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Being a Colonel means you are apart of a great community. We are in the middle of a small town that cares considerably about watching their students succeed. On game day, you can almost guarantee that everyone in town will be wearing maroon. Feeling like you are apart of something bigger than a student body that is just there to get an education, was one of the main reasons why i chose to pursue my degree at Eastern Kentucky University. I feel like i am "at home" while i am here.


I really enjoy how diverse my school is and also the size, it really makes you feel like you're in what I call "The Eastern Family." They have many differect activities, clubs, and various opprotunities to explore.


This school has many unique majors (aviation, fire and safety, ect.) so it attracts a variety of people there. Also, this school has low tuition so there tend to be more down-to-earth people here rather than rich kids who have mommy and daddy pay for school.


EKU is very involved in promoting diversity on campus. Other schools that I looked at didn't seem as invested in educating their students about diversity or how students could get involved in some sort of diversity program.


The size is unique. I considered many larger schools, but this one feels more like a community. Everyone gets to interact and you always can find someone you know or recognize where ever you are.


They really are behind and helpful with their students in finding a job after college.


EKU had the program I was looking for and they were well-known for it. I knew it would be a good fit for me. The town was bigger than my tiny hometown, but not big enough to throw me into "culture shock." The campus was just beautiful and friendly.


Eastern Kentucky University has the best pizza I have ever eaten. There are 6-10 places in Richmond, Kentucky to order pizza from and by far the on-campus eatery is the most delicious.


To tell you the truth, I have loved EKU since I was in middle school. It is class to home but far enough away at the same time. I love all of my class on campus and the teacher are great.


It is very compact, which allows plenty of time to cross campus to classes. Very rarely do you have to cross a busy street, increasing safety. It is only 20-30 minutes south of a major city, so you can live in a quite community while still being able to enjoy the pleasures of a large city. The community is very tight knit, and you get to know your teachers and fellow students well.


They are nationally renouned for forensics.


Small community with several ties to great things.


It was considerably cheaper than the other schools I looked at.


Eastern has its own unique amphitheater, where they hold free concerts of popular bands. It also makes for a nice study area in the spring or fall. Its a really nice little addition that is only a few blocks from my dorm.


It is a smaller school, I have never had a class with more than 50 people in it including biology lecture.


The most unique feature about this campus is the living arrangements. Here Fraternities and Sorities live in dormitories together, they also can house you with people that are in your current degree program, you just do not find many schools were the housing arrangements are taylored to fit.


I hated this school.... I couldnt believe at the end of the year that I had taken out LOANS to go there.. even after my in state tuition kicked in. I would NOT recommend it for out of state students.


Something that is unique about my school compared to others is that is rural enough to have that hometown feel, but also close enough to the city so if you were ever to need anything you can drive there in less than 30 minutes. My school is also very southern-friendly I feel like. I grew up in Ohio and I still wanted to feel at home, and I do here at Eastern Kentucky University.


Eastern Kentucky University is a beautiful campus. My classes were easy to find and in the same area. But the best part is how much is cost compared to the University of Kentucky. Eastern Kentucky University is the best choice for single parents or anyone who is watching their money. In addition the class sizes are smaller compared to the University of Kentucky. These two reasons together makes learning a lot easier, not only am I able to ask questions in the classroom but I don't have to worry about how I am going to live in the process.


The total experience!


this school has a beautiful campus and is very safe. we have a very good police studies program. it is a middle sized school where you will feel right at ease.


It has some very prestigeous programs of study. It also cheaper to attend here when compared to many other state schools.


It's not located in a large city and has a lot of outdoor places to visit. 20 minutes south are the Pinacles, a ridgeline that is ripe for repelling, climbing, hiking, etc. Also, only an hour or so away to the east is Red River Gorge, which is the climbing Mecca of the Eastern United States.


it really helps you focus on the career your seeking.


Small town with great values


The campus is beautiful, the professors are eager to help students, and there are a variety of activities to choose from. Something is always going on at EKU!


I just like how this school had a large student population, but still felt like a small university. The professors are willing to help you when you need it, and truly care about your education. And although it wasn't my first choice when applying, I am glad that I chose EKU.


The distance to my house and the education program.


Dont really know.