Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at my school are FANtastic. I have never been challenged and excited more in my life about the diversity of classes. How amazing is this school? A+!


To be honest I am not sure what this question is asking so I am just going to go with what I think it's asking. Eastern is a fairly easy school to enroll in. They understand that standardized testing does not prove your academic ability and because of this the ACT and GPA requirements are not as high. This does not mean the courses available are any less trying. It is like any other university and it depends on the professor you have to determine the level of difficulty.


Once a student reaches their 3rd year or get accepted into their program of choice things get serious. They begin to have the same professors often and establish a close relationship with them.


Academics at school seem to be very advanced. The class are aimed for both learning and for the job search in the future. Professors here at Eastern are personable and easy to contact. They make it possible to get ahold of them if need be. The professor here also make an effort to get to know you, not only by face and name, but also by your strengths and interests. Going of off the productiveness of the professor comes class attendance. In most of my class participation in class is very high. There have only been a handful of times where I had a class that had a low attendance rate. With my major being part of education it is key that I attend class and study often. I see many study groups or partner collaboration outside of class. If you are struggling with a class, there is an opportunity for an advanced tutor who performed well in that subject. Eastern's academic approach was important to my final decision on where I was attending college and I am glad that I chose EMU.


im glad that all my professors know my name and that all my class's are small


All my professors know me by name. My favorite class is CHEM 499, which is Undergraduate research in computational chemistry. Least favorite is BIO 120; I don't like phylogenies. Students at Eastern have rather inconsistent study habits, while many study daily, there still are some who only study before exams; unsuccessfully. Class participation is highly encouraged in all of my classes, and I always believe it is a great way to stand out and get to know the professors too. Intellectuality is carried out of class when it comes to academic student organizations such as the Biology or Chemistry club. Honors students are very competitive since most depend on scholarships. I am a Biochemistry major, and employed by the Chemistry department to work on research. Everybody is really helpful, and I have always been directed on the right track whenever I would come up with questions or suggesting way to improve something.


I have fallen in love with our academics! I am an Anthropology major and we have an excellent staff, especially now that our building has just recently been renovated. The classes we have been offered are so intellectually entertaining! So many of my courses, i.e. Medical Anthropology, Philosophy of Life, hell, even Biology have prompted many out of class conversations! And they only get better with time! I even went on a study abroad trip this past summer that was life-changing! My professors on the trip were the best, not only did they teach me and show me all of the most beautiful and monumental artifacts of Ancient Rome, Greece, and relics of the Italian Renaissance, but they went out to the best pubs in town with us! Or guided us to the best meals in town, exposed us to the real nitty-gritty culture that, although, yes, was unsafe, was so important to know about to really learn the history behind a country or people.


For the most part, I have really enjoyed my class at Eastern Michigan University. I have found many of the classes engaging, useful, and interesting. I have had Professors that were just wonderful, trying to teach us as much as they could in the short time they had with us. I have also had Professors who could have done much better with their classes. Those Professors had teaching styles that I just had a hard time with. However, I have never gotten lower than a B in a class. That tells me that no matter what the subject, my Professors are doing a good job getting me to learn the information I need to because I am succeeding in their class. The requirements by the University and its programs seem reasonable. I have been able to take a 4 and 1/2 to 5 year program and do it in 4 years because of dedication and Spring/Summer semesters. Needless to say, it can be done in 4 years if you put your mind to it. I find that reasonable. I feel like the education I am receiving from this school will help me to get a job after I graduate and to be successful in that job.


EMU academics vary greatly. So far, I've had classes that range from 12 students to 200. I've had classes where teachers talk for 75 minutes and others that are purely student discussion based on assigned texts. I've had classes that start at the crack of dawn, or 9:30 but it feels like the crack of dawn, and classes that start at five pm. I've had classes that I had to fight to stay awake in and classes that caused me to be upset if they were canceled. One thing that is constant is that every professor at the university has office hours. Each week, they must set aside ten hours and sit in their office just waiting for an eager student to inquire about their course or just keep them company. Utilize these hours! Student competitiveness varies. Most freshman are not because they are only taking General Education courses. But once students enter major specific courses, they tend to become more focused and competitive in their academics. Another great resource that EMU has is the University Advising Career Development Center (UACDC). Here students meet with advisers to pick Gen Ed courses and are then directed to major specific advisers. Additionally, the UACDC provides many career oriented programs, like resume writing workshops, mock interviews and internship possibilities.


Academics at Eastern cannot be summed up in one word. Since I walked into my first class, I've had courses that are unbelievably easy and course that are ridiculously hard. I've had classes that were terribly boring and classes that were so interesting, I was actually upset when they were canceled. I've had classes that were 11 students and classes that contained 200 students. Our academics vary widely. The teachers at Eastern are required to have office hours, 10 per week to be exact, where you are able to meet with them and discuss academics. These are very helpful! They help your professor to distinguish you from his or her other 200+ students. It will also show that you actually have an interest in the particular subject or course.


My academic life at EMU has been extremely fun and fulfilling. I am majoring in International Affairs/French and I have loved most of my classes so far - excluding math, a subject in which I don't do so well. The Professors at the University are incredible and intelligent. They create an atmosphere for students to want to learn, and many times encourage students to have intellectual debates and conversations outside of class. (This tends to happen more often with those who are studying politics) I feel very welcomed by my Professors and I have spent time outside of class talking with my French Professor, which is pretty cool, because you get to build a personal relationship with the staff and it helps with the learning process. I believe that the school's academic requirements are fair, yet they seem as though they lack in some areas. The General Education requirement is a good way to get students to dip their toes into the waters of different fields of study, yet there aren't many choices in classes as I would like to see. Many of the course requirements of certain majors are difficult to follow as well, because the classes aren't always offered every semester. Overall, however, I have been very pleased with my life here at EMU so far!


The course requirements at EMU are geared toward a well-rounded education. The general education requirements for all students are pretty rigorus in my opinion. The professors I have had so far have been excellent. They are very helpful and excessible. So far i have had a few very thought provoking classes where students were able think outside the box.