Eastern Michigan University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Eastern's stereotype is that we're poor and dumb. This school offers so many scholarships to students and has such low tuition. Especially since we're next door to U of M, one of the most expensive schools in the state. We're seen as the school you go to if you weren't either smart enough or rich enough to get into U of M.


The stereotype Eastern has is the cheap black school. This is incorrect, while we do have a larger body of blacks than most, there are just as many other races and ethnic groups. The cheap stereotype comes from our lower tuition rate, which makes the school more affordable, not cheap in a rundown way.


Varsity Athletes (jocks), body builders, Boxers, frat kids, honor students, lots of commuters, book worms.


Well Eastern Michigan has a large African American population, so I guess a stereotype would be that it is "ghetto", and while it may true somewhat, Eastern is a very open and friendly place. The janitorial staff keeps it as clean as they can and the facilities are very beautiful


The stereotype of students here on Eastern's campus is overwhelming classified as being "ghetto" or "thug". Many students on campus are of African American decent and are targeted as being low-class or dangerous. Going along with the term ghetto, there is a lot of slang in everyday vocabulary and frequent verbal altercations. This stereotype may be true in some way, but the majority of campus is very safe and middle-class. I do not see campus as a threat, like I feel when I hear the word ghetto.


The stereotype type at my school is that all of the students are jocks


that my school is getto


The stereotype of the students at my school are that they are not as academically or athletically well as the other schools in the state. Many people say that individuals who go to Eastern Michigan University only did so as a last resort or it is because it was the only school they could get into. Others say this is a party school. The truth is, Eastern is one of the more diverse universities. People of all cultures and academic levels attend this institution. Our basketball and football team were MAC champions. Our other sports teams are doing very well. We are the 2nd school in the state to have a aviation program. We are as determined as any other university. We may be small but we pack a hard punch.


At Eastern, the diversity of the student population is amazing. So many people with so many backgrounds blend everyday trying to achieve a greater education. The main sterotype of people that I see is the huge population of spirited people. Eastern is such a happy campus!


Eastern Michigan University is a very diverse community. There are no stereotypes because everybody is literally very involved in everything. Athletes are also involved in other student organizations, and some are in fraternities as well.


Well, considering that Ypislanti, where the university is located, is only six miles away from the very liberal, very free Ann Arbor you run into many different stereotypes. Mostly, every student is a stoner! Even if you are a frat boy hitting on an eccentric hipster girl you can bet you probably at least have one thing in common! I don't look at it in a negative light, if anything it brings people together looking past the differences to enjoy each other's company. Not to mention, we've earned it after finals week!


I don't think that Eastern Michigan University has a "stereotype" for their students. Sure, people might say that Eastern is known for having a large population of African American students, I mean our school is known for stressing diversity and for having a diverse group of students. However, as an Eastern Michigan University student, I don't think you can stereotype us like that. We are so diverse in so many ways (not just race). We are a big commuter school which brings in a wide variety of different personalities. We have jocks, artists, geeks, teachers, nurses, business people, and so much more. You can't categorize us as being a school with a stereotype for their students because there are so many differences in personalities, hobbies, and interests that their are not enough people who fit into one of those categories to make us a school that can be stereotyped.


Like most places, there stereotypes of students that attend EMU. The football players are stupid. The honors students are losers. The frat brothers are male chauvinists and the sorority sisters a promiscuous. Thankfully, these stereotypes are not true! I've been a part of many study sessions where athletes, actors and the academically inclined have something positive to contribute.


As with many school settings, students at Eastern Michigan University are stereotyped. The football players are dumb jocks. The pre-med students are losers and geeks. The Greeks are male chauvinists or promiscuous. All of which are not true. I've attended study sessions featuring athletes, artists and intellectuals and all of them had something academic to contribute.


At Eastern Michigan University there aren't really very many stereotypes per se, from what I have experienced. The only real things that people are known for here are two things: coming to Eastern because it's close and/or cheap (and it you can get an excellent education all the same!) and/or getting an education in, well, education. If you're looking for stereotypes, you may very well find some! However, College is much different from High School and all though some people may fit particular stereotypes, it doesn't really matter here.


There is a variety of people. I have never heard of one common stereotype here.


While Most colleges always has there selection of the jocks and frats, my school doesn't very much pay close attention to the athletic departments. The jocks and frat kids are viewed just as any other student on campus.