Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


They're very good, the teachers really make sure you know the material.


I'm a major in Biology and General studies. My favorite class is Physiology. Most of the students that I know are very competitive. I don't go to office hours that much, unfortunately. However, when I do my professors are always willing to help.


On point. We have a very good staff in my department.


classmates actively participate in class.


I was not impressed or challenged academically.


Since EKU is a small campus most of the professors learn their students names, and have office hours if you want to meet with them outside of class to discuss problems you are havings. There are always hundreds of students at the library studying and it's very easy to find people making study groups.


Like I said before, tons of programs and pretty good professors. Free tutoring is nice, and they have a writing center. In my experience, professors are always at their office hours and respond to emails. Since class size is small, you pretty much have to show up... but it's college, go figure. Use ratemyprofessors.com before picking your classes. It really helps!! Best Class: Dr. Gunderson's classes.. POL 280 (International Relations) or POL 415 (Terrorism and Political Violence). They are hands on and he gets you involved. They count as Gen. Ed's now too!!!


The academics were ok... besides the two sexist professors that I had. I complained to the dean and he told me that there wasnt much that he could do.. and that I should talk to the professors themselves. In the end I dropped both of the classes.