Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I really recommend this school because the professors are great in teaching the material, and the students are very friendly.


I actually attend Eastern Illinois University however, that wasn't an option.


EKU has a beautiful campus. There is a lot of school pride, and it's located in Richmond so there are two malls (fairly small but with good stores). On campus you will find a Chik-fil-a, a mexican restaurant (Zoca), grilled food (Grill Workes), Einstein bagels, Java Cafe, and a Quiznos. Everything you could ever want it found on EKU's campus.


The best thing about EKU is that they care about you. Some schools are so large, they can not fully interact with every student. However, at Eastern, if you need to talk to somebody, just set up a meeting. The professors get to know you, and it helps you succeed in school. The worst thing is the parking. Parking is horrible here! There are never enough spots, and you find yourself driving around all over the place until you find one. Or somebody leaves. You find yourself parking your car until you absolutly HAVE to move it, because you know the hassel it is to get one.


EKU is the perfect size. It has the big school feel, with athletics and nationally ranked programs, while still having a small campus size. EKU has very affordable tuition and offers TONS of scholarships, and you only have to write one essay that applies to all of them. NICE!!!!


People are not very friendly.. they're stuck up... most of them HAVE ALOT more money than my family did. Its the kind of place where you literally have to PAY for your friends. If you're not in a sorority or fraternity its HARD to make friends....