Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I love the Occupational Therapy program I am going into. It is in the top 50 in the country and is a well known masters program. They partner with a lot of local hospitals. Also 93% of students pass the testing to become an Occupational Therapist. It is also well known for its education programs.


Eastern Michigan University is best know for it's education program. I know a lot of people who are going there to become a teacher. Eastern provides a lot of opportunity to people who are going there to become a teacher of any kind. There are a lot of classes to take to help prepare for a career in education. They have great programs for other areas of study but it seems like the education program is most popular.


My school is best known for the quality of education they provide to their students.


hanging out with friends


hanging out with friends


The Eagle walk. The swoop, and grilled cheese Fridays. Basically, when new students finish their orientation they walk across the bridge, over the pond "becoming Eagles". The swoop is our mascot, and definitely part of our tradition. He is usually somewhere on campus and he will gladly take a picture with you. Finally, the best of all; grilled cheese Fridays. Every Friday grilled cheese is served at the Eastern Commons, with some great tomato soup. Everybody is looking forward to Friday, grilled cheese adds a reason to it.


Eastern Michigan is known for education and nursing careers. Eastern is known as a great school for comuting from your home. It is a great place to meet people and have an awsome college experience living on campus. The campus is known for the perfessors lots of them are very helpful and want you to succede.


My school is best known for its aviation program and it also has one of the best education programs in the country. It also has a good construction program, as well as a good business program.


To the general public, our school is known as the "Party College", but in all honesty, it's not. It its, however, very diverse, and is great about helping students succeed.


Some would say Eastern Michigan University is known for partying. If you want to party 24-7 you can party 24-7. however I find that most students fit on one end of the spectrum or the other. Party as hard as they can or study as hard as they can.


I feel our school is best known for our terrible football team and our Education program


Eastern Michigan University is best known for Education. I feel like our school puts education first, but at the same time lets you be able to do multiple extracurricular activities and still get your schoolwork done.


Eastern Michigan University is best known for its Education program and Historic Preservation program. The Historic Preservation program is also one of the best in the country. It also has a very well organized Fine Art Department, which I am currently in.


I don't know what the school is best known for but what I like the best about the school is there is plenty of help around campus with your work. The classrooms are not to big with like 300 people in the room so if you need some one on one time with the teacher they have certain hours set in a day to help students plus there are plenty of study halls around so students can study with students it's helps to be able to take information from class and talk about it to your classmates


Eastern Michigan University is known for their College of Business. Eastern was voted one of the best business schools in the state for over 20 years.


Being one of the best teaching schools in the country!


Eastern Michigan University is best known for teaching.


i dont really know what EMU is known for.


My school is known for their great Education program.


It is known as an education school. Eastern Michigan offers one of the best education programs in the country.


Well we are probably best known for is our cities water tower. It is shaped kind of funny. Also we had a bite of a problem with our school mascot a few years back. We use to be the Hurons now we are the Eagles.


Being located dead center of a vice-city, also being ethnically diverse. It is a very liberal school, open to everybody and nearly everything (except for that which is illegal, but there are many groups of activists for those on campus).


Our school is best know for our professors. All of the professors that i have the pleasure to experience have all been deeply involved with research related to their field of study. They have published several books and are very well written. They are known throughout the science community as respected scientists.


My school is best known for its nationally reknowned teaching program. Eastern Michigan was once only a university for teachers before it was opened up for all careers, so its history in the education field has been long and reputable.


Sports, good acedemics, and putting their students first!


Eastern Michigan University is best known for how it makes its students feel like a family. This school deals with unity.


Our school is best known for its Education programs.


The water tower.


Unfortunately, at the moment we are best known for the murder that occurred in a campus dorm in December 2006. Before that, however, we were best known for our teacher education program.


My school is best known for its education program and a football team that isn't that great.


Teaching and Bussiness