Eastern Mennonite University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about EMU is nothing to me because, the teachers here care about there students they want us all to succed in life.


Th emost frustrating thing would be the stereotypes about my school even in Harrisonburg. Most are untrue and people aren't open to the possibility that maybe their perceptions are wrong.


The most frustrating thing about the school I am currently attending is the Angelsoft discussion board. It is not user friendly and frustrating for following classmates discussions.


Some of the classes are a bit difficalt than the school I attended last year. Other than that, I couldn't find enough money to pay for my tution, so it was so frustrating for me.


Sometimes there isnt enough to do around the campus, there arent enough places to eat and also financially it cant be difficult to attend this college because it is so expensive.


The dry campus policy can be annoying especially in the on-campus apartments with 21 year olds.


The Science building and Music buildings, although top of the line when they were built in the 60's, are in need of some immediate rennovations.

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