Eastern Mennonite University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I came from a school where things were very different, specificly the student body. I can't describe my classmates much better than simply welcoming. I have been pushed away and put to the side many times before but I very clearly rememeber that not being the case here in the classroom at EMU. The small, close community does so much for the students and did a lot for me!


They are a bunch of Mennonite kids who love Jesus, social justice, going green, and dumpster diving.


Listen, if you're an idiot, this school is for you; it's primarily composed of blond-haired, tanned bitches who are brainless, and puerile white boys who think they're black and listen to rap and are equally brainless. It is full of hicks, hill billies, bumpkins, and any other derogatory term to the mind-impaired.


Not all of them fit the stereotypical stuffy mennonite mold>




We help each other out. There's not a lot of competition going on here, though I get the vibe we all want each other to do well.


Helpful and mindful of differences in learning abilities and strenghts as well as normally distributed from those who ask lots of questions to those who do not speak up very often.


My classmates are interesting and friendly.


My classmates are nice but unique in their own ways.


Thoughtful, friendly creative people interested in learning more than just the necessary skills needed for a job. They also want to know why they should do what they do, and how to do it in a way that builds community and benefits all people everywhere.

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