Eastern Mennonite University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's best known for its Peace and Justice program, as one of the graduates of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Leymah Gbowee, recently won the Nobel Prize.


EMU is probably best known for their Cross-Cultural Study programs. I went to the Middle East for a semester for mine. The Cross Cultural program is a little different from most study abroad programs because it emphasizes full submersion into the culture. I loved with a Palestinian family for 3 weeks, then we stayed on kibbutzes in Israel. It is a very wholistic and enriching experience. You get a true sense of the culture and an experienced world traveler by the end of the trip. You even get a week to go anywhere on your own in that region!


I could say my school is best known for its Nursing program or its diversity or for producing great medical school candidates, and that would be correct. I could also say that my school was best known for its creation care program that includes composting and recycling or for its small student body but large and beautiful campus, and I would be stating a true and well-known fact. However, above all, I believe my school is best known for the character traits and work ethics they instill in the hearts of their students beyond but along side academics.


My school is best know for being green and having a sense of community.


Pre-med program, psychology, social work, and education majors.


EMU is best known for it's focus on "green" living and sustainability. Also, friendliness and cultural diversity are very prominent. There is a great staff/student relationship that encourages openness and respect for one another.


Nursing and education programs, mennonite, religious, peace building, singing


EMU is best known for its education and nursing majors, and how academically rigorous they are. It's also known for being a friendly and pretty campus, with small classes and professors that care about their students.


EMU is known for their excellent cross-cultural program where students have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or at least out side of the campus.

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