Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How to find more money for school. I also wish I would have known that I needed credit to get loans and would have gotten myself a credit card while in high school.


i was unaware I would need to apply for the BFA program as an art student.


I wish I had known how competitive it was to get into programs.


Prior to attending EKU i was a student at a local community college. I decided to transfer to EKU because i heard they had the best nursing programs in the state of Kentucky. However, i didn't know how i was going to fit in at EKU as a non-traditional student-thus i became apprehensive. I couldn't recall seeing advertisements of non-traditional students attending EKU so i put off transferring. If i had known how awesome EKU accommodated non-traditional students, i would have applied to EKU so much sooner.


I wish i had known about people always going home on the weekend and it leaves the people on campus that not old enought to participate in adult activities with nothing to do . Next , this campus is all about greek life or in other words fraternities and sororities and they exclude people of different races from parties or other social event and that dosen't allow people to meet and greet other people.


I wish I would have known about the major that I am taking now when I started here.


I wish I would have known that things dont always go as you plan them to be for a reason. I applied to many different schools and I fell in love with one college but it was too expensive to go to for my freshman year. Now that I see what all i've done this year i'm happy i've stayed because i've done so good and made so many new friends that I would have missed if I would have moved away.


I wish i had known how expensive art supplies are, as well as how expensive groceries are.


I wish I had understood how financial aid worked in more detail. I wish I had known more about the major I had chosen and the career choices I had.


I wish that I had known about some of the services offered at the school. I didn't know about our counseling center, our IT servies, gym membership, or that we were allowed to rent any electronics (examples being projectors, laptops, digital cameras). I knew what I wanted to do, and decided on Eastern Kentucky University, but I didn't know about all the things I could do on campus. EKU was better once I discovered all the services provided to students.


How hard it is to park on campus.


That a lot of people do not stay during the weekend, most pack up and go home. I also would have liked to known how big the greek system was. Lastly, I wish i would have known how to recieve a job when i truly needed one.


i wish i would have known the time constraints due to playing varsity sports. nothing really shocked me about college itself


More about the housing and administrative services.


That Frats and Sororities were a huge thing here.


I wish I would have known a little more about the social opportunities that were avaiable before coming to school here.


I wish I had known about some of the scholarships that I would have been elligible for, had I knew about them when I was an incoming freshman.