Eastern Kentucky University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the best thing about my school is the cultural diversity. There are many different types of ethnicities and backgrounds represented throughout campus. The various activities and presentations allow each culture to be on display in fun and creative ways. From dance, to music, to art, EKU is a great was to heighten your awarness of different cultures.


The professors most if not all have soe experience in the field that they are actually teaching the classes for so you get to know what it is actually like and what to expect after you graduate and get a job.


How excited other people in my major can get over their projects. It inspires me to work hard.


It is a somewhat small community, good if you want to make a lot of close friends. The dorms (espeically the crappy ones) are fun because everybody gets to know everybody and you tend to spend a lot of time hanging out.


The quality of education because I feel as though I have been thoroughly prepared for my future endeavors.


The best thing about Eastern Kentucky is the diversity of people, experiences, and career options. There are people from different states, cultures, countries and all over the world. You are also open to so many activities and oppurtunities.


There is little of everything for all types of people to get involved in school.


I think the personal feeling of my school is the best. I attended a large college before this one and I felt more like a number than a student. My school does very well about making me feel as if I am just as important to them as they are to me.


The best thing about attending Eastern Kentucky University is that the college does a great job with making sure the student is successful with all of their current and future endeavors. Not only do the teachers want to help and make sure you are fully understanding the material and getting the best out of the class, but the advisors are very helpful with guiding the student as well.


Everything on campus is close together. I love that you don't have to walk to far to get to one place to another.


My favorite thing about Eastern Kentucky University is that there are trees. I am sure this sounds like a silly reason to love a college but I feel like trees are very important and incredibly beautiful. They are the most amazing thing to ever be created. The other colleges I looked at didn't have the beautiful landscape that EKU has.


I love the size. It is not to big or too small.


There are tons of things that are great about EKU. First of all, it?s located in a small town that?s only 25 minutes away from the second largest city in the state?so you get all of the perks of the city without having to deal with all the traffic! The professors are excellent here and you can tell that they care about their students's success. Event the students themselves are extraordinarily nice and it?s so easy to make friends. The biggest perk for me though is that EKU is only 10 minutes away from home!


The best part about EKU, hands down, is the people. At Eastern, you can get the feel of a large university while still maintaining the personal level that small schools have. I've met so many people already because we're a close-knit community. Everyone is friendly and there is a general positive vibe around campus.


The best thing about my school would be the classmates. everyone seems so nice


The best thing that my college offers is a degree in Wildlife Management. This enables me to get my degree there without having to go there for part and then to another college. I am also able to get a minor in criminal justice. The school also offers targeted tuition for out of state students which helps me out alot.


The best thing about EKU is their ability to work with everyone. I work 2 jobs an attend school on a full time schedule. With all the classes offered it allowed me to choose a schedule that could work around when i work.


the best thing is the diversity. and the teachers really want to help the students learn.


In my opinion, the student to faculty ratio is awesome. The fact that I am not in lectures with 300 people he;ps me stay focused. Smaller class sizes benefit the students greatly, while still having a great campus community. I believe that the schools faculty help the students reach their goals on time, as well as always stressing the point that if you are not prepared for class, how are you expecting to be prepared for the real world later in life.


How easy it is to make friends.


I think the best thing about my school is the small class sizes. When I was looking for a college to attend that was the number one thing on my list. I feel like my professors know me and I'm not just a number in my classes.


Everyone is really friendly, there are alot of fun activities planned, sports are pretty big, and its small enough, but also not too small, and close to a big city.


EKU is very friendly. My department is particularly small and I get to know my professors very well!


The best thing about EKU was the campus. It was small and easy to navigate. Perfect for new or returning students.


I believe the size of the area is the best thing. It is a big school, but not to big. I believe that it is big enough to get the feel of a city without feeling to out of place.


That it is easy going and you get alone with other students. Everyone is willing to help others out


The best thing about EKU is the faculty and size. They go hand in hand. The campus is large enough to offer multiple majors, yet small enough to not feel like a number. This causes the number of professors to be numerous in each department so you can almost always find assistance when you need it. All of the professors know each other to some extent, and they help across the board. They also encourage you to seek other professors if you struggle with their teaching style. Overall, EKU is a great school


Not as large as a division I school which gives it a more personal feel.


Not too big, but enough people to have fun, and get to know eachother.


it's just the right size you classes are no more than a 15 minute walk from each other


The places to go hiking, there's a lot of places to go to that aren't that far away to check out nature.


The number of students that graduate in the field that they wanted. It is clean and beautiful.




I feel that this school is the perfect size. It's not too big, nor is it too small. There are many different organizations and activities offered on my campus and I feel that this is a good factor that will open up new options for students. I'm in the honors program and it is an awesome experience to associate with people with your own intellectual level. Professors here are very friendly and offer help outside of class. I believe that the faculty is willing to help any student succeeded.