Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone, because there is so much diversity you will be comfortable in any situation. There are non traditional students all the way to students from China or Germany to those that Richmond is their home. The univeristy is bigger, but not too big. I have classes with only about 10 other people, but I also have classes with at least 100. Eastern is a beautiful campus with caring, nice, loving people.


Anyone seeking a high quality education should consider Eastern Ky. University as their university of choice. EKU welcomes people from various ethnic groups and celebrates racial diversity. If you're looking for your niche` in life, you will find it here at EKU.


The kind of person that should attend EKU needs to be serious about the education, preparing themselves for the future, and they need to be mentally prepared for the college experience. If you are serious about your education you have the desire to make good grades. Maintaining good grades in college is very important. When you apply for jobs they look at your grades from college to see how serious you are about the field. In college you have a lot more responsibilities, and you need to be mentally stable to keep organized. This kind of person should attend EKU.


Someone who is looking for a caring staff and a good education. Most of our proffessors care about the students academic success and personal development. We have a wide variety of groups and organizations and our campus is very diverse.


Someone who wants a small school with the feel of a big school. Anyone who wants to study music, education, justice and safety, professional golf management, or any one of our other great programs. Someone who wants to connect with their peers, with any interests at all. People are friendly and the professors are willing to help, so I think pretty much anyone would enjoy it.


A person that has finacial problems but is look for a good University with a small atmosphere.


People who are hard working and want to get a top level education and have fun at the same time.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is just starting right out of high school and is transitioning from the high school environment into the college environment. This school is a really good starter because its not huge and intimidating like the other universities so this is a good starting college for people.


If someone is interested in attending this school they need to be open minded, and willing to do things they normally wouldn't always do in order to meet a few new people.


I believe a person who likes smaller class sizes, but still not know everyone would be great for this school. It is the cheapest public university in Kentucky and it offers several majors. EKU is a growing college with a lot to offer.


Anyone fits Eastern Kentucky Univeristy, whether your shy or outgoing there is a group for you and everyone ends up feeling like its home!


There are so many different kinds of people at EKU, anyone should attend!


A person who is serious about their degree. But is also serious about getting invovled and making friends.


students who enjoy people.


Anyone who is open and willing to experience new things, creative and knows how to have a good time will love the opportunities EKU holds. EKU is the perfect fit for someone who wants to attend a larger university without losing their individuality. Anyone could love EKU as long as they are willing to give it a chance.


Someone who is willing to work hard for what they want and who also appreciates a diverse student body.


any kind of person. it is very diverse. Anyone can attend.


A person who values their education and works hard to get the grades they want.