Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Serious party school. Mostly KY kids from the eastern/central KY that couldn't get into better state schools. ] Real suitcase college - most kids oack up and go home every weekend, especially those not in a greek org.


People say EKU is a huge party school. People say that EKU is a bunch of hicks from KY


Some stereotypes that I have been hearing are that we are rich snobby kids, driving around in porsches. I also hear that Eastern is all about the parties, and everybody is always drunk or high.


* Small school with little to offer. * No diversity. * Suitcase College * Party School


+ That they're a bunch of hill billies that have never been off of the farm before. + That they are not very friendly towards Gay and Lesbian students. + that their male professors are sexist. + that the food in the cafeteria sucks. + Their dorms are falling down OLD from the 60's! + The "justice" part of the school is a mile away from the rest of the campus