Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They're nice.


Eager to learn, but not realistic in their expectations


Of course, college has all kinds of people involved, all with different backgrounds. But, when it comes down to working together in class, everybody jumps on board and is involved in the assignments.


Friendliest people you will meet. Majority of the people will hold a door for a complete stranger or two.


My classmates are welcoming and friendly.


focused and hardworking.


Not the most educated group of people.


Classmates are more like friends.


Diffent in diversity, and better to deal with it then other college.


One in a million, everybody has there own out look on life and we grow stronger when we are together.


My classmates at Eastern are one helluva mixed bunch, filled with diffrent backgrounds, accents, and strong opinions.


From what I have seen during orientation, they are very smart and competitive.


My classmates at Eastern Kentucky University are great. Though I don't know everyone, I meet new people everyday. With so many different types of people and organizations offered, I know that I will find many great friends and someplace to say that I fit in perfectly.


My classmates are generally willing to try the tasks that are put before them. I'm in a Dance Activities for School class and there are more men thn woman, but the men keep up and actually enjoy the movement. I know that it's awkward for them considering they've only ever played sports and never thought about trying to be coordinated in a dance sense. As for my other classes, everyone is very helpful. I make at least one really good friend out of each class that I've had. It's a great networking system!


As a whole, the students at EKU are uniquely considerate and laid back--they're always up for a good time, but most of them try not to neglect their studies too much!


Classmates are very diverse in their ethnicity and their extracurricular events, and yet they are generally nice and form lasting friendships.


My classmates seem helpfull and very kind when it comes to working together.


My classmates are very generous and are more than willing to let you know what you missed in class.


A culturally diverse group of individuals working and pushing one another towards the same end goal.


Trying to have fun while gaining the tools to do better in life.


The Majority of my classmates have been friendly and helpful however there are some that would rather look the other way over lending a helping hand.


My classmates are friendly, fun, diverse and stressed.


They are friendly and dedicated.


Most of them are pretty cool, however, since we have such a low acceptence standard, you will be grouped with some idiots.


A mixture of 18 years old to 50 years old. This school like many is really diverse. I love it.


Diverse individuals with varying levels of open-mindedness.


EKU's student body is very diverse and anyone will fit it here!!


Eastern has everything from the VERY wealthy to not so wealthy, just like every other university. People range in political viewpoints, which will be apparent come election time. As far as race and religion go, everyone is pretty much accepted regardless. There are big performances on Powell Corner dealing with Religion-LGBT, and I have never seen anyone do anything to bash or downplay it. Most students wear jeans, sweatshirts, basic college clothes. Of course you have extremes on both ends. If you are looking to be around alot of people go to Powell Corner or upstairs Powell around lunch time!!! CRAZY BUSY!


Not very diverse (in three words), and they're not open to alternative lifestyles... and in Kentucky THAT MEANS THAT YOU ARE NOT CHRISTIAN! LOL... keep in mind that this IS THE BIBLE BELT OF THE US... and most people are OLD FASHIONED!


Some are here just to get a degree, others care about there grades and put alot of work into there school, and the rest do what is necessary to get by.


Willing to learn and in the same boat you are, and wants you to succeed just as much as they would.


Hard working motivated, individuals that are going to be what they have set out to become.


They are the people that I will probably know for teh rest of my life.


Very social and talkitive.


Friendly and willing to help.


Many are really enthusiastic to learn.


Some are hard working and others are party people on thrusdays especially.


My classmates are friendly and smart.


My classmates for the most part are friendly but not very outgoing with people who they don't know.