Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of student that should attend Eastern IL University needs to be self directed, goal oriented and able to relate to people from diverse backgrounds. They should be a student who recognizes the value of a quality education. They should be able to share their beliefs for the purpose of motivating and assisting their fellow students in becoming their very best..


A student that wants to end up in a good career after s they finish school. Also a person that likes to have fun, not only to go to parties, but to do all the little things that this university has to offer. This university offers a lot of activities that are free, such as movies, tshirts, and all sorts of games.


Someone who is looking for school where everything is in walking distance, small classes, and a mid-sized university.


those who should attend this school should be open to new people and new ideas, new cultures and new perspectives, and new beliefs and new stigmas. When people come to our university, they seem to believe that their previous way of life was one that everyone should live. It quickly dawns on them that the world is much more broad and exciting than that. The kind of person who comes here should be looking for the opportuniity to get to know someone who isn't you and will never be just like you. We need people who are willing.


Someone who likes smaller class sizes and a small campus where you know several people, but nobody is in your business. You must be driven and want to excel.


The type of person who should attend Eastern Illinois University is a determined and ambitious individual. The person should have a high respect for themselves, their education, and their abilities outside of the classroom. A student of Eastern should be confident enough to handle any situation that comes their way inside or outside of the classroom, and humble enough to be able to ask for help when it is needed. Overall a student of Eastern should have confidence to achieve anything they set their mind to.


A person who is easy going, likes to meet different people, and enjoys a small town atmosphere. EIU students are laid back, but most are determined to work for their grades to succeed in their majors.


Anyone looking for a school that isn't too big or isn't too small. There is plenty to do on and off campus. The location is great too because it is close to a few major highways and only three hours south of Chicago. The staff and faculty is very nice and helpful. All the facilities and buildings are well kept and maintained.


They type of person who should attend this school should be very dedicated, passionate, and involved in the school.


I believe that a person with an outgoing/relaxed, smart personality should definitely attend Eastern Illinois University.


Mostly people interested in going into the field of Education. This campus seems to have a bigger Education program more than any other.


This school would best be enjoyed by people who enjoy a strong frat/sorority influence with regards to social events. To some, this might mean a person who drinks a lot, and enjoys living in the frat houses. It's not a bad school for those struggling with their High School GPA, either, as the threshold for acceptance is low for some of the colleges within the university.


Anyone ready to move forward in life


People who enjoy a smaller school and want to be an Education major or a Business major


Someone responsible and sure of where they want to go in life. This school gives you all the tools for sucess and teaches you how to use them. Everyone learns differently and at this school this is acknowledged by the instructors. I feel you just need to be dedicated to be all that you can be in life.


Someone who is looking for a large university setting with small classes. Also someone who is looking to make good friends easily.


A person who is intereted in learning and has some idea of what they want to do with their life. Students who are prepared to work hard but also are ready to have some fun in college. Students who want to be inovlved with the campus community and the surrounding area would be perfect for this University.


Someone who wants to go to a party school yet wants to focus on their studies as well.


A person that is focused on their goals and aspirations. EIU will give back exactly want you put into it.


Really there is room for any kind of person on this campus. I see people who are huge into sports and thats all their life is, i see people who love music and art, I see people who love extreme sports, there is room for any kind of person on this campus


This school is known for its education and business programs. so those are good reasons to attend. Otherwise someone looking for a friendly fun state school.


This school is good for anyone. They are ranked high in there education department and majority of the students on the campus are in the education department. Other than that there are a lot of sports players that attend the school, they get a lot of their schooling paid for since they play for the school. The school has all races and is very open to people.


A person who is really interested in attending college and who wants to earn a career after graduation.


Probably not a big city person, unless you want a break from it. It is a small town that welcomes everyone. There are small classes so that there is more one-on-one time with the professors.


Students looking for a great education with small classes and a friendly campus and community atmosphere. Its a university for students looking for a small school feel and a big school education.


Someone who is an education major. They have great teaching programs. I am a special education major and and I am guaranteed a job after I graduate from college. It seems that the majority of the people that go who are education majors.