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The class sizes are small which making the teacher-student relationship better. Teachers actaully want to teach and care about the students and how they do in the class. It is also inexpensive and close to home.


I think that this college is unique in that it is a lot cheaper than going to a university. I think that people that can stay focused should think about going to this type of college so that they can get an associates and then transfer to another college. This will allow them to save a lot of money, and this is what drew me to this college.


I haven't really looked into many other schools because i don't have the money to afford anything other then my community college. I don't have parents supporting me, I'm trying to find a way to put myself through college. One thing i did really like about Scott Community College is they Got me into classes as soon as i graduated. I graduated the end of September and they had me in for second 8 week classes in Octber.