Eastern Illinois University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing is the atmosphere and the people


The small, friendly campus. This school offered the small class size so students and professors really know eachother.


There are a wide range of extracirricular activities and volunteer programs available to students. From the long list of soroities, fraternities to the wide variety of on-campus churches clubs, and on-campus resident activities, it is impossible to get bored here. There are great programs for aspiring educators, journalists, and several other majors. Even on the first day students move in, Eastern provides a multitude of activities and doesn't stop encouraging students to get involved.


I consider the best thing about Eastern Illinois is the teacher student ratio. The classrooms at Eastern are probably very similar to a students highschool classroom size. The size of the classroom makes teacher involvment with each student a lot more possible. If a student needs help the teachers at Eastern make themselves very available.


I believe the best thing about Eastern Illinois University is how tight nit it seems to be. Every visit I have had there, it seems like every one helps everyone out and no one is just alone. I come from a small town so it is very important to me that my school be very tight in its campus community.


The best thing about my school is the size. I tend to be shy around new people so I was not interested in going away to a huge campus. This, along with price and distance were my main deciding factors.


The Lumpkin College of Busienss and Applied Sciences is one of the best undergraduate schools I have ever experienced - quite literally on par with a "Big" school without the price tag.


The best thing about my school is that the faculty and staff are so cooperative and friendly.


I enjoyed being able to finish my last few semesters online. It gave me the time I needed with with my family and the time I needed to also be a fulltime working student. Their Continuing Eduction program is excellent and they are all about the needs of returning students as well as veterans. And coming back to the civilian world from the Marines I really needed that comfort level.


The best thing about Eastern Illinois University is the willingness of the professors and staff to help all students with their problems. Professors are understanding of family situations which may cause delays in homework or missed classes and respond in appropriate measures to make sure that these students are not punished for events that are out of their control. Other staff members are also very helpful towards those who have questions or complications that need addressed.


Eastern Illinois University is perfect for anyone who has considered themselves to be a lost cause at some point in college. EIU gives a great opportunity to working adults, or just anyone that's convinced that you've been out of school for so long that you would be starting over from scratch. No matter how long ago it was, your past classes may still be worth credits here. I am very greatful for this program.


The best advantage is the class offerings in my local area.


The community here is amazing. It's like a small town, people like to come together to help those around them, even if it's just because you lost your keys. It may have 12,000 people, but it's tight-knit.


I think that the best thing about the school is the size. It is a smaller campus so its easy to get used to and familiar with. It doesn't take very long to get to your classes so that's a bonus! Also since it's small, many of the teachers get a chance to know you personally and you get more one on one time with them.


School spirit! Everyone here loves EIU and the community.


The size! Im not just saying its perfect because of what only I think. If you ask anybody on campus they will say the size is perfect. Its not as big as U of I, and its not as bis as ISU or NIU. Its also not the smallest college in Illinois. The size makes class sizes perfect. Its rare to have all lecture halls, and If you are in a lecture hall its only a maximum of 200 students compared to 400 at other universities.


The best thing about my school is that a person can find time to have a social life as well as just learning. Being in a sorority is a great way to stay active on campus. It can really make a person feel less stressed to have friends they know they can always rely on.


The best thing about Eastern Illinois University is the learning environment. There are study area's all around campus, inside and out, that can be used for group or individual study. The comfortable couches and chairs in the lounges also help students relax while they are studying instead of the hard chairs that are commonly found in academic areas. I also think that the library is one of the best features of this school. It has a computer lab to be used solely for research that includes free printing.


The small classes and getting to know so many new people.


The best thing about the school is the overall feel and size of campus. It's a small enough campus to go back and forth, but large enough that you don't feel confined.


The study abroad programs available at this school are amazing, and have resulted in my studying in Australia for a semester. EIU has a lot of great qualities, but my experiences abroad were the best time of my life, and it was possible due to EIU's promotion of study abroad and the helpful people in the Office of Study Abroad. Overall, despite it's flaws, EIU has given me a lot of amazing experiences, as well as an education.


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Its not a very small campus; but everything is close together. Nothing is too far to walk to. The teachers are super understanding and almost always available to help out. And no matter what you are ontrested in or like to do; you are bound to have a great social life here.


I consider the best thing about Eastern Illinois University to be the common academic level of all the students. This is not to be seen as a bad thing in any way, shape, or form. The common academic level of all of the students allows for the students of EIU to relate better without the feeling of intimidation inside and outside of the classroom.