculty on campus are very helpful to the students in guiding them to whatever they are in need of. There is a new fine-arts building on campus that has some amazing architectural work done to it. There is also a castle on campus which was the first original building on campus. EIU is a great place to begin your studies and succeed.


EIU is a state school, but it has a small student population. I really get to know my teachers and classmates because of the small classroom environments. Additionally, we have an Emmy-winning newscast, which will look great on future resumes. I love the small town atmosphere too. It is comfortable and quaint, and helps me focus on my studies.


What I have noticed that was unique about Eastern Illinois University is that the campus is the perfect size for any college student. Also, in the fall or the spring time, the trees are beautiful and the ccampus just makes you feel welcomed inside.


What's unique about EIU is the fact that it's a bigger campus than the other schools i considered. Most of the school's had a small feel, or were junior colleges. Eastern was nice because it was alot bigger than the others. It actually felt like I was looking at a college and not just a bigger high school. I really liked that feel.


In comparison to other institutions, I found that Eastern Illinois University possessed a significant representation of various cultures and values, and a community that derives on uplifting every individual at the school, despite someone's ethnic background. Eastern provides a variety of extracurricular activities ran by experienced professors and staff members that will mold your skills to become profitable to companies. When choosing a college I considered these aspects most important for my learning ability when faced with the work force after I graduate.


The staff at Eastern is extremely helpfull and none of the administration on campus will brush off your questions. If they do not know an answer they will find you one. The staff is very devoted to its students and it is an overall comfortable place to be.


We are in the middle of nowhere and we have a castle.


I would say that the thing that makes us unique is that it's a small campus so your classes are small. You really get to know the people in your classes, and it's really awesome when you go onto a new semester and you see your friends that you previously made in other classes. You feel like you fit in better.


There is alot of school spirit at my school. It is a medium-large campus. It is a pretty area. People here are so nice!


Small campus.


Education centered, affordable and extremely welcoming.


Eastern is concentrated in education. It is one of the best known education schools in the midwest. If you want to be in education, go to eastern.


There are small classes available, which helps students get to know each other and assists the professors in getting to know students, which is helpful for me. Also, there is an honors program at EIU, which allows for small honors classes, which have been some of my favorite classes. The architecture at EIU is also remarkable. The new arts building is abstract, and the main building at EIU is beautiful. Also, EIU considers how to make graduates stand out by providing resume building clubs and organizations and promoting programs, such as study abroad.


I ran at Eastern Illinois University for track so I have always had something special for this school. Also, my long time boyfriend goes here (and both of his parents attended eastern and met here). It is in a rural part of Illinois, but is only 3 hours away from the city, and away from home.


The school that I chose has a reputation for an excellent teaching program. I wasn't sure, but I was seriously considering a career in education. None of the other schools were known for their teaching programs. I decided on an education major, and am so glad that I chose to get my education at Eastern. I have gotten so many great experiences and learned so much information from going to school here.


Its is fairly small. You do not have to rely on buses to take you to and from your classes.


Personally, the radio and newspaper programs here at EIU. That's where I spend most of my time and I enjoy it there. It is unique because we are a small town yet we still can find interesting things to report on. And you are getting real experience for out in the real world.


My school is unique because there are mostly all the dormatories besides one has co-ed floors.


I believe that Eastern is unique to other schools because it has a big atmosphere for such a small campus. I believe that Eastern offers as much as they can to their students, there is never time that I walk past a bullentin board and there isn't any information about a new club or team or activity going on. The people here at Eastern want as many as their students to join something because it just makes the experience here a whole lot better.


Our University board is amazing and is consistly planning different invites in order to get everyone involved. We typically only have 20-30 students in a normal class so it is easier to keep up on things and get more of a one on one education if you need it. Teachers are very involved and helpful.


Eastern has a relaxed and easy-going feel to the campus. It is big enough to where you see and meet new people everyday, yet small enough so you do not feel lost. The class sizes are perfect for discussion and group projects. Everything on campus is within close walking distance so you do not have to rush to get to class. Compared to other universities in Illinois, EIU had a cleaner campus, newer buildings, and all-in-all a more positive atmosphere.