Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to be afraid to be yourself and put yourself out there to make friends. It is not so difficult to approach people you might really enjoy spending time with. Do not pass up an opportunity to socialize with new people because they might become your best friends. I would also advise never to wait until the last minute to do any type of assignment or hesitate to ask questions. Your professors are there to help you, and they want you to learn and be successful. Having a good relationship with your professors will help you both short-term and long-term, and they will even help when you do not ask.


If I were to go back in time and be able to give myself advice, I would tell myself to not be afraid. As a highschool student, I was very fearful of the unknown, as many students are at that time. I was afraid of not succeeding, not getting my dream job, I always wanted to please everyone and be the best at everything I did. I soon realized that this was not a realistic expectation and I was only human. Not succeeding at something didn't mean I was a failure, it just meant I had to try something different to succeed. I couldn't have a fear of what people thought about me because not everyone is going to be a positive influence on me and realize my dreams. So, in addition to having no fear, I would tell myself to "dream bigger." Take chances. Go against the flow. Do what I felt was in my heart, even if others disagreed with me. Live like today is the last day that I had on earth, be wise, and take risks.


Don't sweat the small things, you feel like you know nothing or nobody when leaving home for college. However, looking back almost all freshman feel that way. Don't ever take your time in college for granted, because here you will meet your future colleagues, future bridesmaids, and even your solemate. There will always be parties, so don't let anyone let you feel like a loser for staying in on the weekend to study because in the long run it will pay off. Read your textbooks, ask questions, engage with your professors; the more your put yourself out there the better connections you will make in the long run that will most likely be beneficial to you. But most importantly, don't blink because college is over with before you know it.


The advice that I would give myself is that I need to work harder to get better grades to get more scholarships, along with going out and getting a credit card so that I could build credit for myself so that I can get school loans all on my own.


As a high school senior, I was just your ordinary student athlete who only cared about playing softball, winning the state championship, and having a great time. I had so much potential to be way more than that, but never realized it. If you asked the Caitlyn Stevens from 2011-2012 what she was looking foward to most about college, she would tell you that she was ready to party and live it up. Once I arrived at CBC I realized that getting a college education was more important than anything else. That is why after completing my freshman year, I moved and transferred Eastern Kentucky University where i am strictly here to learn. If I was given the chance to sit down with the old Caitlyn, i would tell her to open her eyes and focus on the things that will get you far in life such as an education and a career. You will have to overcome obstacles along the way, but they will only help you become a greater student and person than you already are. The transition will be hard, but it will be worth it in the long run. "Focus. Focus. Focus. Si se puede."


If I had the chance to go back in time to advise my youngerself, I would stress how important it is to study hard and also to learn time management in order to have that balance between homework, studing, and socializing. I was very involved in high school and would tell myself to stick with that and continue to be involved in school affairs and join activities. I would also like to tell myself to sign up earlier for scholorship opprotunities and to also think ahead to the future so that I will be prepared for what may soon come.


If I could go back, I would tell myself that college is not as easy as it sounds. I would make sure to express that friendships get tested, school work gets harder, and that responsibilites become greater. I would stress that when you go to college, a lot of your friendships change, you may lose some, but you gain even better ones. I would also tell myself not to stress out about the work load, and explain that yes it may be harder, but I am a smart individual who can do it. Managing time, would also be something I would make sure I knew the importance of. When you're in college, you no longer have someone to tell you when to get things done or to remind you of due dates. Most importantly, I would tell myself that anything is possible if you put your mind to it; yes college may be scary, but it's something you have to be determined to do well in, in order to succeed to the fullest.


If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I would have made a bigger effort to get involved on campus. When I came to EKU for my visits and orientation, everyone was making a big deal about how important it was to get involved in a sorority or a club right away. I never understood this until my roommate moved out, leaving me to live by myself. It has been very hard to go through a semester of college living alone and not having anyone to talk to. My biggest mistake was not listening to my advisors when they said to get involved and make new friends.


Go to all the orientations and new student meetings that you can that way you are better prepared and know what to expect for the next four years.


The following is what I would say. Jenell we need to sit down and talk about college. You are now a senior and should have some idea of what you would like to study at college. College is a big step from high school. I know you have been studying hard to maintain good grades, but college is very different. College teachers do not remind you of up coming assignments. They do not ask for them, but expect you to turn them in on time. Should you not be able to attend class, you need to notify your instructor, and obtain your missed assignments. You should have a couple of your classmates numbers. Jenell, do not declare a major when first beging college. Complete your basic studies and give yourself time to decide on what you want to study. Keep your grades up, ask questions, and participate in class. Should you not understand something request clarification, most likely there are others who need clarification too. Rememberyou are paying your instructor to learn, so obtain the most out of each class. Jenell, remember to have fun, study hard, meet new people, but be careful. Live life to it's fullest.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student , i would say to myself . Go and meet with your couselor every week and your i.e.p manager , ask questions on test i could take for college . I would advised myself to look more into college selections and also to have made a more wiser choice of time as in when i should have enrolled and picked up more healthier study habbits. Also go and take tours of the campus and made appointments to talk to financial aid, advisors at the school of choice and looked over all the programs the school has available and also, look more into a tutor outside of school.


I would tell myself to get on to scholarships a lot earlier. I suffered a lot through my senior year, and now, having to deal with fighting others for the little amount of money thats begin given out. I also would push myself to try more things such as go further into my sewing and my acting so that I may have other things to gain money from. But when it comes to the actual transition, I would have myself study more and learn better studying tecniques. I struggled a lot this past semester having to deal with not knowing how to prepare for tests and other exams and papers. I believed I was smart enough to just cruise by, and though that worked in high school, its not something that helps in college. Looking back, I just wished I would have worked harder for my future and I would have pushed my past self to do just that.


The best schools doesn't mean the best education. If you work hard enough, apply yourself and make a great portfolio that is all that matters. A degree from a big name school doesn't compare to a great portfolio. Stop being scared of whether you're good enough. Keep practicing and practicing art and coding and you'll make it there, you'll see.


If I could go back in time and tell my senior self anything about going to college, I think I would tell myself to go with your gut and go to your dream school no matter what anyone else tells you because you do not want to regret it later. Just because the family thinks they know best does not mean they do, only you know what is best for you and you need to do what you need to do. You are the only who has to deal with the decision you made for the rest of your life.


The advice I would give myself is to not worry about changing yourself so that others can like you because being yourself is what makes people like you for simply you.


I would tell myself to first of all, drop the Rock n' Roll, ripped jeans and heavy metal look because it just makes me look like a bum. I would also tell myself to not worry about what all the other kids thought about me because it doesn't matter; most of those people who made fun of you are going to end up not being as promising or as successful as you are now. When you get to college you are going to create many friends and connections that will possibly brighten your future; just remember that there is every kind of person out there so try to make good with everybody. You are going to feel like you've been sent to summer camp for the first month but you will get homesick, so please call Mom every now and then to talk to her; trust me it will make your transition to college a little easier. Also, spend your money wisely and save it when you can because when you're on your own, your on your own. As for the ladies, I'm still trying to figure that puzzle out, so just keep being yourself Kristian.


I would tell myself to do exactly what I did and turn down the scholarships that were offered to me and continue to join the United States Army and serve my country. I would also instruct myself to take more advantage of college during my six years in the Army.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to take some time off before I started school. Taking time off to work, question myself and allowing the world to open my eyes has strengthened my pursuits in my passion. When I first started college, I was a Marine Biology major. Many of the related experiences formed and shaped me as a person. From holding seastars for visitors at a science center to training as a euthanasia technician, I went through a huge personal growth. None of these experiences were obtained from going to school. I did not have the drive and failed my science classes. After taking a year off, I discovered that I did not actualy want to be a veterinarian and that there was another route to my dream job. Within my first semester back, a charcoal peice I did was in a student show. After three years back, I am now more excited and driven then ever before for my studies. I am refreshed in my outlook and have have seen my life without higher education... And quite frankly, I was "scared straight". Noone wants to clean toilets for the rest of their life.


I am a high school senior from class of 2006. I am proud of my studying now. I worked hard to go into college. However, college environment is new, big, and complex environment. I will meet many changes, new challenges. I need to find, learn new skills to adapt to this environment. I will learn all skills in school as well as out of society. I will not be afraid of the difficulties. Although I am in any circumstances, I will try to finish my tasks well. Because I have only one wish that I can perfect myself through the life.


I wish I would have made better grades so I would have recieved more kiis money.


After two years of college and about to transfer out of community college, I have learned a lot about myself and life. In high school I was convinced that everyone should go away to school, that community college would not give you the same education or experience you would get going away. However, going to a community college was actually the best choice I ever made. Getting a good education and maybe even a better one that allowed me to stay home, work part-time and get a promotion. My friends have debt that has only half accumulated; I was able to keep my debt minimal before going to a 4-year school. Community college allowed the transition from high school to college easier and more enjoyable. My advice to my high school self would be not to be in such a rush to grow up and leave. That community college is not a bad place to start but the smart place. Sometimes it is better to enjoy life and the possibilities that await you.


Don't be afraid to get involved! Introduce yourself to everybody! I know that you are shy, but you might end up being that person that is the last to meet everybody. You worked really hard in high school and you are very academically ready for college! So, don't worry too much about getting every single page of reading done. Make sure that you are also spending enough time getting to know the people in your dorm and in your classes. On campus, you never quite know who you are going to meet. Furthermore, you are going to meet people very different from you. Don't freak out! Just because someone was not raised in a very conservative household like you does not mean that they are a bad person or a bad friend. So, keep that in mind when you start to get to know people. You might miss out on some good friendships if you judge. Go forth and make some new friends and lots of new memories!


If i could go back in time and be a high school senior I would prepare myself for college more than i did. I did not expect the diffrence between high school and college. My high school did not prepare the seniors with all the study materials needed throughout college. If i could give myself any advice it would be slow and steady wins the race. If you take your time and work hard great things will come out.


Those teachers weren’t fucking with you when they said, “your gonna fall on your ass in the real world if you don’t get your shit together in High School”. Just so you know 10 years from now your college life isn’t all parties, drinking, and sex. Daddy’s not there anymore providing that warm house, first-class food, and playing role of Mr. ATM. Do you self a big favor and pull your head out of your ass and stay in High School. Trust me you will save yourself from many nights of eating pork and beans from a can while frantically looking for you last bit of change under the couch of your a mold infested death trap that you pay $1.450 a month for. You will soon figure out that it takes way more energy pick yourself up after failing than it did just to try to succeed in school. However, I still think you were completely validated when you called Mr. Kinkikin an “ugly man troll”.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself while I was a senior in high school I would give myself the option to attend a community school. When I was in high school, a community school sounded to "poor" for me; I didn't think I would get a good education and thought I would just be throwing my money away. I believed an universtiy or college was the "real deal." Now that i am enrolled in a college I see this is really were they take your money; the tutition is extremely too high and it keeps going up every year. Now, as I look back on it, I wish I would have attened a community school.


If you are going to party then please do it responsibly. Make sure you get your lazy butt out of bed and go to class. You are paying for this so don't waste it!


Dear younger Ceanna, In a few years you will be taking a new step to brighter and wider oppurtunities, but don't be scared because these oppurtunities are going to change your life and make you into one strong, wonderful individual. A little advice before you take this next step though, don't think you always have to be perfect. Perfection is not always the best route because as long as your still trying and enjoying life you will be proud. Going into college is stressful and sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at all you have been blessed with and remember there is so much life has to offer. Enjoy college and make new experiences. Remember those that surround you because these are your true friends that will possibly be in your life forever. Love like there is no tommorrow because you may not get this experience again. College is your way of expanding and making your dreams come true so don't be afraid. Make everything count! Love, An older you.


My advise to myself would be to never give up. Stay in school and don't drop out for any reason. Listen to your instructors and ask as many questions as possible. Exhaust every resource possible that would aid you in preparing you for college- soliciting help from counselors, tutors, taking a college tour, talk to other college students and ask questions about thier experience of college life etc. Explore other cultures, languages and try something new-food, hobbie etc. Learn to prioritize, explore various studying techniques and research career options prior to taking needless classes to save yourself money. Gather scholarship information to help offset the cost of a quality education. Think about what you are about to do before you do it because it may put an end to your career before it even starts. Raising a child as a college student is very challenging, so i would advise myself to consider the consequence of sexual activity. If i had it to do over again, I would take my own advise.


Knowing is half the battle If I could go back in time, and speak with the high school senior version of myself, I would say try to keep my parents from moving from place to place so I could stay in one school. Moving from school to school did not set me up for success it gave me a handicap. I would tell myself about Scholarships that they are a great source of money to pay for college in great detail. I would remind myself that learning, and getting better grades is the key to success. I would also tell myself to pay more attention to in my weak subjects which are Math, and English. I would tell myself to work a lot harder with those challenging subjects so that the fear that I currently had of taking those subject would have disappeared once I started college. High school was not fun I could have graduated with a higher GPA if I had focus on my books, and less on moving, from school to school, and working to helping with finances. Who said it better was United Negro College Fund a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


The decision at the end of junior year switching schools to go to Middle Collage was a great idea. The experience that takes place the last year will help more than anything. While attending those four collage classes throughout the last year, taking the two electives have helped getting a minor that will still allow graduating in the four years like plan. Taking the other two classes in your major you want was a great choice. Psychology collage class was a great help, with it being hard it will cause you to go ask for help from the professor. When he finds out in the end of the semester that the whole time that you and a few of your classes mates where high school seniors, he will tell you how proud he is that we were smart enough to reach out. All the knowledge learned there make notes, because when switching to another collage is going to be a smooth ride. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the students you work with will make your first year alone in a new collage an easy one.


If I could go back to myself in high-school I would have a lot of advice to give myself. Starting with dorm life, I would say to be patient with others and not be in my room all the time, to get out and make friends. Staying in the same room with the same people you get "cabin-fever" which leads to disagreements and stress. You live with these people, you have to set rules to help reduce mis-communications. Regarding school work I would tell myself to stay organized. Lack of organization is the reason keeping up with school work seemed difficult. Keeping my assignments written down would have made it easier to remember when things are due and to not get behind in class. The biggest thing I would stress would be money. I would give advice about budgeting and saving money. On top of all the school stress, dealing with financial stress leads to lack of focus on school work, and can destroy a student. I believe high school students aren't fully prepared for college until they spend atleast one semester there. They realize they have a lot of responsibility that they have to control.


I would give the high school seniors of today advice on how expensive it is to go to college today and to try and apply for as many scholarships as you can as well as save as much money as you can. It turn you are geting a great education, but it comes with a price. Make sure that you are well-prepapred.


The advice that i would give myself would be ? Keep your studying habits updated and never wait to the last minute to do homework also don't change who you are too fit in. Next i would tell myself to work alot of hours to make some money over the summer to avoid calling parents and begging them for money . Finally always keep your faith you can do anything in this world that you want to long as you put your mind to it dreams really do come true.


I have learned so much in college just in my first semester and half. I am taking medical adminstration and I learned so much in Anatomy class. It is so interesting to me. I hope the rest of my semester go as well as the first two. I have a 3.7 gpa so this should show how well I am doing.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have had to deal with a lot of things that I never thought I would have to deal with and it has been a very valuable learning experience, not only about college, but about myself. I have learned more about myself as a person as well as my studies. I have made some amazing new friends, even some from diffrent countries and diffrent religions. I have learned to better accept people for who they are and not be so judgemental. I believe this will be valuable in the future and in my career. You never know who you are going to have to work with. With such a diverse community, you learn to be accepting and willing to learn new things from some people you would have not thought about before.


I have made wonderful friends and got a great education.


Before coming to college, I had a vary narrow view of the world and the people that lived in it. By attendng EKU my eyes have been opened to a whole new world. I have learned about different cultures, religions, sexualities, and ideologies. I am a more understanding and accepting person because of the experience I've had while attending EKU. In my future I believe this will help me because I will better be able to understand how people think on certain topics and why they think they way they do. By being a diverse person, I can better communicate with others affectively and understand the culture from which they come.


Attending college at Eastern Kentucky has forced me to grow in my ability to make good decisions. Academic decisions include choosing a major, deciding what I want to do vocationally, determining how hard I will try to get excellent grades. There are many social decisions as well, from choosing to drink or not, to deciding what extracurricular activities to attend. I chose to join my school's rugby club, in order to keep fit, have fun, and build friendships. I also chose to attend all my classes and put in the necessary work to keep a 4.0 GPA. I have also decided to go against the flow and not participate in any underage drinking, because I have seen too many people do too many stupid things while drunk., and I belived in respecting the laws of my country. I enjoy college, because it is the doorway to the rest of my life. I am getting better at making big decisions, and good ones.


Leaving home might have been the hardest thing for me to do. But attending Eastern Kentucky has showed me that no matter what happens you become a family with the friends around you. Living here for the past two months has been great and has allowed me to talk to people I would have never expected to. The campus is beautiful and having friends to go to in the time of need is great. This campus is home. Its more like a small hometown were everybody knows everybody. Its the best feeling in the world to be able to attend class and have a one on one experience with you teacher for a better understanding on what is going on in class.


the most i have gotten out of college so far is the knowledge from the teachers that are helping me become a teacher so i can give back to kids. the reason i want to give back is the teachers i had in high school did not give me the knowledge i needed to start college i want kids to be ready for college an the real world. my teachers did not get me ready for the college work load and how the teachers would do things in college. it has been valuable to attend this school because it is a top notch school for teachers to graduate from.


I have learned a great deal about communicating, working with, and surviving in the world. You learn things about life that you can not learn in a high school setting, or even in going right out into the job world. You learn about many different cultures, and people, and you learn how to interact with them. College has been valuable to me because of all of these things. The friendships I have made while in college are priceless.


Choosing to go to school in Kentucky, a 14 hour drive from where I was born and raised in New Jersey has been an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. So far, and so early into college, I already feel more well rounded and adjusted to the world outside the "bubble" of my hometown. College is going to prove to be invaluable to me in the job market and in the real world simply because I know more about what makes up the world we live in. People are going to talk different, think different, and be different, and I really have learned to appreciate that. I've also learned that making a mistake is not the end of the world. Mistakes are meant to be learned from. Whether it has been walking into the wrong class, answering a question in class with another century in mind, or making the wrong roommate choice, there is nothing that cannot be learned from and improved upon. College has made sure that I learn to laugh at myself, and make friends that I can laugh along with. Overall, college has been a learning experience in so many ways.


College has been an eye opening experience. I have learned so much in just two years at school. The primary reason that i've learned so much is because I actually want to be there. I choose the courses to take which makes me interested in the subjects. I would have never imagined that I would actually retain as much knowledge as I have. I come home each night and actually get excited about what I've learned in the classroom. I exercise my brain fully each day that I attend. I am attentive and alert to all the information and experiences that are provided in front of me. Each class I think about moving closer to the goal of someday having my dream career. I would recommend college to anyone questioning the process. It has been a valuable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The journey has been difficult, but no good things come easy. In addition, no one can ever take away the knowledge that I’ve gained. Not only has college given me an education but it has allowed me to be comfortable in my own skin and find the person that I truly am.


I have not started classes yet. I have had contact with some of my future class mates during cheerleadingpractice and camp. As far as why its has been valuable. I cant answer the quest tion that why. Why will be it of value. i plan to pursue my Masters in Forensic Biology and I plan to work one day for the FBI. The education it will get from EKU will make me more marketable in the work force. they have one of the best Forensic programs in the nation. I am honored to be accepted into their program.


Because of my college experience I have been working in an Emergcney Room for 3.5 years as an Registered Nurse. I have loved every minute of it but would like to further my education so I can help people on a higher level. Without my prior education I would not have had the opportunity to work as an Registered Nurse in Emergency Room. My education is very valuable to me.


This is my second attempt at getting my bachelor's degree. The first time around i attended a different college, although a fun school socially, i did not feel as though i was getting what i needed academically from my old school. I took a couple of years off and am now giving it another shot at Eastern Kentucky University. I know this time around that attending school is not just for meeting friends but to help further your future. So at my current school I am more dedicated to my work because i know if i want to be successfull in the future i must accomplish my goal of getting a college degree. It has been very valuable for me to attend because it is allowing me to see that i can get over obstacles and still accomplish what i know i need to do, which is to graduate from college. I feel as though i am learning more than ever and it really makes me feel good as a person knowing that i am capable of doing so. And being able to complete such a task, means everything to me.




I have learned alot in my first year of college. I have learned to get along with people and make sure I go to every class.


College has been a priceless experience for me! I feel like I am on my way to being well-prepared for my future career thanks to wonderful professors who take a personal interest in their students' learning. It has allowed me to find who I am, personally, and who I desire to be as a professional. It has built my self-confidence and given me a foundation of both wisdom and knowledge to know how to handle myself in various situations throughout my life. I would not be who I am today if I had not left home to go to school 3 hours away where I knew no one. It truly has changed my life!


By the time I actually started college I had already knocked out six credit hours towards my degree. I took class at the Eastern Kentucky University extension in Corbin, Kentucky close to where my high school was. I am currently a freshman working towards my Bachelors in Nursing. From my college experience so far I have gained a sense of accomplishment. After each test and paper I feel like I am getting a step closer to my goal. I have also gained knowledge that I can use in my everyday life and towards my part time job as a secretary in a health care facility. It has been very valuable for me to attend college because of the opportunity to gain resources during my time spent in college. The more connects I collect during my college career, the more options I will have when I begin my job search. Once I start my career having a college degree could provide me with greater promotion opportunity.