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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?




NO, they are not accurate. EKU is an amazing college full of wonderfully bright professors, staff, and students. AND, it is not a "party school", you only party if you want to and I have been going here for months and have not attended one party nor have i been invited to one. It's your decision whether you want to party or not!!!


These are false. Granted some students may be better off with money and drive a nicer car, it does not mean every EKU student is a rich snob. Also, we are not all partiers. Yes thursday night is typical here (like it is at ALL other colleges) but I bet EKU students just as much/little as every other college student. You have some fun when you need to, and you do your work when you need to.


NOT AT ALL! EKU has tons of majors and lots of nationally recognized degree programs. My roommate is an Occupational Therapy major, which is amongst the top 25 programs in the nation, not to mention Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Pro Golf Management, and many more!!! EKU has students from all across the country, that come from very diverse backrounds. This is very well accepted on our campus, and it seems like everytime I am at Powell corner, they are advertising new multicultural affairs programs. There are tons of clubs that ANYONE can join/start! As far as party school is concerned, I think it depends on the students personality. School is pretty much you want to make of it. If you want to party seven days a week, you will find it, regardless of what school you are at. The old "RICHMOND BAR SCENE" is pretty much nonexistent now. Not that there aren't things to do... there are just more mixers and parties now.


Yes! + most of the students Have to go to college and drive around their porche boxters because their parents own a very successfull horse farm and they have little interest in academics. + Most of their students have never even seen a gay person, and there always seems to be an invisible magnetic field pushing people away from the PLAG tables at social events and gatherings. (Most guys do alot of gay bashing out in public) + I had 2 Male professors in my FIRST SEMESTER who displayed HIGHLY sexist behavior while teaching in their lecture style classes including: 1) refusing to call upon women who raised their hands, 2) segregating the class into men on one side and women on the other, 3) When you stuck around after class to ask questions neither of the men would look you in the face and spoke very demeaningly towards me as a woman, 4) That same man was givin A's to Charlie brown when his english resembled a 1st grader's skill level (English Lit), and I was mysteriously... for the first time in my life as a straight A english student in private highschool and in tradeschool (and published poet at the age of 14)... was barely getting C's. + THE FOOD in the cafeteria (upstairs Powel) is good the first few weeks.... I got food poisoning at least 3 times during the year, and I ate there a majority of the time. + The girls dorm up on the hill (Telford Hall) was in TERRIBLE condition, and the WALLS ARE CEMENT in the dorm rooms... my heat was broken for 2 months at the coldest part of the semester... and I had NO HOT WATER for a long time after that! + If you're a criminal justice major without a car... take the bus ' pickups one stop time early to avoid a missed bus (which means they sometimes never show up when theyr supposd 2)..... if you end up walking its VERY far from Telford hall BTW....