Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the thing the University falls short in is the way it handles breaks. Sure you can go home and all, but because some of the dining hall close over breaks, it makes those who have to stay here go to a single hall to have food, making the place very crowded. That is my only real complaint so far, as I am only a freshman after all.


The worst thing about this school is lower resources compared to other schools in the state. We are one of the cheapest universities. This means that we do not get as many resources because of our cheap rates and low enrollment. If some of the resources, like wifi, salt for the snow, and more technology, would be nice!


The worst thing about Eastern Illinois University would probably have to be the dorms. The dorms are old, gross, and are really in need with some TLC. I also do not like how the dorms are not coed oreintated. I have experienced that I learn better through interacting with both sexes. I am able to view things much differently and have a better understanding. I am a transfer student and it has been really hard for me to meet knew people because eastern put me in a freshman dorm. I would prefer to be with people my own age.


All of the partying that goes on during the weekends. I'm not one to party where there is alcohol involved, but I have better things to do with my time without getting wasted and regret it in the morning. I also don't like the showers in the dorm buildins, but who does. We have to wear our flip flops to shower and who wants that.


I very much enjoyed EIU, and cannot say anything bad about it.


When I think about Eastern Illinois University it is hard for me to think of the worst thing about it. I honestly love the school. If I had to pick one thing to change, it would be the place that the school is located. Central Illinois does not have the most thrilling list of activities to participate in. I find that if you are creative you can find loads of things to do but for most students it is hard to them find activities in the community that they enjoy.


the ignorant students and some teachers there.


The worst thing about Eastern...for me, coming from the area of Chicago, was small-town living! However, it didn't take me too long to transition and once I discovered that Charleston offered everything I needed, it was great!


I feel that the worst part about Eastern is the Financial Aid Dept. It is unorganized and does a very poor job at explaining many things.


I do not believe that there is any thing wrong with Eastern Illinois University. They provide a quality higher level education that allows the student work and reach their highest potential. The campus is inviting, while the curriculum is challenging that is taught by understanding and helpful instructors.


The way the housing department matches all of the roommates up for the year. They only ask a few basic questions on the housing application, and they don't realize that many people lie about things on the application.


Overall, EIU has been a great school. I'm a non-traditional student, meaning I'm older, married, with children and other responsibilities most college students don't have. As far as I know, EIU doesn't have any clubs or programs devoted to non-traditional students. This to me is the worst thing about the school, since there are many of us that could benefit from such programs.


The only thing that I find negative about my school is the fact that the library closes at 1am most days. I wish it could stay open longer, because I enjoy studying there. I understand that it has to close sometime, but the idea of a 24/7 library facility would be nice. :)


I dont really like how small it is. Iv always wanted to attend a bigger Univeristy.


The worst thing about my school is the almost incessant drinking that goes on around here. This school is semi-famous for its drinking, and that reputation leads to incoming students looking for the best parties. In turn, this continues the worst aspect of my school.


The worst thing about Eastern Illinois University is nothing.


The worst thing about Eastern Illinois is definately the town it is located in. There is not much to do here. There is no shopping near by and not a lot of activites to do on weekends. It is a very small town so it is hard for many people to get used to.


The worst thing about my school is that it is four hours away from my family. I have never been away from home, deffinitly will be hard.


The presence of bars so close to campus, which helps contribute to the prevalence of alcohol that exists in campus social life. Also, the fact that a large enough portion of the student/teacher population smokes leads to a sometimes uncomfortable experience while walking to and from classes.


I feel like there are not enought activities that minorities would be interested in. More things off campus that the student can get involved in, so that they would not also drink and do crazy things on the weekends.


Not all of the credits from my transferring university applied at EIU, therefore, several of my courses had to be repeated. The process for getting credit would have been a very involved and I decided to take the courses over. Being the youngest of five children, it became rather expensive to repeat the classes. I am not a minority or eligible for financial assistance. I have had to use financial aid to take these classes over again. I feel that it was not very good use of my money.


It's in a very boring town with very little going on. It's a small farming town, which is okay, but oftentimes it would be nice to have better places to go.


The worst thing about Eastern is the lack of school spirit, literally noone goes to the sporting events i had more people at my highschool games than i do here.


The amount of diversity. Eastern is located in a small central Illinois town and it really has not allowed me to experience as much diversity. However, I have been given the chance to work with diverse students during my practicum. We were positioned in inner city Champaign, IL school. There I worked with all types of race, gender, and disabilities.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be it's job placing techniques. I need a job and I've been applying for a year and I still cannot get one.


Its in the middle of nothing, and is really small.