Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Conservative people with lots of common sense who don't want to sit at a desk for the rest of their lives.


I believe that there is one type of person who shouldn't attend EKU. This type of person, would be someone who is not willing to do their work. Most of the classes have work that you can not slack off or procrastinate towards. Also, the professors are generally understanding when it comes to making up work, but they won't tolerate makeup work if there is not a valid excuse. EKU is a school that is going to make sure you apply yourself fully. People that plan to just breeze by, need to rethink how they go about things.


I think everyone who is willing to learn and get a degree for their particular major should be allowed to attend school. I think attending a school should not be based on how rich, popular or what background you come from it should solely be based on academic performance. Hence I think persons who are not willing to learn and get a degree should not attend school.


If you hate a beautiful campus that is big but also a small town feel then EKU is not for you. If you are narrow minded about anything in the social world then you might feel a little uncomfortable here.


Anyone looking for an Ivy League experience.


I feel as if eastern is for everyone, if you are a shy person you get the chance to explore new things and expeierence a change and if you are outgoing many oppurtunities open for you.


The person that shouldn't attend EKU is someone who can't handle responsibility, who just wants to have fun, and someone who isn't concerned about their future. College is about responsibility, you have a lot to handle at one time and organization is needed. If all you want is to be on your own and have fun you don't have the responisble mentality needed for college and will not be successful. If you are not concered about your future then don't waste your time and money in school. This kind of person shouldn't attend EKU.


You should not attend eastern kentucky if you are not willing to work with others, this school offers a broad ideas to help you grow and you need to be able to work well with the ones who are different from you.


For the most part this school is a great place for anyone to attend. Everyone that i have met have been very friendly and willing to help one another. The school also provides a great way for students to meet one another. The only kind of person i can think that would not want to attend is someone that is not trying to get a degree, but if the person is unsure about what they want to do, i recommend this school as a place to attend because they are very helpful when it comes to that area.


A person that likes big cities, large classrooms, and someone who wants to go to a big school should not attend Eastern Kentucky University.


EKU offers many different programs and groups for EVERY kind of person. There is no one that will be excluded here; everyone will find their niche. It doesn't matter if you are shy, outgoing, old, young, what race you are, or where you come from. The students and faculty and all affiliates of the school are all pleasant and open to anyone.


This really isn't a party school. At least from what I have seen. I'm only there for class then come home for work. From students I know who have attended it is a more focused school.


This school is for anybody. I've seen all types of students of all different racial backgrounds, incomes, and age groups.


Any kind of person who wishes to get a supreme education with no budget cap.


The ones that are too lazy to go to class and wanting to complete their work.


Somebody who is looking to attend a big college, or somebody who dosent want to be stuck in a small town.




A person who is dedicated or who isn't willing to have an open mind to find a major to fit a certain career.


EKU offers a little bit of everything to cater to a variety of interests and individuals. It resides in a small college town though so if one wants the big city life it is not for you. Also while the sport teams are competitive they are not known for constant victories. If someone is more interested in a school with a dominating athletic department than EKU is not for you.


Someone who has no motivation to do school work.


A person who is antisocial should not go to this school. When you come here, you will meet many new faces, make many new friends, and become more social. Also, a person who wants to get an easy diploma shouldn't come here. The academics are rigorous, and will challenge you, but the rewards will be well worth it when going out into the workforce.


any one who wants to learn


People who are easily distracted by parties, the greek system, and other campus wide organizations should not attend this school. Also people who don't like being on a big campus or in busy areas.


Someone who wants to go to a well known school that is good at sports.


A person who is unprepared, apathetic, and not focused.