Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The freshman dorms, I feel like I am in a jail cell with a window


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food. Super greasy, fried and fattening. There isn't enough variety for me!


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food. Super greasy, fried and fattening. There isn't enough variety for me!


The worst thing about my school is that it's a commuter school so if you choose to live on campus and are expecting the college expereince like a big school you'll be dissapointed.


The worst thing about my school was the reputation of locations nearby. There was a big ten school right near by, which made our school seem less like an accomplishment. There are also areas nearby that aren't safe to walk around in at night, which gave the school a bad reputation in some aspects.


Unfortunately the worst thing about the school is the parking and the cost of parking. Unfortuantely for me, I have to stay living at home in order to pay for school. Parking is very difficult on campus and I have to pay for a commuter tag which is ridiculously expensive no matter what the semester is. I have to often drive on campus as long as it takes me to actually get to school inorder to find a parking spot. In the end, I have had to pay more in parking than in books.


Despite some of the beautiful architecture and the environment on capmus, the surrounding area is unsafe and sketchy. I don't feel safe going anywhere off-campus, whether it's during the day or night. I only go off-campus when I am with a group of friends or are traveling in a car. Several off-campus shootings and robberies have occured just within my freshmen year.


The worst thing about my school is the area around it. We are always notified about crimes happening around campus and it makes it a scary experience to have a night class and have to walk to your car afterwards. I think there needs to be more light around campus so that people do not have to walk in the dark. It would help me and I'm sure many other students to feel more comfortable around campus. I think more security would help as well. It would put students at ease to see protection around campus.


There is not enough events during the weekends so that students are engaged on campus or stay on campus during the that time period.


I would like to see more parking available.


I feel the worst thing about my school is the racial differences. Our school is very racially mixed and as much as Eastern prides itself in that there is so much prejiduce that comes with it. The school should do a better job in not having a "black" social here or a "white" social event here.


The parking spaces are very minimal for a college that is mainly commuter. I don't have many complaints about the campus or staff.


I think the worst thing about Eastern Michigan University is that there is not enough parking for commuter students. Usually the staff and commuters have to share parking lots.


The worst thing at the moment is the TONS of construction going on, but once that's finished, we'll have a shiny new addition to our school.


The worst thing about Eastern for me is how big the school is and the fact that they are under construction right now. There was alot of walking and the parking pass was $75 which i'm not used to because before Eastern Michigan I was going to a community college which is a big difference but after a while of getting use to it the campus is like a big circle so I figured out where things were but i'm still building up my leg muscles from all this walking everyday.


The parking! It's always terrible and i think it's ridiculous that the students need to pay so much money just to park at the school!


I would have to say the worst thin about my school is some of the online courses. I feel like teaching an online course is far different then teaching it in class. I feel I didn't get the most efficient way of learning from my online class and I fear that other students aren't either. For some, it's the only way to get an education and I would hate to see them get cut short with what they could really be learning.


The football team.


I love my school day, I love my classes and professors, the hard part though is having early morning classes and having to get up at 7am for a 8am class.


I think the worst thing about my school is the crime rate. The school's police department sends us emails when something happens and there has been several robberies and shooting in the area. There was a killing in one of the dorms at the end of 2007. This has frightened me about walking around campus.


The worst thing about my school is that there seem to be more people who go out at night than during the day. It would make it very hard to study or do any kind of homework when all you hear are people running up and down the stairs while rap music is vibrating the windows of your room from outside.


The school spirit is low and is somewhat dangerous at our school.


the thing that i consider the worst about my school is dorm room after ten sign in guest.


Too many hills on campus.


The weather cancellation policy. I know I'm being a bit of a cry-baby here, but Eastern is in Michigan, which equals bady winters, and a lot of its students are commuters. Yet, because almost half the student population lives on or within a mile of campus, they will not cancel school unless the roads within that mile radius are bad. That means no cancellations even with students and teachers driving from Detroit, or something like that when the weather is horrible.


They try to contend with the University of Michigan, and they are no where close to being like the University of Michigan


the worst thing about this school is the math department . this is the worst part of the school because the professors and advisers do not communicate with each other and the end result is a wasted time by the students. also the professors in this department are not effective teachers.


The issues that the school has had with safety in the past.


The worst thing about my school is the reputation it has. Recently there have been some bad things happening on campus that got blown out of proportion. The university has fixed these problems and made the school safer.


The worst thing is the fact it is a commuter school. Those of us that live on campus and don't have cars get stranded on the weekends without anything to do. Most of the students go home for the weekend, leaving campus deserted.


Needs updates and improvements to various living areas and buildings.


It's not the safest part of town. there is a fair bit of theft and attempted rape/fighting as well.


The fact that they change what courses are available with short notice setting students back. And that they add courses to the required when your very close to being done.


The worst thing about my school is that the campus is located right next to Downtown Ypsilanti. There have been problems with security and crime on campus in the last few years. While it seems like the campus has stepped up with security, there are still issues related to on-campus crime.


I believe the worst thing about EMU is the reputation. Many say that EMU isn't the greatest school, when in reality it's a great school. The quality of ones education along with the caring professors and friendly students makes a wonderful college experience.


Safety has often been an issue, but they're quickly working to resolve that. Parking is also an issue, it's often times difficult to find a parking spot that is close enough to your building to allow you to feel safe walking to and from you car. The buildings are also often times outdated and really need to be renovated.


bing able to find a good job on or close to campus.


The worst thing about Eastern is the bad reputation it gets from the news. Eastern's campus is no less safe than any other campus, but because of its location and competition with other universities in the area, it is targeted by the press as an unsafe enviornment. As a student at Eastern, this greatly upsets me.


The cost of tuition is the absolute worst thing about EMU. We updated the teacher education computer lab when it was perfectly fine. There goes wasted money. It's becoming extremely unaffordable, especially knowing that what we're paying out won't be matched with what we make after graduation.


Low enrollment rates recently have caused the school to cut back on funding.


The worst thing about the school is the tuition. I believe everyone should be able to receive a college education, but often times financial problems could hold them back. I am a single mother struggling to pay for my schooling. I love Eastern Michigan, but it is expensive, like most colleges are.


The worst things about our school is the poor managment. It is so bad that it frequents headlines in the state news. Also the buildings are so crappy, especially this main one where a lot of general ed required courses are held. It is in such poor condition you are guaranteed to get sick at least twice a semester.