Eastern Mennonite University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The single most thing that I believe is the best characteristic of this school is that it is a small religious school. This means that the people on campus are respectful and kind to everyone around them, they also try to help in others people with no expectations in return. I also enjoy the fact that most all of the faces on my campus are familiar, so I do not feel so lost at school.


The size of the school is wonderful! And you get to know so many people!


The student to professor ratio.


The small class sizes allow students and professors to actually get to know eachother. Professors are very willing to help students both academically and in other areas they may be stuggling with. Professors offer students many opportunties to join their research projects. There is also a strong professor led study abroad program that allows students to become involved in another culture rather than just being tourists.


The small classroom sizes are great. It makes event the hard classes feel like they are achievable. I feel like I am not helpless but that I can talk to my professors and classmates.


The environment, the people, the professors, the location, its great.


Very open to adult learners who are looking to complete or advance degrees.


The size of EMU is one of the best things about campus. Because everything is close it allows your relationship with your friends to be stronger than other schools because you see them everyday.


The small class sizes, availablity of professors, and emphasis on Cross-Cultural learning.


I really appreciate the emphasis that is put on community and working together on campus to make things happen. The faculty do a great job of making sure that students get a say in what goes on on campus. For example the President of the University emails all students monthly to say what's going on with the school and is available on campus regularly to discuss changes on campus with groups of students. Students are getting a say in how they will build the new science center which we are endeavoring to make as green as possible.

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