Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The sense of community at Eastern is amazing. It is small enough where when walking around, you always see people you know and say hi, but it is big enough where you still meet new people and make new friends every semester. My time at EIU was the best four years of my life.


I attended Eastern Illinois University for only two years because I tranfered into to EIU from Lincoln IL where that was a two year school. Eastern Illinois University is a great school because not only is it a small enough campus not to get lost in but the people are so nice. I am so glad I chose Eastern because of the small class size, my major (Health Studies) and how nice the people are. I really wish I would have got there all 4 years. I really enjoyed my time @ Eastern because of the activites and concerts.


I really love how there are over 200 recognized student organizations on campus. There is a club that fits almost everyones personality and sparks their interest. You can even start an organizations of your own as long as you have 10 members and a constitution. EIU offers an abundant amount of diverse organizations that fits the needs of nearly all the students.


I go to school in a castle.


When I talk about Eastern I always mention all the friends I have met. There are so many great people there to meet, and so many things to do. It is scary going to a new place and not knowing many people, but Eastern puts forth so many oppurtunities for a student to meet new people.


the small size, the community of the campus, and the dorms


I brag about the wealth of opportunities on campus. There is never a dull moment here, whereas at other schools, days can be just blah. Also, I brag about the creativity of faculty and students. At Eastern, the community is open-minded, so new events are being planned constantly. Some colleges keep their priorities the same, that kind of 9-5 thinking. I could be calling to brag from a sports event or from the library where a workshop is taking place. It wouldn’t matter. I could always say with completer honesty that the energy level is high.


It has all the reources of a major Division 1 college, but the classes are small enough so professors can help each student individually.


It is fun and flexible to my needs as a student. The classes and major are just what I was looking for in a university. The teachers care about my success and I can have personal help from them when needed.


The programs that the school offers for my major, and all of the great volunteer opportunities I can participate in.


The small classes


I am proud to say I go to my college. I have visited friends at other schools, and am so grateful I go to EIU. Its all a personal preference, but I just fit here. I can brag about the class sizes and how its very interactive with the other students and professor. I feel bad for my friends that have classes with 100+ students, because they have no time or room to ask questions if need be.


when telling friends about my school I brag on the fact that we have textbook rental services instead of buying our books and if we want the books we have the option of buying them but are not forced to. I also brag on the fact that it is one of the most inexpensive universities in the state of Illinois and they are well known for their teaching program.


Usualy the first thing i say is we have a good sized campus. It's not too big, but also not too small. I also like to brag about the professors I've had so far. At Eastern the classes are all student based. They very rarely get to be large classes and this is nice for th students coming from small schools because they aren't used to big classroom settings.


The one advantage I am excited about is class availability on weekends and evenings.


I have so much fun here.. the events are amazing and my friends are sweet!!!


We rent textbooks rather than purchasing them.


I brag about the fine arts programs and the cool experiences I have with the teachers. Also, I "brag" about the friends I have made and the experpiences I have had.


Eastern Illinois is almost as if I was in high school. I have great friends, the teachers are great, I get the time needed to do what I have to do.


nothing, i dont see anything special about this school.


I get to do research for my psychology classes!


The new people I meet on campus.


The amount of things available to do to keep you busy. IM sports and different recreational activities and excercise.


marijuana, drinking, lack of studying, lack of sleep, GIRLS


This is a great school and atmosphere to live in. Don't be discouraged by the size of the town if you are from a big city; there is surprisingly a lot to do here. As long as you go to your classes, you will do more than fine here.


I tell my friends about my great job. I work on campus as a T.S.S. ( Team Sport Supervisor). Basically I am a supervisor for intramural sports which means I attend my shifts for each sport and check in players, train officials, make schedules for the sport I am responsible for, I take care of injuries and ejected players. I love it, I get to interact with ither students and learn how to manage my peers, as well as work with them.


It's small and easy to find your way around places. The people here are so friendly. There are a lot of extra activities available on campus. I love EIU!


The community feel of this school is excellent! People here care about each other and there are several ways to get involved.


All the different oportunities we have. Once again all the free things the UB has for students such as concerts, movies, and other different activites. It is a smaller campus so you can easily walk all the way across campus in 15mins. How in the teaching field they get you in the classroom your 3rd semester in order to make sure that is what you want to be doing. So you get a lot more observation hours which will help me in the future.


I rent my books!